Thursday, December 24, 2009


Tonight people all over the world will celebrate the birth of Jesus and the focus as always will be on Bethlehem. Part of the town is surrounded by Israel’s apartheid wall and it has a refugee camp for Palestinians who have been thrown out of their homes by Israeli settlers; they can’t move without the Israelis say so. This is the birth place of the King of Peace today; some two thousand years on; today; this is the Holy Land.

December 27 th. 09 will see the first anniversary of the Israel attack on Gaza which was largely destroyed, the Israelis have not allowed rebuilding to take place and they maintain an inhuman and vicious blockade. Thousands live in tents; maternity and neonatal wards are desperate for blankets and electric heaters to prevent infants from dying of hypothermia; they don’t have cattle to breath on them and keep them warm like the infant Jesus.

Thousands of children in Gaza are at risk because of contaminated water; Israel will not allow them to renew pipes. The education system is crippled. And thousands of children remain traumatised and in need of psychological help. The prevalence of anaemia among children 9 - 12 months old is 61.6%; and prevalence among pregnant women is around 29%, Israel continues to block the medical equipment and medicines they need and won’t allow the materials in to rebuild bombed hospitals; nor will they allow sick people to leave and seek help.

The World Health Organisation states that 80% of Gaza’s water is not safe to drink; Britain demands an end to the blockade but nothing seems to happen; we need to do more it is a humanitarian disaster, we are talking here about helpless innocent children just the same as the celebrated new born all those years ago.

You can do two things which are not at all difficult; you can make a donation following the instructions provided and you can also contact your MP; MSP; MEP and complain about the lack of action on this desperate situation; we can all do something and we must; otherwise what is the point of all the Peace and Love to all mankind stuff?



Hamish said...

Christians like yourself do not have to be anti-semitic.
After all, Christ started as a Jew.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Hamish) 19:25

Ah; the anti semitic line again; it get’s trotted out regularly by people who can’t defend Israel’s crimes.

The first prime Minister of Israel David Ben Gurion is quoted as saying “if I were a Palestinian I would never make peace with Israel; we stole their country” was he an anti semite as well?

Are all the other hundreds of thousands of Jews who oppose Israel anti semites as well: you haven’t thought this out have you Hamish?

“Christ started as a Jew”

Yes a Palestinian Jew like his parents Mary and Joseph and what did he end up as by the way if he "started" as you say as a jew?

Anonymous said...

If I thought for a mircosecond that your pal Douglas Alexander cared in any way for the bloody mess that is the so called Holy Land I would be happy to write to him. The fact of the matter is that he is a senior cabinet minister and is very happy to support the present position.

How can you ask the government of Israel to change it's ways when your government is illegally occupying Iraq ???

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 24/12/09
Well that’s handy for you getting the blame down to Douglas Alexander and of course Iraq means you can’t do anything about the Middle East; you seem to be the kind who will shout abuse from the sidelines and do nothing; a do nothing loud mouth; just what the people of Gaza need.

Anonymous said...

Write to Jim Sheriden, what a waste of time. I have tried that before and am still waiting for a answer. No doubt his arse will be parked on a plane seat business class, fact finding in some warm part of the world - certainly not the Holy Land ! Or lying in his ivory and leather bed watching his 46" plasma telly, all paid for in part by me - and you. When are you (Labour Party members) going to get rid of these people ?

Ariel said...

Yes, right! Donate to the Palestinians and buy an exploding vest for a suicide bomber!

The Egyptian Emigrants have shown no sign of wanting to murder me and mine, whereas the Palestinians have.

Any donation of mine, after the British Legion, goes to the IDF.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 13:29
“normal hetero-sexual mrriage is the best way to bring up children”

I’m guessing that you were young once and were brought up in a “normal hetero sexual marriage” which rather damages your argument; one can only wonder and pity you while shuddering at what your parents must have been like.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 14:18

How the education convener speaks is of no great interest to me it’s what she says which I find disconcerting; such as telling us that the Scottish Govt. was doing a fine job on education but failing to explain when asked how it was then that Fiona Hyslop the Education Minister got the sack.

"Atsa cracker" as Frank Carson would say.

Mr Eugenides said...

Israel and Egypt maintain the blockade on Gaza, Cllr Kelly. Though what that has to do with Bethlehem (which is not in Gaza), I'm not sure.

The Egyptians are, at time of writing, also building a wall across the border with Gaza to prevent unauthorised movement and smuggling from Egypt to Palestine and vice versa. I presume you condemn this blockade also.

Of course Israel withdrew from Gaza some years ago, but Hamas didn't stop attacking them. If you think the situation of the Palestinians is bad now - it is, and the Israelis bear part of the responsibility for that, no doubt - wait till the Islamist fundamentalists of Hamas have complete control over them. It'll be like Iran, except much much worse.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Mr Eugenides) 17:26

“Though what that has to do with Bethlehem (which is not in Gaza), I'm not sure”

I didn’t say it was in Gaza because I know it’s on the West Bank about 7 miles south of Jerusalem.

“at time of writing, also building a wall across the border with Gaza”

That’s a lie they are repairing a wall and gate which was already there it has been open many times and will be again. Egypt are doing what will keep them sweet with Israel and of course America.

“Of course Israel withdrew from Gaza some years ago”

And they sealed the place and turned it into the world’s biggest prison; you don’t seem to mind lying to yourself at all do you?

So if Hamas get control it will be “much worse” will it? 4.5 million refugees 1,400 killed a year ago no drinking water no schools no hospitals; child mortality soaring houses and lives being blown up surrounded by an apartheid wall subjected to racist abuse and treated like animals and Hamas who are of course the democratically elected rulers will make things worse right?

What kind of creep are you?

Ariel said...

Kelly @ 04

'Hamas, the democratically elected rulers will make things worse, right?'

Well, if you think Mad Bob, Karzai and Ahmadinejad, all democratically elected have done a fine job in Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Iran, you do have a point.

You're also in need of medication.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 28/12/09
Anyone who can discuss the Middle East without condemning Israel’s crimes is the one in need of medication.