Wednesday, April 07, 2010


The email below is self explanatory and worthy of support; please help by attending the meeting or spreading the word among anyone who would benefit from such an enterprise.

Dear Councillor,

I’m writing to ask you to consider supporting me in contacting the deaf community in Renfrewshire.

I’m hoping to reach as many deaf sign language users as possible to invite them to the WRVS Café in Paisley on 21st April at 6.30pm where I’ll be facilitating a meeting that may result in the start of a Deaf forum in Renfrewshire.

Having grown up in a deaf family, I’m aware of some needs of the deaf community and would like to support them in starting something that will give them a voice in our community.
If you will pass this information on to any deaf individual or group with contacts in the deaf community within your ward, I would be most appreciative.

Please see the attachments for some more info or contact me if you would like any more details

Yours sincerely

David Moir
6 Grahamston Crescent


David Duff said...

I wish I could go deaf for the next three weeks and not have to listen to all the lying liars hogging the media.

Mind you, I often have similar feelings about going blind when I read some of your sermons, Councillor!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(David Duff) 15/04/10
I very much doubt that anything said by me or anyone else over the next few weeks will register with you anyway.