Saturday, April 03, 2010


"Oh there's a fella doon the road that I avoid
he's wan o them they call the unemployed
he says it's aw because o me
he cannae get a joab when I've got three,
Three nights an a sunday double time"

Song, I'm looking for a job -- Matt McGinn.

McGinn's hilarious but serious song could have been written for Alex (the spiv) Salmond who is about to depart Westminster with a redundancy or resettlement pay out (call it what you will) of £65,000. He has been trousering 3 salaries; paid for by you and me for 3 years, MSP, First Minister and, the one which causes him to sneer the most, MP. Honestly, we have been paying him as an MP as well, he can’t walk through the entrance at Westminster without security challenging him because nobody knows who he is, his visits to the House of Commons are as rare as a “rocking horse’s s***e”.

The £65,000 is to help him ‘resettle’ following the end of his ‘nice little earner’ in Westminster; this payout is designed to assist MP’s who have lost their jobs while Alex (the spiv) has lost only one of his 3 jobs; being such an immoral degenerate he has; after much agonising decided to say “jist gies the readies” a true Scot. If ever there was one eh? It is often said that flitting house is one of the most traumatic things in a person’s life so let’s hope the £65,000 will sustain him through his ordeal.

Billy Connolly, a far greater Scot. than Wallace (not the Lisbon Lion) or Bruce, a guy with plenty of smarts despite his public persona once memorably said that Andrew Carnegie the great Scottish/American millionaire and Union busting thug gave money away as silently as a waiter falling down stairs with a full tray of glasses; Salmond (the spiv) it seems has learned from the ‘fly wee Fifer’ his minders say he will give an undisclosed amount to charity but; he did not want to say how much he will give to charity because "he does not want it to look like he is using it for electoral gain" (the spiv) commented "For the last three years I've put all of my gross Scottish Parliament salary (the smaller one) into a charity helping youth cases in the North east of Scotland – that's over £50,000" (he doesn't want us to know that though right?)

(Del boy) Salmond must think we are either all daft or members of the SNP, (is there a difference I hear you ask) there is an unpleasant veneer of deceit and duplicity which clings to this wretched fraud of a man. He is a disquieting character who gives the impression of malice and complete ruthlessness; an impossible man to warm to. I find it impossible to believe that no one within the ranks of the SNP is prepared to challenge his behaviour. He claims to want to avoid the accusation of chasing votes by charity donations yet never misses an opportunity to mention the money he donates to charities in the area he represents and in case anyone doesn’t get the message about what a lovely guy he is he makes sure the charity bears his name; does anyone really believe that there is no electoral gain in a politician donating money to a charity with his name on it? Our Jewish friends have a marvellous word for such brass necked behaviour, Chutzpah, look it up.

When Salmond (the spiv) behaves like this he is treating the ordinary people of his area and the people of Scotland with undisguised contempt; it is clear that he considers us all beneath him, is there not one nationalist with the bottle to stand up and say OK wide boy enough is enough.


Allan said...

Surely that post should say Wanted! a socialist with a backbone to say no to Jonah Brown and the rest of the Thatcherites with a red rossette...

Anonymous said...

God you are a sad hate filled pathetic wee man. How much has your murdering b*****d of a former leader Mr Bliar carted off in the last few years MILLIONS AND MILLIONS I think !

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 03/04/10
And how did Blair manage to do that then; was it by taking 3 salaries from the public purse? There is not one single one of you with the backbone to criticise Salmond (the spiv) you are a pathetic bunch of grovellers.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Allan) 03/04/10
You could have just said “I’m not the nationalist with the backbone you are looking for, and I don’t know where to find one, we are aw feart fae him”

hedra said...

This is a sad bitter remark Terry. How much are you getting from allowances and pensions etc? Do not 'cast the first stone' as I think you catholic/ christian folk like to say, eh?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(hedra) 04/04/10
I don’t pretend to do 3 jobs; he Salmond (the spiv) is a low life hustler; how you can justify his behaviour is a mystery to me; why are you all so scared of him?

