Saturday, April 03, 2010


As the election draws closer the political parties are at great pains to sell themselves to the electorate; notwithstanding the possibility of a hung parliament it will be as always a fight between the Labour and Tory parties; the fact that we are actually talking about a Labour Tory fight is a remarkable testament to the durability and commitment of the Labour Party who have been pronounced dead and buried many many times in the last 6 months to a year. Some commentators have gone as far as to suggest that the Labour Party would cease to exist after this election others fervently wished it so. Both of course are wrong, people like me who have been party members for approx. 40 years laughed at the suggestion; I know from experience that the Labour Party is a cause, it’s a long difficult journey and well worth fighting for. I know the party, I know the members, we can bicker and fight but; that is no bad thing for a democratic party; when the chips are down we will rally we can do no other, we owe it to the generations past who fought for the freedom and representation of the working people; those past Labour members and voters to carry on and we will.

The Tories as part of their sales pitch are desperate to convince us that they have changed, they are no longer the ‘nasty party’ while the makeup of their shadow cabinet suggests quite convincingly that they have not changed one bit, they are as much as ever the party of the rich and privileged hoping to be elected to pursue the well being of the same rich and privileged class that they belong to.

Here is an example of why the Tories have not changed and have no intention of doing so, it’s a topical tale. Everyone agrees on cuts coming; the privileged rich almost destroyed the economy and the nation will gather round and pay for it; it was ever thus I hear you say and you are right. A good example of this is the firm Carphone Warehouse. This modern firm will bravely face the future and accept that times will be tough; outsourcing will be the name of the game but like good modern Tories they intend to make sure that their loyal workforce does not suffer unduly.

In an unprecedented outbreak of generosity at their place at Wednesbury Carphone Warehouse have decide to outsource their human resources staff to India; the generosity comes in with an offer to said staff to follow the jobs to India with the proviso that Indian wages and conditions will apply, all heart or what eh? Still let’s be fair they did make the offer; the staff’s response however has not been recorded or at least it hasn’t been printed.

Oh, and the generous to a fault owner of this exemplary firm? A Mr. Charles Dunstone friend and advisor to David Cameron yes the same Bullingdon boy Cameron who has changed along with his party. “The only constant is change” said the great Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky but I doubt he ever met the British Tory Party.


Byeck said...

Wasn't Trotsky ice-picked to death in Mexico on the orders of another Great Russian Peace Lover?

Anonymous said...

You really are too dim to look at the Labour hierarchy and see thier background aren't you? All toffs and upper class, or sleazing thier way to it on the working mans sweat.

You're a disgrace to all things socialist and you should campaign to put our house in order before concentrating on irrelevancies like the Tories and SNP.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 09:04
We are fighting an election against the Tories and all you can think to do is peddle this guff; I can just see you holding up the bar and regaling your fellow revolutionaries while we are out knocking on doors; the Tories just love the likes of you.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 08/04/10
They learned this from the decadent royal families of Europe especially the British; that though was before Mother Russia went on to save the world from fascism.

Byeck said...

Stuart MacLennan, Holyrood reseacher to Ken MacIntosh, MSP, an ageist, sexist, foul mouthed, bigotted idiot...and the man chosen by Labour to fight Moray!

Make my day, Councillor, tell me you were on the selection panel.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 15:25
This is a very good example of the power of a hysterical anti Labour media and the complete hypocrisy of the high level politicians who are trying to make the most of this; the Labour Party should have told the lot of them to F*** off and get a life; the PM himself has recently been accused of using similar language and he wasn’t kidding.

The guy was clearly having a laugh and using language and humour which can be heard anywhere 24 year olds gather; calling elderly people coffin dodgers is quite common and is used by doctors among others it has become a term of endearment; you need to get a life as well. As for insulting fellow party members

There is nothing that this young man said that is anywhere near as revolting and bigoted as the Homophobic remarks made by the Tory shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling.

Byeck said...

Kelly @ 5.40

Err...why was he sacked then?

And this particular 24yr old, was hand picked, by Labour, to become an MP.

To paraphrase a well loved and respected Tory PM, 'Standards, dear boy, standards.'

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 09/04/10

Standards? He was sacked because Labour are afraid of the media and the story that they would have spun about this; fanned by the other parties who are guilty of worse.

Labour should have said “we will sack this guy when Salmond (the spiv) sacks the SNP member who spread vile rumours about the young Labour activist who died suddenly and when Cameron sacks his shadow Home Secretary for his public display of homophobic bigotry. Any comment on that?

Byeck said...

Kelly @ 2.03
'Any comment on that.'

Well yes, if only to gently point out that you have barred folk - including me - if you even scent, usually wrongly, sectarianism, or bigotry, yet MacLennan is bang to rights and you defend him.

Lost your moral compass, Councillor?

Anonymous said...

Sierra Leone
Desert Fox

('unecessary violent deaths incalcualble in terms of absolute accuracy, but certainly over a million'-Amnesty International)

Labour you shame the word 'socialism', you must go, and re-organsie yourself as a Party that has a moral core, and perhaps then decent people will vote for you once again.

D. Miller

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 07:36
It rather sounds like you have bestowed the title of ‘decent person’ upon yourself, that must be a great comfort to you.