Thursday, April 22, 2010


OK the Lord in the song was referring to the flood and what would happen next if they didn’t behave themselves. It chimes nicely though with the Icelandic Volcano which the grasping money chasers are pleased to call an ‘act of God’ when it suits their insatiable greed. The planes are back in the air so; how would you have felt about getting on one of them over the last couple of days? Those ‘end of the pier comic leprechauns’ Walsh & O’Leary would swear an oath for your safety what more do you need? You see; the arguments surrounding whether they should have been grounded for what some call too long and others say too little are now raging with some determined to blame this on Gordon Brown who else? Taking into account what he gets the blame for; with his apparent power I would be tempted to call a plague of boils or locusts down on my enemies. There appears to be two very significant positions here; the Government backed by scientists and various experts, B.T.W. am I the only one who has just learned a new word “Volcanologist” obviously one who studies volcanoes right? and clearly someone who knows a lot more about such things than the man/woman in the street or for that matter the boss of BA Willie Walsh and the boss of Ryanair O’Leary.

Here is where the political issue comes in and like most political questions it’s a Socialist V Capitalist quandary. Sat at an airport with no planes flying people would have had plenty of time to decide who they found reliable in this argument. On the one hand we have the Government backed by the scientific agencies acting in the interests of safety with no discernible ulterior motive; nothing in it for them at all other than to get travel systems back to normal. On the other side of the argument we have Willie Walsh of BA and O’Leary of Ryanair; the kind of guys who would gladly poison their parents to be eligible for the orphans outing.

My daughter has just told me about the trials and tribulations of two Scottish sisters from San Diego who were desperately trying to return to Scotland for the funeral of a third sister who was a close friend of my daughter and died suddenly 4 days ago; as delays lengthened the prices rose as people got more and more distressed; they it seems were fortunate to pay £1,600 to fly to Edinburgh via Frankfurt while some of the last ones to get a ticket paid $6,500; there should be a law against such abuse but; this is the capitalist world we live in; this is market forces at their most efficient and their most merciless; it’s not a pleasant sight. This is the Conservative way of life; people in distress are not to be helped or pitied they are to be exploited, be warned.

Walsh of BA rumour has it blames the Govt. for not allowing BA to fly people through ash clouds despite safety warnings from the Civil Aviation Authorities and other scientific experts. Airline companies are making noises about Govt. compensation while denying the same to abandoned passengers; our Jewish friends call this “Chutzpah” while Glaswegians call it “brass neck” I wouldn’t give these hustlers a wooden nickel, they are the market champions; ruthless and completely lacking in principle; their philosophy is ‘Laissez – Faire’ the survival of the fittest and all that self-centred ‘bulldung’ I say let them sink or swim then; and if they don’t make it? good riddance to them.

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