Anonymous said...

Didn't you used to have 2 jobs each with a pension and if you had not stood at the last election was a tax free handout of up to £20,000not on offer ? How many took the money ? Do many of your Labour councillors not have second jobs ?


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 14:21

You should not comment on something that you know nothing about; being a local councillor is not regarded as a full time job.

I can’t remember how many took the money but: I do remember my good friend ex provost John McDowall left and took the £20,000; he had been a councillor for over 30 years that works out at approx. £13 a week.

A councillor is paid £16,000 a year less tax etc. Time off work to attend to council duties is paid for out of this salary. You simply haven’t a clue what you are talking about.

Clearly another one with no backbone.

Anonymous said...

So you pocket 16k a year of public money for what you agree is not a full time job?

What do the low paid, full time workers of Renfrewshire Council think of that? Wouldn't they like to work part time on 16k a year.

Have you proposed to the council to put up their low wages? Why are they low after decades of Labour rule?

Anonymous said...

As someone who has the backbone to face anyone, say what has to be said and even report them to the police if need be and quite regularly does so with regard to the SNP as well as any other party again you make a fool of yourself talking drivel.

Salmond is entitled to the payoff the same as any other MP. Right or wrong that is the rules.

Funny how you are whinging about £65000 here when hypocrites like yourself are silent on the fact that £35 million per year is being wasted on all of the Scottish MP's at Westminster doing absolutely nothing for the people of Scotland.

To call anyone a spiv when you sit beside fellow councillors who have stolen more than £65000 from the tax payers of this country that they are not entitled to shows where your backbone and priorities are and it is certainly not with the poor people.

Paisley Expressions

Anonymous said...

But what about the latest revelations about Glasgow Labour Councillors feathering their own nests at the expense of the tax payer.

Or would you deny the reports in the Sunday Papers, Or are you to slow to even know what I'm talking about!!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 05/04/10
Well I read 2 tabloids and 2 broadsheets on Sunday as well as on line reports and I didn’t see a single accusation with a name against it, what were you reading and who was named?

Newspapers write this stuff in the knowledge that some impressionable people will buy it without actually examining what is being said; that’s you in case you are wondering.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 05/04/10

Many councillors do more than a normal full time job; as do other elected members of all parties. Along with my Labour colleagues I support the trade unions in their efforts to improve their wages and conditions always have, always will.

You don’t seem to have anything to say about (the spiv) Salmond who was the subject of the post; another spineless nat.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 05/04/10

Billy, I’m afraid there is a growing list of people including the police who find it impossible to take you seriously.

Your theories on the Twin Towers were at least funny; why not stick to that more light hearted stuff; what about global warming is that being caused by the Martians? Your silence on this serious matter is worrying.

Anonymous said...

I think the Nat's should look at SNP councillor Grant Thoms who takes home £16,000 from Glasgow City Council, then wait for it, a further £6,500 from City Parking an off shoot of Glasgow City Council, he has also taken to "free holidays" like a duck to water, when I say free, I mean at our expense. One of his down trodden constituents once asked "Grant you have a smashing tan for a Glasgow City Councillor" then they learned that his ward cluster is "Mount Florida" no sorry I mean "Florida".

Keep em’ coming our Tel.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Mr. Thoms sees himself as a big hitter in political terms; not a difficult ambition if you belong to the SNP right enough.

He sometimes engages me in argument or what passes for argument in SNP circles; stimulating it aint.

I noticed his name in this context and no doubt there are more; I’m not aware of his travels though; I don’t know if Cllr. Chris. Mason Lib. Dem. receives payment but he is involved in similar work. It is of course desperate smears from the SNP who are wobbling and trembling as the election approaches and more and more people see through them.

Rather like the SNP leader Angus Robertson MP and his colleagues at Westminster over expenses; he likes to pretend it was a big Labour boay that done it and ran awa!

As the second rate old Ayrshire plagiarist once said “facts are chiels that winna ding,/An downa be disputed’ the SNP caught out again.