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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another day of huge student protests passes and the ruin of society predicted by the Sun, Telegraph and Daily Mail did not seem to happen. Instead what we got was a display of anger tempered with self restraint and determination to be heard, this time there were far more young students from schools rather than universities. Attempts by the right wing media to portray all of this as violent anarchy are failing: they are failing because of increasing technology, it is harder now for the police to lie about numbers present as well as using excessive force against protesters because it is a fact that in a large crowd nowadays perhaps 90% of those present will have a mobile phone/camera, even the most diligent and brutal police group find it difficult to seize tens of thousands of cameras and smash them. Even then they used mounted police to charge demonstrators who were perfectly well behaved, a fact that the Chief of Police knew nothing about when interviewed later, there is a pattern here, like the Brazilian electrician shot dead and the newspaper seller whose manhandling by police led to his death. The police issue several versions of events changing them as quickly as they are exposed as lies, we await with patience to hear why it was thought necessary to charge the crowd with horses, perhaps while they are at it they will explain why it was also necessary to keep thousands of young people under collective arrest without charge or evidence of crime; some as young as 13 for nine and a half hours in freezing conditions without water or access to toilet facilities. We may have to wait a long while, meanwhile can we not dispense with our hypocritical babbling about our precious democracy and freedom. When police can: with impunity hold thousands in captivity and prevent people from walking down a street peacefully, boasts about democracy and freedom etc. are flawed and hollow, it's about time we admitted it.

Finding amidst the demonstration a police van unattended slap bang in the middle of the oncoming crowd struck me as being very suspicious; am I alone in finding this rather bizarre? It was the type of vehicle which we see carrying officers to various locations where they are deemed to be needed, where were they? Did the "Mets. Finest" turn and flee abandoning their van in the face of the baying hordes intent on violence and havoc? Some of those 13 year olds can be particularly vicious you know: I suppose you can't be too careful. I have searched in vain to find an explanation for a police van abandoned; not parked remember but abandoned to the mercies of the vicious hordes of nasty 13 year olds and even worse 17 and 18 year old female students whose violence is legendary. Unfortunately for the vicious press liars and for whoever thought up the idea of leaving the van in the hope that it would provide bad coverage of the demonstrators the technology I mentioned kicked in. We got some stunning photos of a very dignified and determined group of teenage schoolgirls who had formed a cordon around the van to prevent it being vandalised, well done to those girls. Perhaps we will get an explanation for that, maybe some of the press photographers who were right on the spot at exactly the right time to catch some youngsters climbing on to the roof and kicking the van. Some of the crowd were so vicious that they could plainly be seen cooperating with the press photographers who asked them to kick the van again so they could get a better picture, perhaps it is just the case that British rioters are so much more better behaved than our European colleagues "after you Cecil with the iron bar" "no no you first old chap" it's British breeding probably.

The students continue to lead the way and the Unions are making the right noises about massive resistance to the Tory/Fibdem Govt. Some Govt. people BTW in offering a solution for the economic situation have hit on the not so innovative idea of blaming the lower orders for breeding so much, we have been here before and they serve to remind us of the utter viciousness of the Tory Party and the pathetic obsequiousness of the spineless Fibdems who stand for nothing absolutely nothing, no political anchor and no lie they would not tell to get a taste of power, no cause they would not ditch, they are crooks and crawlers everyone of them.

I congratulate the students again and I also encourage the unions and every other person and or organisation that believes in justice and fairness to do everything we can to rid us of these parasites once and for all and don/t forget we are not just talking here about Tories we now have a cabal of backstabbing liars and traitors propping them up, the Liberal Democrats who will if there is any justice never be forgiven or forgotten, they have gone the same way as the treacherous SNP when they brought us Margaret Thatcher and they, like the SNP will have to wear that badge of shame for a long long time, in my case for ever. Direct action is the way forward; don't make the mistake of thinking that we are dealing with an honourable enemy. Think back to Thatcher and before her as well. The enemy are the self seeking supporters of Capitalism whether they are prominent and bullish Tories or underhand crawlers like the Liberal Democrats and the Tartan Tories of the SNP we must be determined to take them on and the place to do it is not the late night TV studios, the place to do it is the streets.

Posted by Cllr Terry Kelly at Sunday, November 28, 2010
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Anonymous said...

Actually, Wordsworth rapidly retreated from his radical position of support for the French Revolution, recoiling like so many would-be social egalitarians, into a squalid pastoral little Englander. But that is beside the point. May I suggest that you read the Marquez novella 'No One Writes To the Colonel'.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous on “BLISS WAS IT IN THAT DAWN TO BE ALIVE- BUT TO BE ... on 07/12/10

“into a squalid pastoral little Englander”

Never heard Wordsworth described like that before.

Should we trash Steinbeck the writer of “The Grapes of Wrath” “Of Mice and Men” and “In Dubious Battle” Because he ended up supporting the Vietnam War?

How about Orwell? Hated by some on the left but the author of “Homage to Catalonia” do we trash him as well? How many were sickened by “The Reign of Terror” how many had their lives ended by it, their minds changed by it? Revolutions are not tea parties.

Rosa Hoozes said...

I feel sorry for you, you have so much anger. Let it go!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Rosa Hoozes on “BLISS WAS IT IN THAT DAWN TO BE ALIVE- BUT TO BE ... on 08/12/10

Don’t bother with sympathy for me, save it for those who care only for themselves.

Anonymous said...

As protestors are very, very far from bliss when they are being kettled by riot police, you might want to have a look at a Vote and Campaign on the 38 Degrees website, which is calling for a ban on kettling.Called "Don't Put the Kettle On" You might want to vote ...


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous on “BLISS WAS IT IN THAT DAWN TO BE ALIVE- BUT TO BE ... at 13:43

Wordsworth did not mean it was bliss to be shot or jailed, he meant it was bliss to be involved and fighting for a great cause. I will stick up the contact for 38 degrees.