Monday, December 28, 2009


Having access to a computer is stopping me from going mad; I read lots of newspapers and magazines and watch the tele. I watch the tele. less and less that’s why I appreciate the computer; the internet and U Tube are my saviours. TV is now dominated by drivel; there was always a fair amount of it on the box but the growth of shows like the Big Brother House; X Factor and We’ve got Talent has almost destroyed the medium; destroyed it for me that is because there is no denying the popularity of these shows; the “Big Brother” show even has the cheek to plagiarise Orwell to get it’s title adding insult to injury.

There is of course a theme which runs through them; the humiliation of contestants and those who take part; its car crash TV and the mob loves it; “the mob” is of course a reference to ancient Rome and they liked nothing better in Rome than watching people being executed in public; just like some countries today. Some countries chop off heads while America for example shows it’s more morally superior side by offering no less than 5 methods of doing the deed; hanging; shooting; chemical injection; gas chamber and the electric chair, some of the more devout among the Christian Right Bible Thumpers still get misty eyed about making it 6 by bringing back Lynching for black people; at the McCain election rallies the mention of Obama's name provoked shouts of "kill the nigger" heard on TV oh yes they were! we are lucky indeed to have a “special relationship with such friends. I predict that America will show executions on prime time TV with highly priced advertising slots in the not to distant future; the numbers of people allowed to be present at such events has grown steadily over the years; in America that means there is a market for it which in turn means it will happen; its “The American Way”

Television once showed plays; films and news and current affairs; they still do of course but the ‘junk’ is taking over why commission a play hire directors producers actors etc. rehearse it and stage it when you can get more of an audience by encouraging the public to volunteer to humiliate themselves; throw in a couple of 3 Rd. rate washed up celebrities and Joe Public is hooked; its all rather sad. Simon Cowell beats Harold Pinter and Davina thingmy beats Judi Dench.

This rather eccentric post will no doubt have some people wondering what has happened to the usual political content; “has he gone doo lally” I hear you ask; well not yet actually. What has happened is that I received a Christmas present which hammered home to me the difference between what TV is capable of and what it is becoming. The latter is cheap nasty and exploitative with no values and one aim; profit; and the former is the full series on DVD of “The West Wing” a gift from my daughters who on this occasion are a gift from God. Since I often criticise America its only fair that I offer praise where it’s due and the West Wing fits the bill, the standard of writing and acting would be difficult to improve on, it is top quality entertainment and sizzling drama. Try if you will to sit through a full episode of Simon Cowell’s show and follow it with an episode of TWW and see what I mean.

Meanwhile as we slide toward another decade we have the consolation of watching the SNP self destruct as the cybernats are exposed for the filth that they are; they have been hidden long enough. Nationalism is a deeply ugly business and this mob proves it; that’s why the leadership have been willing to tolerate them as long as they kept their official distance. The anti English racism displayed by these people should have been gutted out years ago and they turned a blind eye to it and now it has popped up to bite them; people are peering behind the tartan veil and it’s not a pretty sight. Exposed are the many blue faced knuckle dragging anti English bigots who are an embarrassment to Scotland.

I would also like to offer best wishes for another decade to the Cuban revolution and it’s leaders including El Commandante himself Fidel Castro 94 years would be a good innings for one of history’s true giants; will Obama be the man to see the light and get round the table? Let’s hope so; to put Cuba into perspective perhaps Obama should consider the fact that America kills more illegal immigrants from Capitalist Mexico in a year than died during the existence of the Berlin Wall and also consider why America celebrates people defecting from Communist Cuba while still shooting dead those Capitalist Mexican illegal’s; it’s the American Way ‘YURP’ and it’s a strange world. I predict that the Mike Russell blogging scandal will prove to be the tip of the iceberg in 2010; if you don't believe me talk to some of them; see and hear for yourself but; be warned it won't be pleasant and could get really ugly if you let slip the word Engurland!


Ariel said...

America kills more Mexican illegals in a year, than died during the existence of the Berlin Wall?

I didn't know that, Councillor. Sources please?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 28/12/09
Well my source is Fidel Castro who has mentioned this in several speeches and also the inconsistency which sees illegal communist immigrants feted by America while capitalist illegal Mexican immigrants are shot.

