Wednesday, November 24, 2010


If the tax payer has to foot the bill or part of the bill for "big Willie's" wedding would it be in order to insist that the whole Ruritanian circus be put out to tender to ensure that the tax payer gets value for money? Or since we are being assailed on all sides by the professional serfs of the media telling us how pleased the country is at the news and how we are beside ourselves with glee at being given the honour of paying for it, why not put it to the test?

Instead of taking tax payer's money to pay for the wedding of the son of one of the world's richest families why not give people the option of voluntary contributions. Get the expert royal flunkies to estimate the cost and then make a public appeal, I'm thinking children in need here and I'm on a roll, think of Remembrance day and Feed the World, surely Prince William is at least as deserving as them. A pound donation gets you a red white & blue paper dunce's cap, a fiver gets you 5 red white and blue dunce's caps, to be worn with pride by all patriotic Britons. The Royals would make a mint not only are they so gracious and generous to us subjects that they let us fund their castles, stately homes and lavish life styles but they would be letting us help with the wedding, priceless! They must love us; their subjects so much!

This could be a win, win situation; if the sum donated exceeds the cost of the wedding and we are able in some way to prise it from their grasp it could go to charity, who could disagree with that? "OK Philip that doesn't include you" we could have Terry Wogan on a Saturday night slot with the running total and a wee spot for patriotic entertainers who will of course donate their time for the common good "oops perhaps not Wogan" he insisted on a fee for children in need remember, the Irish need the money right?

BTW has anyone else noticed how quiet the Nationalists have gone over this farce, these are the independence warriors who sing to the tune of "The Sash My Father Wore"

"Oh Scotland hiznae goat a king an hiznae goat a queen,

How can there be a second Liz when the first wans never been.

Now they sing -

"Oh it's all gone quite over there,

Oh it's all gone quite over there"

The only thing which could upset this splendid patriotic idea would be if the great British public were to say "hey you pal, see that idea to donate to the Royal Wedding, go and shove it ** *** ***** ya b******s" but there is surely no chance of that happening is there?

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