Wednesday, August 20, 2008


My recent post about the council strike has predictably drawn some fire from SNP people. They do do not like a light being shone on what they have done with ref. to massive pay rises to their masters, the council senior officers, I described them as treating Scottish workers with contempt.

Today my opinion was vindicated by an unusual source, having perpetrated a calculated insult on the council employees and crawled before the council senior officers you could be forgiven for thinking the SNP cllrs. would not want to be around the strikers and their march today. However in a display of brazen contempt and arrogance SNP cllrs. Adam, Mitchell and B Lawson showed up at the march, much to the embarrassment of the marchers and organisers.

Their response to people who asked them about the huge rises for senior officers and below inflation rises for the council workers was dismissive laughter by all three, obviously beneath them to talk to their own workforce, another one for the memory bank.

As I said in the article “SNP contempt for Scottish workers”


Anonymous said...

We were glad to have the three SNP councillors there today. Where were you ? They were cheered by our memebers at the rally in County Square. Messages of support from two absent Labour councillors were booed. I won't even repeat what most of our memebers said when they heard a message from Wendy Alexander.

Could you not have even sent us a message Terry ?

Anonymous said...

How about you publish what they said and let us decide

Anonymous said...

How come you can find the time to write this but you couldn't find the time to come on our march ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 13:07

They were asked if the council workers could have the same rise as the officers and they turned away laughing at the suggestion.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 13:22

That is my business, will you be asking all the councillors that question or is it just me ? I think your bias is showing a wee bit here.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 13:05

The SNP award officers a rise of 16.7 %at a time that you can’t get a rise in line with inflation and you are glad to have them at your march, well you hear everything eventually don’t you, I know this will shock you but I don’t believe you I think you might have your own agenda, just a thought.

When your members heard the message from Wendy Alexander a chorus of booing broke out which was directed at the council when she criticised them for awarding council officers the 16.7 % did you miss that ?

Where were the other 14 SNP councillors ? Your post is an unsurprising tissue of SNP lies.

Anonymous said...


You appear very upset at the senior officers pay rise.

i suspect its because you are seeing the entire council working better than they ever did under the dross that was the Labour group and it p@sses you off.

If an original thought turned up at your group meeting it would die of loneliness.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 18:57

“the entire council working better than they ever did”

Try this line out with the teachers parents and pupils of Renfrewshire’s schools, or the residents of elderly complexes who have lost their wardens, how about library users, nursery users, all lost, they have capitulated to the senior officers because they are completely out of their depth, rudderless, no experience and no backbone.

The senior officers simply would not have dared approach the Labour group with a 16.7 % pay claim, the SNP were like cannon fodder, tell it to the workers who can’t get a rise in line with inflation, you and the SNP appear to be completely without any dignity at all.

Allan said...

Where's my comment!!!!!

Another example of New Labour democracy in action?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Allan) 20/08/08

What comment ? Was it printable ? I do have standards, you probably wouldn’t understand.

Allan said...

That might possably be a mistake at my end. Sorry.

Meant to say this last night, but I am quite supprised at the SNP councillors getting a good reception, as it is they who are only offering 2.5%, as opposed to the 8-16% given to the heads of service.

Still, I can understand why the messages from New Labour councilors were booed, New Labour have practised the same hypocracy as the SNP here, urging wage restraint for the workers, yet (in this case) standing back and letting the bankers destroy the country.

Anonymous said...

Aw Naw another Terry lie bites the dust.

"The senior officers simply would not have dared approach the Labour group with a 16.7 % pay claim"

Terry check out teh minutes of teh full council 5/9/2002

the report says that Labour approved not one but two pay rises for the then chief Exec and you increased the pay of senior staff by a whopping £315 k per annum.

yeah thats right nine and a half grand each pay rise. you do the sums.

dont you remember? you were there and voted for it.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Allan) 21/08/08

Labour are not the same as the SNP that’s a tired out line, they are all the same kind of rubbish. Did ‘holy souter’ give them money to further the socialist cause ? did Farmer ? Are you waiting like me for any single member of the SNP to say a critical word about Salmond (the spiv) and his contention that Scots. didn’t mind the Thatcher economic policies, was he speaking for you as well ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 16:22

A rather ham fisted attempt to disguise the point at issue.

The SNP awarded it’s senior officers rises of 16.7 % - fact.
Meanwhile it’s own council employees are being offered less than inflation - fact.
They would not have dared put that proposal before a Labour Group - Fact.
This shows that the SNP have utter contempt for Scottish workers, Salmond (the spiv) proved that today didn’t he ? - Fact.

Allan said...

Anyone who has read "Private Eye" over the past 6-8 months knows why the "Holy Souter" gave the SNP $650000 of his hard earned, so that they would do the same volte farce manouvre over Transport policy as New Labour did.

OK, as the guy on Tartan Hero pointed out last year, when i brought it up, it wasn't a manefesto pledge. It was still an aspiration.

I am still waiting for the marvellous "integrated transport system" promised by Prescott many years ago...

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Allan) 22/08/08

Are you the Scotsman who reads Private Eye then ?

Souter like any businessman who gives money to political parties does it to gain influence, I am so so glad that Souter is with the SNP. I doubt if there are many people who still deny that he bought the SNP off, you are a dwindling bunch, only lying to yourselves now.