Friday, September 26, 2014


Salford Trades Union Council Motion on Gaza

Motion Reads:
This Salford Trades Union Council condemns the outrage perpetrated by the Israeli State, by its attack by land & by air on the population of Gaza.
Israeli has now crossed the rubicon of humanity by the destruction of life & its disregard for property. It pursues the illegal building of settlements and annexing of East Jerusalem in contravention of UN resolutions that call on them to desist and return to its 1967 borders.
The renegade Israeli State has consistently ignored United Nation's call for the return of Israel to its 1967 border's.
This Salford TUC demands that:
- mis-named Israeli Defence Force (IDF) cease its continuing bombardment of Gaza City & surrounding area's.
-the IDF remove its armoured weaponry out of, the area known as the Gaza Strip.
- Israel frees Marwan Barghouti and the thousands of political prisoners being held on concocted charges.
- those member's of the British Parliament who are "Friend's of Israel" question why, by association, they support the actions in Gaza.
We call upon the world to:
- condemn the Israel State & ask Israeli citizen's to renounce its government's policy.
-boycott all Israeli goods & services until progress is made towards returning land stolen from Palestinian people, as per relevant resolutions UN resolutions..
- support any call for Israel to be removed from all European Sport connections while the blockade of Gaza and illegal occupations continue.
We call on Hamas to:
- cease their missile attacks on the people of Israel, so that talks on a lasting peace can recommence.
The acts of inhumanity cannot be justified, the history of the Jewish people's os one of centuries of human misery and yet they allow this perpetration of another race to occur in their name.
The Salford Trades Union Council, fully supports a two state solution based on a peaceful transition.

Motion Ends.

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