Would Castro make such a statement in public if he was unsure of his facts? Would you like to stick your neck out? Well punk; do ya feel lucky; Google is a great thing; have you heard of it? try “Mexican border deaths” and “Berlin Wall Deaths”

It must be so awful to discover you have been conned.

cynicalHighlander said...

And how many 100's of thousand Iraq's has the UK and USA killed in their illegal wars.

You are obviously an odiously racist little man and Scotland will be glad to see the back of the likes of yourself and your kind as we deserve better.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(cynicalHighlander) 17:49

Iraq has become a comfort blanket for you it solves everything doesn’t it? no matter what point is made against the SNP you reach for Iraq it’s pathetic.

Can you explain why I “am a racist” and also explain how Scotland is going to “see the back of me”

Corporal Jones was talking about the likes of you and the other Nats. when he said “they don’t like it up em Captain” “it” being of course the truth.

Ariel said...

'Would Castro make ...statement if he wasn't sure of his facts'

Of course he would, you silly Councillor.

Did Fidel say anything about the thousands of Cubans who escape to the U.S, without being shot?

cynicalHighlander said...

"Can you explain why I “am a racist”"

I might be black and of different faith than yourself yet support an independent Scotland as a natural thought and live outwith the central belt.

But you condemn anyone who has no interest in your beloved party as being anti English or anything that doesn't fit your stereotyped agenda which makes you a racist not me.

Anonymous said...

Shocking weather we have been having Mr Kelly.

We never had weather like this when Labour was in power. I think that this is all to do with Alex Salmond and the SNP coming to power don't you think so Mr Kelly?

Things would be all nice and warm and the people would be happy and rich if Labour were in power again at Holyrood don't you think so Mr Kelly?

Fidel the Cuban nationalist is a lovely man isn't he Mr Kelly, murdered quite a few people but still nice all the same. But that Mr Salmond of the SNP he is not so nice Mr Kelly, hasn't murdered anyone as far as is known, but not a nice man all the same.

Oh for a Scottish Labour govenment again so we can get back to some nice weather.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 29/12/09
I’m not aware of Castro murdering anyone but; you are right about Mr. Salmond (the spiv) he is definitely not a nice man.
If the weather did respond to who was in power we would have all frozen to death by now.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(cynicalHighlander) 29/12/09
Condemning someone as being anti English or having a stereotyped agenda (which I don’t have) but; even if these two things were true; can you elaborate for me and explain why this would make me a racist.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 29/12/09
You don’t seem to have answered my last comment; it was you who asked for the information which I courteously supplied; are you just going to run away again? It’s not good enough you know; you really have to do better; our exchanges are becoming embarrassing for you.

I feel your pain; you are realising that your political team have been lying to you right?

Ariel said...

Kelly @ 12.24
Just wanted to get you to repeat your claim that the US have killed more Mexicans than the VOPOS did on the Berlin Wall.

The truth is, that more people have died, either of thirst or by drowning, trying to enter the US, than died at the Wall.Not at all the same thing as being killed by the US authorities.

To summarise, those that died at the Wall, were shot or blown up by mines, the Mexicans weren't!

Honestly, it's like shooting fish in a barrel. Stop quoting Fidel and apologise, you gutless liar

cynicalHighlander said...

Racism def.
1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 14:04

Clinton put in place an operation called ‘Gatekeeper’ in 19 94 since then 5,600 people have died crossing the Mexican/American border; they have died from drowning; heat exposure; cold exposure; and other things including being shot dead by border guards and vigilantes.

Between 19 61 and 19 81 – 125 have died trying to cross the Berlin Wall.

The Mexican deaths were and are caused by the policies of the American Govt. that is the conclusion of almost all the agencies involved.

If a border guard or vigilante shoots someone in the leg and leaves them to die in the desert have they killed them? If Mexican illegal’s drown in a river trying to escape the same Guards and outlaws who caused the deaths?

El Commandante has got it right again he proves the hypocrisy of America as well as exposing how gullible people like you are.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(cynicalHighlander) 16:54

Not quite what I asked you is it? let me try again.

Which of these definitions apply to me? and please explain why that’s the case.

cynicalHighlander said...

"Nationalism is a vile creed and its followers in the SNP wallow in it; these vicious morons have been orchestrating contemptible and malevolent campaigns against anyone who dares to disagree with them and they are now at long last being found out; that is a cause for celebration; they are a bunch of low life racist bigots."

It must be in your own genes and that is why you are unable to see your own hypocrasy.

Ariel said...

