Monday, November 22, 2010


Perhaps this might be a good time to clarify why there has been severe criticism of the SNP/Libdem cabal running the council over their cavalier spending on pet projects like Gaelic Choirs, Christmas Lights and Fireworks displays. Not many people dislike music, fireworks or Christmas decorations so why the controversy? The SNP/Libdem mob have milked the fireworks/Lights etc. for every ounce of propaganda they can get, designed to make Holyrood candidates Mackay SNP and McCartin Libdem look good. As an exercise in political chicanery and stomach churning opportunism it is par for the course for such people.

They would have been hoping and praying that no one would look at this more closely but they have been rumbled. They have managed up to now to hide their true intentions but their recent budget gives the game away, pensioners, schoolchildren, people with learning difficulties and many more will pay the price of having an SNP/Libdem council with their vicious cuts. They have taken their lead from the Tory/Libdem Govt. at Westminster which the SNP here support as well (remember SNP council leader Derek Mackay saying "the Tory/Libdem Govt. cuts are about right" we won't forget that, nor will we forget the SNP/Libdem decision to award senior council officers on £70,000, 80,000, some over £100,000 a rise of 23% while introducing a £20 charge for disabled people to park their vehicles and removing death insurance from their lowest paid employees.

Let me try to explain this using a concept which is clearly alien to the SNP/Libdem let's try truthful questions and answers, SNP Cllr. Mackay and Libdem Cllr. McCartin could ask these questions and try to imagine the answers they would get from us the people of Renfrewshire. Derek and Eileen will be referred to as D&E I will give just a couple of examples and perhaps they will join in.

D&E – "We the council coalition give you a choice" people, "go on then"

A 23% wage rise for senior officers or more teachers?

A Gaelic sing song costing £30,000 or free transport for adult disabled people to their centres?

More Fireworks or do we keep halls open for the elderly and needy ?

More money on Christmas decorations or safe transport to school for our children ?

Good people what you see ABOVE is what an honest council administration would have done, this administration have chosen mendacity. I invite anyone particularly SNP/Libdem members, Cllrs. or supporters to write to me and say if they would be prepared to ask these questions of the people of Renfrewshire. Are any of them willing to let the people choose between Christmas decorations and massive rises for wealthy people; and safe transport to school for young children on dark cold and dangerous winter days? It's not complicated is it; why are they hiding from it. The people are now seeing the cost of this SNP/Libdem coalition, a group who would rather pose with pop singers than look after the people of the area who they were elected to serve and who need looking after.

Cllr's Mackay and McCartin have to be congratulated on their ability to keep a straight face while singing the praises of their farcical so called consultation "Difficult Choices for Difficult Times" nowhere in this carefully worded exercise in manipulation do you see a single question using the above format used by me, reason? They are afraid of the answers, can you guess at the response to a perfectly straight forward question from a senior officer put in an honest way such as "Do you agree that my salary should rise from £100,000 to £123,000 while we the council remove elderly centres and cut safe transport for school children" ? You won't find questions like this in the wee conjurers book from this SNP/Libdem coalition because they don't have the courage or the integrity to ask it.



Ronnie said...

Didn't the Labour administration spend a considerable sum of money on their fireworks display and their xmas light switch on and their subsequent forthcoming new years celebration.

Actually, I also read today that the Labour council have just spent £156,000 on foreign jollies.

On one of these, Six officials — including the Lord and Lady Provost Bob and Sheena Winter flew BUSINESS CLASS to Dalian, China, for a ten-day ALL-EXPENSES-PAID trip costing more than £25,780.

And the LABOUR Lady Provost — who doesn’t have any OFFICIAL POLITICAL ROLE to play in the council — claimed back £500 MORE than her husband in expenses.

Does this fall in with your "mince and tatties" plan Councillor.

Labour - the party of the people(except when we fancy business class)

Ronnie said...

And while we are on the subject of council emplyees salaries, let's talk about George Black.

Who is he, I hear you ask.

George is the Chief Exec. of LABOUR GLASGOW CITY cOUNCIL.

This year he will take home a whopping £170,000 which is £30,000 more than Scotland's first minister and £26,000 more than his counterpart in Edinburgh our capital city.

In fact, putting aside those Senior Officers in Glasgow who earn over £100k, there are over 410 employees in Glasgow City Council who earn between £50,000 and £70,000.

I doubt that they are eating mince and tatties.

