Thursday, April 08, 2010


Here is a cheery little lesson for all of us. How many of you/us when asked to sign a petition or write to an MP or such like say “what’s the point they won’t pay attention to me, what difference will it make?” well; some time ago I wrote an article about some countries attempts to make it easier to kill elephants; a petition had been started by a group called AVAAZ which means “voice” or in some languages “song I asked people to sign up; OK so who doesn’t like elephants, what’s not to like? For confirmation that your ‘AVAAZ’ can be heard; read on and thank you to anyone who signed up, you can make a difference no matter how great or small the numbers if you believe in the cause then do it.

Elephants - with elephants at risk, 500,000 of us worldwide empowered the African Elephant Coalition with our support -- and, after a nail-biting close vote and final push with partners on the ground, won protection for elephants at a UN Endangered Species session. The head of the Species Survival Network said “the petition, no doubt, made a difference and helped achieve the right result for elephants everywhere."

• Read the AFP article about the close vote and victory for elephants:

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