Monday, April 26, 2010


David Cameron is a wimp! He lacks moral fibre and lives in fear of the old style Tory bigots who still contaminate his party. He is paralysed by them over Europe and their antagonism directed at Gays. He professes to be sympathetic to the Gay community in an increasingly futile attempt to secure their votes. He has just crumbled again when he failed to take action against a junior shadow defence minister who compared the dangers of gay sex to the dangers of serving on the military front line.

Julian Lewis Tory MP had explained he opposed lowering the age of consent for gay sex from 18 to 16 for the same reasons that those aged under 18 in the armed forces were not sent to the front line in places like Afghanistan. This eruption of intolerance comes hard on the heels of a similar outburst of homophobia from his Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling who expressed support for narrow-minded owners of B&B’s who refuse to accommodate same sex couples.

We hear the cries of the Tories saying they are not the same old party but every now and then one of these backwoods characters blurts out the grubby truth. They are not being honest and are continually fighting to keep the lid on these odious and very traditional old Tories who are still closer to the soul of the party than Cameron will ever be. Ben Bradshaw, Labour's culture secretary, commented: "If Tory front benchers can get away with such homophobia when they are being extra careful during an election campaign, imagine what would happen if they were in government - free to let their outdated prejudices reign."

What do we learn from this? 1/ they have not changed and they have no intention of doing so. 2/ Cameron is a man of straw; he is powerless and unwilling to reign in these grubby pedlars of prejudice, can you see him dealing with a world crisis when he hasn’t the courage to deal with a couple of unknown Tory MP’s; can you see Merkel, Sarkozy or Putin trembling before him? he is simply not fit to lead, think on.


Byeck said...

'They (Tories) haven't changed.'

You are so right, Councillor...Changes are needed...curb immigration, British jobs for British workers and no Scottish MP's to vote on purely English legislation will do nicely for starters.

Promise these and the election will be a walkover for them.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 26/04/10
This has a familiar ring to it; it’s what you hear from people who haven’t a clue about politics and are always on the lookout for someone to blame for their own inadequacies; if it’s someone whom they can identify as different like immigrants it makes their day. People like you would have thrived in 19 30’s Germany.

Byeck said...

Kelly @ 4.19

Councillor, dear, it appears you have a wee problem.

You carp at my comments on immigration - 1930's Germany?

Can I refer you to 'I'm calling for tighter immigration rules...and controlled EU immigration' Ian Davidson, (Lab) PPC Glasgow SW.

Mr Davidson gets my vote - does he get yours?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 28/04/10
I don’t know what context Ian Davidson was speaking in but my position is clear; people who blame their or their countries problems on immigration are wrong and more often than not driven by bigotry borne of laziness and reaction, do you recognise anyone there?

Byeck said...

Kelly @12.47

Let me help you, Terry. Ian Davidson (Lab) was speaking in the context of 'British jobs for his constituents.'

He did this in a four page 're-elect me' supplement, paid for by his Parliamentary Communications Allowance.

Does he have your support?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 30/04/10
If you seriously want me to comment on this you will have to give me details. You see this might come as a shock to you considering your general naivety but;I don’t trust you.

Byeck said...

Kelly @4.36
Ever anxious to help, Councillor... try this link. Or Google 'Leaves on the Line'

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 19:17

You have wasted my time and made me angry; I usually make allowances for you but you are getting out of order here; the author of this garbage is a Scottish nationalist for F***s sake. will you never learn, he states that the only people who agree with Mr. Davidson are UKIP and the BNP did that not even ring a wee warning bell? I think you will find that all parties support an end to uncontrolled immigration.

I support immigration into this country so does Ian Davidson; we don’t support uncontrolled immigration which leads to terrible excesses such as the ‘cockle pickers’ tragedy and abuse of young women; you really ought to get a grip on yourself. Why don’t you do something serious instead of arseing around; write to Davidson and make your accusations, my money is on him, you might genuinely learn something.

Byeck said...

Glad you checked it out, Councillor, but the fact is that Davidsons view on immigration is similar to Mrs Duffy's and now, it appears, your own.

Welcome to Club Bigot, as defined by the Mad Fifer.

Can't find anywhere you have you ever said immigration should be controlled, but a penitent convert is always welcome.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 02/05/10
I have always supported immigration and I have never ever said that immigration should be uncontrolled and it never has been.
This is another piece of nonsense and lies.

Byeck said...

Councillor, the author of the 'garbage' was Ian Davidson, PPC (Lab)!

The SNP guy was merely the messenger, yet he's the one you want to shoot! How very Hitlerlike

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

We have done this, go talk to Mr. Davidson.