Labour -if we don't close those 22 schools and nurseries we will have to fly economy

Ronnie said...

"Elsewhere, a saving of £13m has been earmarked through the controversial plan to have people with learning and physical disabilities arrange their own care budgets"

Where is this?

Why it's in LABOUR CONTROLLED Glasgow would you believe.

"Labour - maybe that 13 Million will let us upgrade to first class"

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Ronnie on 23/11/10

Ronnie you can deviate and squirm as much as you like but I think you will find when the time comes that the people of Renfrewshire will consider the record, decisions and priorities of RENFREWSHIRE COUNCIL’S SNP/LIBDEM COALITIN RULE and vote accordingly.

They will be invited to decide (by us) whether care for the elderly, safe school transport for our kids, free parking for the disabled and much more such as more teachers etc. are more important than the SNP/Libdem priorities of spending tens of thousands on Gaelic sing songs, Fireworks and Christmas Decorations.

There is a reckoning coming.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Ronnie on 23/11/10

Dearie; dearie me Ronnie where did they find you? I could have sworn that the title of this post was “RENFREWSHIRE PEOPLE ETC” perhaps those who read it will overlook that fact but I doubt it.

The salient point which you have singularly failed to address yet again is that the SNP/Libdem council have declared unequivocally that spending money on Gaelic sing songs, Fireworks and Christmas Decorations is more important than affordable meals for the elderly, safe travel to school for our children and free parking for the disabled, there are more like this and they have been carefully recorded, you can rely on that.

Renfrewshire Council’s SNP/Libdem coalition’s support for the Tory/Libdem Budget by Cameron, Clegg and Osborne has been carefully recorded also.

Here is ‘thee’ quote in all it’s squalid detail “the Tory/Libdem cuts are about right” (SNP Council Leader Derek Mackay – backed by the Libdem Deputy Leader McCartin)

There is a reckoning coming.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Ronnie on 23/11/10

Ronnie you are beginning to unravel before our very eyes, are you quite well? You seem to be getting a wee bit disoriented, the Provost of Renfrewshire Council is not called Winter she is a rather amiable lady called Celia Lawson, a woman who has had the grave misfortune to fall in with a bad crowd and to her dismay is an SNP member. A fact that she finds impossible to hide with her demeanour on many occasions.

I can’t find anything in your post which relates to Renfrewshire, have you sent it to the wrong address perhaps?

For the sake of clarity Renfrewshire Council’s SNP/Libdem council are the ones who would rather spend money on personal vanity projects like Gaelic sing songs, Fireworks and Christmas Decorations than child safety, affordable meals for pensioners and free parking for the disabled and much more! Your post brings the reckoning closer Ronnie, keep them coming.

fat boy said...

Its called raising aspirations and putting the pride back into Paisley. You know fine well that you allocate money to certain projects. The budget you constantly criticise is to regenerate Paisley and thats what events will do. You are happy to keep everyone down and bad mouth Paisley. You aren't fit to criticise Mackay and McCartin you are just jealous that you will never be in their position, sad sad man!!!!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By fat boy at 18:32

Why don’t you ask the people about it, I believe that putting the pride into Paisley is better done by protecting our children, looking after our elderly population and providing services for people with physical disabilities rather than Fireworks, Gaelic Sing Songs and Christmas Decorations.

The SNP/Libdem version of Paisley and yours as well goes as follows.

"We might be sacking teachers while we have the worst pupil teacher ratios in Scotland and yes we are making it harder for the elderly to afford a meal at their day centres and yes indeed we have removed safe transport to school for our kids but, but, but, we have great fairy lights and big fireworks as well as Gaelic singers"

I will go with my idea of civic pride over yours anytime.

Brediland Bertie said...

I was not so stricken with civic pride, fat boy, to learn that the SNP Liberal administration handed out £15,000 to an apprentice pop singer to switch on this year's Christmas lights.

Fair play to the boy, he felt so ashamed he gave the cash to local charities.

But imagine what kind of mentality Councillor Mackay and Councillor McCartin must have to think this was okay as they prepare to lay off all those low paid staff.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Brediland Bertie on RENFREWSHIRE PEOPLE ARE NOT AS DAFT AS THE SNP/LIB... on 05/12/10

The apprentice pop singer was not in the least ashamed, he was ‘shamed’ into donating it, not the same thing.

Mackay and McCartin are contemptible shysters: the former a trembling grovelling yes man for the party and the latter an unconscionable pitiless harridan.