Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I wonder how many of West Dunbartonshire Council’s staff voted for the SNP ? or Renfrewshire Council's Staff or Aberdeen's I wonder how they are feeling now, the broken promises are piling up and now we have the SNP controlled West Dunbartonshire Council ratting on a deal which was previously agreed between UNISON and the then Labour controlled council to back pay workers in line with equal pay legislation. Approx. 2,000 workers will lose out because of this latest piece of SNP treachery, they call themselves Scotland’s Party you know, loyal to Trump, Souter and Connery but Scottish workers ? don’t be daft.

In Renfrewshire the SNP, Scotland’s Party remember ? awarded top earning officers a rise of 16.7 % yes, you read that right 16.7 % while their own workers, yes Scottish workers, were striking for a rise in line with inflation having been offered 2.5 % for 3 years in a row, council staff in Renfrewshire and in West Dunbartonshire are learning the hard way what the SNP are capable of doing to low paid workers, they grind them down and treat them with contempt.

The SNP in a breathtaking display of deceit and cowardice called a special meeting to renege on the previous deal, the vote was 8 each which allowed the Lord Provost Dennis Agnew to have his moment of shame as he used his casting vote against the workers, Dennis and the SNP will no doubt tell you that he and they are on the side of Scottish workers but, really they are just spineless cowards, when the time came to stand up and be counted and support their own work force they betrayed them. This is the self styled Scotland’s Party, god help Scotland then.

I ask again, is there anyone from the SNP prepared to criticise them, there must be some members who know that they are betraying the people of Scotland, is Salmond (the spiv) that powerful ? Is he that scary ? or are the SNP members not up to it ? I have never known a more cowed party membership, no one can be found to disagree about anything, that’s not harmony, it’s not solidarity it’s naked fear, Bravehearts my “Jim Royle”

The title is of course borrowed from the Proclaimers who seen through the SNP a long time ago, the rest of the country are doing the same.


Anonymous said...

How about this for story of these evil evil bab bad bad SNP goverment folk ?

Waiting times for treatment in hospital accident and emergency departments have fallen to a record low.

A target in place since December requires that 98% of patients should spend no more than four hours in A&E departments before being admitted, discharged, or transferred.

The figure achieved during June was 98.3%, the highest performance to date, according to figures published today.

The figure was among waiting time statistics published today.

Figures for both inpatient and outpatient treatment show that more than 99% of each category receive treatment are seen within the 18-week national standard, which is due to fall to 15 weeks from next March.

And on June 30, only two patients had been waiting more than nine weeks for key diagnostic tests.

This was the best performance ever by NHS Scotland.

This is awful the SNP must go. Bring back Tony Bliar.

Anonymous said...

For your information the Proclaimers are pround supporters of Scottish Nationalism. We really do not expect you to get anything right I know. Why do you not just give this old rubbish a rest. If you have nothing new to say just shut up. You are an embarassment to the people who voted for you.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 27/08/08

Well if the SNP can do this in just over a year in power it’s just a matter of time until they start raising the dead isn’t it ?

Maybe there is a bit more to it, try to work it out.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 27/08/08

The proclaimers are no longer supporters of the SNP one is no longer interested and the other is openly critical, that’s the last interview I heard, about 3 months ago.

“Why do you not just give this old rubbish a rest. If you have nothing new to say just shut up. You are an embarassment to the people who voted for you”

You know they are letting Scotland down don’t you Brian, it must be painful for you, the lies, the broken promises, the right wing budget, Souter Etc. maybe you will find the courage to admit it, you will then feel better.

Anonymous said...

"right wing budget"

Mr Kelly, as a Right-winger, I can tell you that it is ridiculous to claim that the SNP budget of 2007-08 was remotely "right wing" (sic). You are simply making yourself look a fool.

And nobody who has expressed admiration for Joe Stalin, Che Guevera and Castro has the right to criticise the SNP for keeping bad company in the form of Brian Souter. Souter is a successful businessman, law-abiding citizen and philanthropist, who has some nasty views. Stalin murdered millions of people and Guevera shot a nine-year old boy in the back.

I know who I'd rather vote for.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 03/09/08

Che ? Fidel ? Certainly, Stalin ? You need to think again here.

Souter is a bigot who donated money to the SNP who then dropped their proposals to regulate buses.

Che would have shot many people but a 9 year old boy ? I don’t remember reading this. Maybe like the Israeli Defence Force when they murder women and children daily it was just a mistake.