Thursday, April 22, 2010


One of the worst political insults that can be levelled against someone in Scotland is to call them a Tory; or a Tory sympathiser or accuse them of once voting Tory or having someone in their family who is a Tory; no matter how far back. Quite frankly it is a dreadful thing to say about someone; the ignominy and disgrace can follow you to the grave and your family can be shunned and reviled when tainted in such a way.
It is important therefore for the reasons stated above that a person should be very careful about making such a grim claim against someone; the very thought of such an assertion is enough to make decent folk shudder and plead innocence; “honest it wisnae me” they would cry.

Taking my own advice about the vigorous and robust nature required of such heinous charges I offer the following information. I believe it is in the interest of the majority of civilized citizens of Scotland to shine a light on the deeds of those who would give succour of any kind to the party of Thatcher, Tebbit, Hague and the well-heeled toffs of the ‘Bullington Club’ N.B. dear reader; what follows are facts or if you like “chiels that winna ding” as the third rate old Ayrshire plagiarist once described them; I know that what follows will be hard to take; particularly for those who were duped into supporting the SNP but I feel for the sake of truth and decency that the facts have to to be told.

In the last year David Mundell sole Scottish Tory MP has voted for the Tory Party in 95 votes.

Angus Robertsom SNP MP has voted for the Tory Party in 98 votes.

John Mason SNP MP has voted for the Tories in 99 votes.

Remember this quote? “We Scots did not mind Mrs. Thatcher’s economic policies all that much” (Alex ‘the spiv’ Salmond) leader of the SNP and Scottish first minister. These two SNP MP’s have voted Tory more often than the Tories only Scottish MP!!!
I feel further comment would be superfluous; I can feel the hurt of decent Scots. betrayed and lied to yet again by the SNP, ochone ochone but; you can say “ah didnae ken” all you like because “ye ken noo”

Believe me it pains me more than it does the hapless and wretched SNP voters to have to report such a pitiless deception but they have the right to know, lest they make the same mistake again.


Allan said...

So... Angus Robertson has voted against the Red Tories 98 times, and John Mason has voted against the Red Tories 99 times.

Your point is caller?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Allan) 22/04/10
The point is as clear as I can make it; people can judge for themselves what the SNP are all about; these facts might help, them that’s all, I’m always willing to help.

I was hoping that someone from the SNP would come on and justify their behaviour. SNP MP’s voting Tory more times than the sole Scottish Tory; it’s delicious; it’s a sore one for the knuckle draggers in the SNP right? and what about Alex (the spiv) and Thatchers OK economic policies did you think that was forgotten, are you baffled like me at the SNP’s refusal to name their preferred winner in the election, such chicanery; really you should be ashamed; Scotland’s champions my Joe Royle.

Anonymous said...

Has it crossed your wee mind that they were voting AGAINST some of the more daft ideas of the Labour Party not FOR the Tories ?

Anonymous said...

Your usual drivel Mr Kelly! Your point is not as clear as you can make it.

The SNP MP's did not vote for the Tory party they voted for particular bill's put forward by particular Tory MP's that they agreed with the same as they would with any other party members bills (for or against).

You are so good with your figures so please tell us how many times they voted against the Tories.

Please tell the Scottish people what the Tory bill's were that these SNP MP's voted for - in the interest of truth and decency as they might be quite worthy of support.

Coming from a member of the most right-wing party in the UK, one that has stolen the Tories clothes in order to get power in England yo have a cheek to slag off anyone of being Tories - that is why your party is losing so many members.

Paisley Expressions

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 14:22

Even by your own pitiful standards this is pathetic; it’s quite obvious that the SNP will find common cause with anyone including the Tories to further their own aims did you miss my reference to Alex (the spiv) and Thatcher?

You were making more sense when you were on the trail of the wee green men from Mars who were the real culprits of 9/11. Why not give us an update on how your investigations are coming along, these wee Martian devils must not be allowed to get away with it; you are a true Scottish hero for our times Billy go for it, go, go, go, the country is relying on you.

Do you ever speculate that the Martians and the Engurlish B's might have been in cahoots; it’s worth considering surely.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 23/04/10

It’s painful for all you bravehearts to have to deal with the truth isn’t it.

I’m sure the electorate will find their voting records fascinating; the rather sinister and abnormal loathing of the English is the glue which holds the SNP together you don’t really stand for anything else, as long as you can identify an enemy whom you can blame for every problem; the English! someone whom you can portray as different; you will always have that grievance to nurse, you are pathetic.

Curmudgeon said...

It's the BULLINGDON Club, btw. If you want to hurl insults, at least make sure you spell them right. What was it Labour claimed they had done to reduce illiteracy?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Curmudgeon) 30/04/10
When you are arguing with someone and you resort to criticism of their spelling; grammar Etc. it means you have lost. I note with satisfaction however that you agree that calling someone a member of that club is indeed an insult.