Monday, November 13, 2006


When you write a political web page you expect feedback, some of it hostile, some supportive and some disturbing. I was told that some guy had written about me on his blog in a very uncomplimentary way, this complete eejit ( David Ferrens from memory ) writes very well which makes him even more sinister because he's a barking far right nutter. He uses Burns's phrase "whiskey & freedom gang the gither" as his title which I'm sure would have the second rate old Ayrshire plagiarist spinning in his grave, his views however and the views of the incestuous sycophants who write to him are capable of making your skin crawl. These people peddle very dangerous and disturbing views, they come across as being capable of almost anything which doesn't require courage, they describe themselves as libertarians of the right to which I have to say, I've never met or heard of a right wing libertarian who wasn't well off and self obsessed.
NOV 14 TH. 06 - READ THEIR COMMENTS BELOW AND SEE FOR YOURSELF ! Mr. Leinen is a Yank like Robert Duvall's character in Apocalypse Now " the smell of napalm in the morning " ( nuff said ) & I have advice for Martin, ' You are not a well man sir - seek help ! I might return to some of their comments later but I fear they are already too far gone.
NOV. 14TH. 06 - 11.15 a.m. I really wish I was more up to speed with computing I've just read Mr. Ferrer's remarks in response to my web, you have to read them. I challenge anyone to read his heroic account of his struggles without wetting yourself laughing. Mr. Leinen makes a jibe about our unemployment ! recently in the land of the free 25,000 people applied for 300 jobs stacking shelves in a new Wal Mart in Chicago, exactly the situation loved by the libertarian right like Mr. Ferrer.


Anonymous said...

So, how's that socialism stuff doing?

What's your unemployment rate?

What percentage of your population is on benefits?

What percentage of your population owns their own house?

How many patents have researchers in your country applied for compared to the US?

What is your latest health care innovation?

What was the last major persrciption drug that was discovered in your country?

Europe is falling apart literally right in front of your eyes and you won't even stop to acknowlege the root cause why.

Here: I'll identify myself so you won't refrain from publishing my comments:

My name is Leo Leinen and I hail from dead center of the greatest country the world has ever seen.

Good luck with that socialism thing. And go ahead and mock Ronald Reagan, who defeated the Soviet Union so we wouldn't have to protect your ass. Good luck with your conversion to Islam, won't have a choice, you know.....

Martin said...


If David Farrer - F.A.R.R.E.R. - is a 'barking right wing nutter' what does that make me?

I run a 'Foreign Criminals of the Day' slot, advocate the tagging of asylum-seekers, want a complete halt to immigration for at least the next ten years, heartily advocated the invasion of Iraq, indeed at one stage comparing George W. Bush to Wellington, (although later becoming the first so-called 'neoconservative' to recant'), have repeatedly called Jack McConnell a 'grinch' and 'metrosexual', have called Osama Saeed of the Muslim Association of Britain a 'Muslim bigot', oppose gay marriage, want abortion banned, devolution abolished and Holyrood torn down, all taxes abolished and a referendum to be held on the restoration of the death penalty; and my personal political hero is Patrick J. Buchanan, who served in both the Nixon and Reagan White Houses.

Really, Terry, if David is a right-wing nutter - what does that make me?

Anonymous said...

A libertarian favours liberty over authority. A libertarian agrees with Montesquieu that "When it is not necessary to make a law, it is necessary not to make a law."

Your outdated blather about Left and Right has nothing to do with it.

You have described David Farrer as "peddling dangerous and disturbing views". Fine. Tell us specifically which of his views are dangerous. They are all set out on his blog. Go for it.

Mere abuse, in a democracy, cannot really pass for debate, can it? Bring the force of your towering intellect to bear on his political errors and expose them.

We wait, breath suitably bated.

Anonymous said...

Quite right I'm self-obsessed, which is far better than your average "socialist", who is obsessed with everyone else, to their detriment.

- Josh

Anonymous said...

Councillor Kelly,

Given that you oppose “nationalism and any kind of discrimination”, I was wondering why Mr Leinen’s American nationality was of any significance.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Mr Kelly does himself any favours here.

I agree with tom paine, Mr Kelly should give an analysis of exactly why Farrer is a "barking far right nutter" rather than just hurling abuse at him, which is not good enough as well as being rather pointless.

I believe political and intellectual debate matters, but sadly in Scotland - once the home of the Enlightenment - what passes for political debate these days is rarely more than the regurgitation of prejudices expressed in clich├ęs and language calculated to stifle inquiry rather than to stimulate it.

Go on Mr Kelly, prove a cynic wrong and show what that the internet can be a serious forum for intellectual debate. If you think Mr Farrer has treated you harshly then demonstrate that you are the better man by giving a reasoned analysis.

Rory Maxwell said...

Burn the witch!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

akxq1/ Fine 2/ lower than yours 3/ less than yours on wellfare 4/ more than the number in your country who are homeless 5/ no idea 6/ too many to mention 7/ no idea. Mr Leinen, you don't live in the greatest country, you live in a cesspool run by racists and gangsters and led by a Moron, who has just made it to Vietnam 35 yrs too late. Save our ass ? you couldn't beat the 3rd. world Vietnames peasants who kicked yot ass ! and good luck with your own religion, all that stuff about Adam n Eve must be a great comfort to the biggest collection of fools ever gathered Americans.