Let's accept your questionably exact figure of 5,600 deaths on the Mexican - US border.

How many of those people died of gunshot wounds, Councillor?

Campbell, McBride, Draper and Kelly, what an unpleasant quartet of nasty liars.

Add Wee Willie Martin, Devine and Sheridan to those four and you have Labours version of the Magnificent Seven. And it stinks.

Byeck said...

Terry @ 5.42
That the Mexican deaths were caused by US immigration policies is risible.

That the Berlin Wall deaths were caused by Communist Shoot to Kill orders, is undeniable.

Admit it, Castro never made the claim you attributed to him and be big enough to apologise

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 30/12/09
US policy was deliberately changed to make crossing the border more life threatening by pushing the potential illegal’s immigrants further and further into the remote desert areas where they are much less likely to survive; they have also been shot and killed by border guards and vigilantes; these are facts.

If you can access U Tube and are prepared to do a diligent search you will find a piece with Castro addressing an open air evening meeting where he says this; it would be relatively recent as he looks very old in it and quite unusual as he is wearing a suit.

Go do some work and you will find I am right.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Do you ever worry about becoming repetitive? Do some research and you will see for yourself; it’s not that difficult; some died of gunshot wounds but that is as you know does not alter the fact that these people are dying as a result of America’s immigration policies.

Are you of the opinion that only Labour people are accused of wrong doing?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(cynicalHighlander) 30/12/09
Can you please explain to me why this quote makes me a racist; I am being patient with you so please; this time or it’s over.

cynicalHighlander said...

"Can you please explain to me why this quote makes me a racist; I am being patient with you so please; this time or it’s over."

Its not for me to teach you anything as there are some people who are so entrenched in their own rightousness that they are unable to comprehend their own hypocrasy. You bang on about human rights yet your beloved party kills innocent citizens of foreign countries and treat them as collaterall damage Look at Gaza yet your party wouldn't recognise the legitimate democratically elected Hamas yet you go on about human rights in that country. Its about time you had a long hard look at yourself and what your beliefs are as all you are doing is continuing the bigotry throughout the central belt with your opinionated views. End of story from a teuchter who has more morals than you will ever find in your little toe. goodnight

Ariel said...

Kelly @ 1.03
Let's extend you argument that people died as a result of the US making it difficult for illegals.

If some scrote smashes a window breaking into Kelly Towers and damages the family jewels on the broken glass, you're saying it's your fault for not leaving the window open?


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(cynicalHighlander) 31/12/09
OK so you were lying when you called me a racist, end of story.

You are either too angry or too stupid to let it go; now you are accusing me as follows:-

“all you are doing is continuing the bigotry throughout the central belt with your opinionated views”

Can you explain this one for me; when did I do this and in what way?

Is this the way teuchters debate; see who can shout the loudest?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 13:25
Does this mean that you think that America is right to shoot and kill people because they are illegal immigrants?

Ariel said...

Kelly @ 2.15
Councillor dear...Ask Matron to increase your medication...we've already established that the US does not, repeat, not, have a 'Shoot to kill' policy on illegal immigrants.

Apologise, you blustering lying idiot.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 01/01/10
“US does not, repeat, not, have a 'Shoot to kill' policy on illegal immigrants”

I didn’t say that they did; Illegal immigrants however have been shot and killed by American border guards and vigilantes as well as dying from extreme conditions in deserts and drowning in rivers because of deliberate American policy.

Ariel said...

Kelly, you are a liar. Your original post said 'America KILLS more illegal immigrants.'

Having established your distant relationship with the truth, lets move on to your next disaster: Immigrants shot and killed by US border guards?

Sources please

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 02/01/10
You accused me of saying that America operated a shoot to kill policy with regard to illegal immigrants; I denied saying this and challenged you to prove it which you have failed to do; it’s you who is the liar.

Ariel said...

Kelly @ 5.39

Kelly, you are not even on nodding terms with the truth.

I'll ask again, dear boy, evidence that US Border Guards killed illegal immigrants, please.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

See comment - Sunday Jan. 03 2010 5:39:00 PM.

Ariel said...

Kelly, you twist the language of Shakespeare and Milton into shapes they never dreamed of.

But, you still haven't come up with one case of a Border Guard shooting an illegal for attempting to enter the US.

Be a man for once, grow up, admit you lied in your teeth.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

See Comment Jan. 04 2010 12:21:00 PM