Friday, September 19, 2014


The fat lady has sung and her song was liberating and cleansing. Almost 3 years of lies and intimidation by the yes campaign brought to an end by that hope for mankind, ‘the ballot box’. I awoke this morning to find that the Vote NO posters in the windows of our house had been removed by a very relieved and scared family member. This was done as soon as the result was announced.

This morning there are many many decent people who can sit back and allow a feeling of pride to wash over them, they have been forced to watch their country being consumed by hatred and bullying, they have been forced to endure aggression and abuse the likes of which has not been seen since the days of Mosley’s Blackshirts, all emanating from the yes campaign, the bullets being issued by alex salmond and latterly the truly wretched Jim Sillars and fired by the mob.

The much spoken about ‘silent majority’ watched and patiently waited, they were horrified but they knew that they would eventually get to play their part, their resolve never wavered and their determination to stamp out this evil was solid, their revenge if you will would be “a dish best served cold” and yesterday they struck with a vengeance. Simple black crosses on ballot papers, millions of them all across Scotland reclaimed the streets from the marauding  ‘tartanshirt’ barbarians. The ordinary decent citizens, the undemonstrative people who live next door and are simply good neighbours to all of us struck at the heart of the nationalist brute and destroyed it and I salute them. “Nationalism is a disease” (Einstein). Racism, fascism and nationalism are bedfellows and the price we pay to control them is constant vigilance. The great German playwright Bertotl Brecht put it better than I ever could when he said about the demise of Hitler in his play “The resistible Rise of Arturo Ui”. Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again.


Anonymous said...

"hope for mankind, ‘the ballot box’." Now that Scotland's cluster f is over do you think Cubans or Russians might get a wee shot at self determination? The headlines yesterday in the US papers were a photo of Salmond with a banner saying "Would you buy a used country from this man?" It's been a lot of fun looking at it from afar, we US Kelly's got to vote 50 years ago with our feet. Now get back to work councillor, get the bins emptied and the pot holes filled..
Arthur Kelly Craigneuk/Chicago

No Voter said...

Thanks Terry for the blog postings over the campaign. Welcome antidote to Wings and other cybernat psychos.

They are now turning against the people of Scotland who voted No much like Hitler turned against the German people when crushed by allied forces - everyone else to blame except them!!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Arthur Kelly Craigneuk/Chicago Friday, September 19, 2014 12:32:00 pm.

Never mind the Cubans and the Russians, when are the Americans going to get a shot at self determination?, we should ask George and Jeb that one.