Monday, November 22, 2010


I learned a long time ago that the average attention span of the "common or garden" SNP member was akin to that of a goldfish. Yet again I am being sent posts which contain libellous allegations against people who if I printed them might take action against me, the senders have chosen to hide while indulging in this rather pathetic behaviour. If I print what they say without identifying them then it's me who is held to account.

For those SNP clowns who are doing this there might be two problems, one is that they are genuinely so thick that they don't understand what they are doing, always a distinct possibility with our tartan teuchter fellow Scots. or they are simply too limp of wrist and lacking in bottle to defend themselves so, let me tell them again.

If you want to attack someone personally by way of accusing them of some misdemeanour or other then you must identify yourself, I know what I am now about to say will be completely alien to you but that is the 'fair' way to do these things, make your accusations and have the smeddum to stand by them, think of that poor wee Mel Gibson and the sacrifices he made for Scotland when you remember that he got executed for 'bonnie Scotland' it's the least you can do. I know that recent events have left you bereft but that is no excuse for allowing standards to slip is it? think of Braveheart Scotland: ID yersel, or Oor Wullie: ID yersel, or Moira Anderson: ID yersel,


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