Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The Jamaican phenomenon Bolt cruised to another gold and world record in the 200 mts. as expected.

He once again blew the field away and won easily in a fluent majestic performance, this just had to be so depressing for his rivals, where do they go ? What are their chances of beating him ? The races for 2nd. place could become more interesting from now on when he is in the field.

This race was different as far as his performance was concerned, this time there was no clowning around, no show boating. His celebrations after the victory were certainly in the flamboyant mould but that’s understandable after such an achievement for the young man, no one would begrudge him that daft dance routine and no doubt the kids who witnessed it will copy it.

The site of him looking around with 10 mts. To go and dropping his arms and beating his chest before crossing the winning line in the 100 mts. was one of the most astonishing sites that I have ever witnessed in sport. Once the astonishment wore off and I had seen it 10 times or so I realised that something wasn’t quite right, I reluctantly had to admit to myself that he had conducted himself badly by doing these things.

I don’t doubt for a second that he planned it in any way and that is why it was such a pleasure to see him winning just as easily in the 200 mts. without a similar display, someone I think has had a word with him and, smart and nice lad that he is, he listened. Like many great stars of sports and entertainment he has a choice to make he can be great and loved by his opponents and the public or he can be great and disliked, even hated as has happened to some, he has clearly in the space of a couple of days chosen the former.

In this 200 mts. he knew he would probably win and decided that he would show his opponents proper respect and this made the difference and I now predict he will continue in this way, it’s bad enough being outclassed without having to watch your opponent ‘showboating’ well done to young Mr. Bolt he is the real deal now, he’s the man.


Anonymous said...

You seem to have plenty of time on your hands to write this stuff. Are you a councillor or a sports writer. What the hell are we paying you for ?

Why not spend a bit less time on this and a bit more working for us.

Where were you this morning when the rest of us were marching in support of our pay claim ????

Anonymous said...

I think you under-estimate how much more effort it required to break the 200m record and thus why he didn't let up. Why exactly is it "bad" that with 10m to go and clearly winning that he eases up? He can do what he likes, he's happy he's winning a gold medal.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 20/08/08

I can’t work for you if I don’t know who you are, is that complicated for you ?

I was involved in private business and could not attend the march. By my calculations there were 33 councillors who did not attend the march, you don’t seem to have mentioned them.

I have supported the council workers pay claim from the start.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Lee Griffin) 20/08/08

“Why exactly is it "bad" “ I have explained that, read it again.

“I think you under-estimate how much more effort it required”

He won by 5/6 mts. Stop talking rubbish.