Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Where stands the credibility of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP over hospitals. I ask this because what I have been saying about her/their duplicity seems to be getting vindicated. If I can remind people, I said that they lied to people about saving hospitals, they did this without any medical advice to win votes, they put lives at risk to get elected.
One of the hospitals where this took place was Vale Of Leven “vote SNP and your hospital is safe with us” that was the lie and now we have Nicola Sturgeon accepting the findings of an independent report on the future of the Vale Of Leven hospital, this represents a cruel deception on the people of this area, here are some of the things contained in the report.

V. o. L. A. & E. dept. to be downgraded
Only patients who have first seen a G.P. will be accepted for unscheduled care.
Emergency patients who might need anaesthetic go to Paisley's Royal Alexandra.

Local campaigner Jim Moohan stated that without anaesthetic cover more facilities will be removed, and he is correct.

"This report clearly shows there are alternatives to closing the emergency unit." (Nicola Sturgeon)

The losers in all of this ?

The local people who have been cruelly used by the SNP - lied to by underhand nationalist politicians.

Labour who took a hit at the May 07 elections because we told the truth about hospital provision, based on expert advice.

I hope the people of the area remember what an SNP promise is worth in future.


Anonymous said...

Did we not hear most of this rubbish on here on the 15th Aug ?

Its still a load of rubbish.

Can you please let us know what medical qualifications you possess so that we can judge your ability to comment on this subject.

Thank you.
(Hospital Doctor 34 years experience).

Anonymous said...

Hell man, 10 days ago you wanted to centalise things now you complain when its even half suggested. You are a twisted bugger.

Please Professor Kelly make up your mind !

There is no logic to your arguments. You just oppose everthing the SNP do.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 26/08/08

This is a post about SNP lies I don’t need medical qualifications to write about that.

If I thought for one minute that you were a doctor I would be really worried.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 26/08/08

This post has nothing to do with health provision it is about SNP lies. Hospitals, class sizes, student finance, police numbers etc. etc. are you following this ? You are getting desperate, trying to muddy the waters.