Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today’s Paisley Daily Express carries a barefaced example of a politician abusing his position of power for private political gain. That politician is the increasingly more and more distressed SNP candidate for Holyrood, SNP Council Leader Derek Mackay. It has become clear that the SNP group and Cllr. Mackay have seized on the SPT to pick a fight with and give Derek a much needed cause to champion, watch as he portrays himself as the Renfrewshire David against the Strathclyde Passenger Transport Goliath it should be good for a laugh notwithstanding the cynicism of it all. But: you should remember as the bogus causes are highlighted by him and the SNP that he and they are prepared to risk the benefits that people need get their own ends.

In his column he portrays himself as the man to fight Renfrewshire’s corner and represent the local community: the parents of children now walking 3 miles to school where their children are suffering the worst pupil teacher ratios in Scotland, the elderly who now don’t have wardens and the student teachers who can’t get a job as well as those who are about to take the brunt of the savage Tory/ Libdem Govt. cuts. Cuts which he and the Renfrewshire SNP/Libdem coalition administration supported will no doubt be glad to hear it. I can’t say it often enough and I intend to keep repeating it, he has no place to hide. In a debate at the last full council he Derek Mackay said “The government cuts are about right” A wee while ago he awarded senior officers of Rengrewshire Council, some already earning 70, 80 90, £100,000 a year raises of 23%, the people’s champion right enough!

In his column he tried to big himself up by saying the Labour Councillors on the Scrutiny Board which is investigating STP and its dealings with Renfrewshire Council tried to prevent him from speaking, a load of bull. I am one of those councillors and what we did was ask him what he was doing there as he had no expertise or experience of the subject. Anyone who is asked to address the Scrutiny Board is invited because they have a degree of knowledge or experience of the subject under examination, hence road engineers, bus company’s user groups etc. were asked to contribute, he Mackay has none of these things.

Make no mistake about this he was there for 2 reasons 1/ because being Council leader got him in and 2/ because he is campaigning for a seat in Holyrood. He saw the chance of some good publicity as you can see from today’s turgid Mackay column imaginatively called “the real MacKay” perhaps a career in literature awaits him if he doesn’t get to Holyrood? His lack of knowledge and his attempts to sound important were so wretched that despite being given a 20 minute slot on the agenda he only managed to speak for a pathetic 5 minutes where he seemed to get smaller by the second, he then bolted out and refused to take questions, despite my Labour comrade Jim Sharkey and me entreating him to stay.

Cllr. Mackay will no doubt be trying similar stunts and we will continue to expose him for the dissembling political charlatan that he is.


Anonymous said...


The reality is that that you are just a tube who knows nothing about local politics.

I used to enjoy lampooning you because it was so ridiculously easy.

Your are very obviously **** scared of Derek McKay and therefore your vendetta against him and Eileen McCartin.

They both can talk you under the table as you are just a semi illiterate neanderthal person who who rather see women and people of other denominations cast aside.

You are bigot and racist but above all you are a fool!!!

At least we know you are standing down at the next election, so we know we are rid of you forever.

Pity we have to get Raleen though!!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous on 14/10/10

I think anyone who reads this will: like me find it significant that none of the points made in my post have been addressed by you.

Mackay and McCartin deserve each other neither of them stand for anything. Their present position now however is that they both support the Tory/Libdem Government cuts and I will continue to make as many people as possible aware of this.

Anonymous said...

I think that it is admirable that the current council have commended the current government for the measures that they are taking. Labour have left us with the most horrendous deficit ever known and have no plans to deal with it except for the old policy of borrow borrow borrow until bankrupt.

That is where Labour have left us and we now need to go through huge difficulties to address this financial mismanagement by Gordon Brown & Co Ltd in order to stabilise the economy.

Are you aware that our current interest payments on our debts would build a new primary school every HOUR.

Yes and not even on Labour's Private finance arrangement that has left us paying for hospitals and schools for the next 25 years.

Labours policy is (keep on borrowing and spending.) Who cares?As long as it looks like we are doing something then it won't matter. Then when the bubble bursts we won't be in power and we can blame all the s**t on the newbies.

Standard Labour Policy - Nothing new

Anonymous said...

"a barefaced example of a politician abusing his position of power for private political gain. "

Isn't this official Labour policy?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous on 15/10/10

And this is what passes for debate in the SNP is it?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


“we now need to go through huge difficulties to address this financial mismanagement by Gordon Brown & Co Ltd”

All of the bluster in your argument hinges on the above canard. If you want your argument to have any credence you will have to explain to me why the international financial crisis hit Britain at the same time as it hit America, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Norway. Iceland, Spain Etc. Etc.

Do you believe that it was a coincidence or was something else going on? and: if something else was going was Gordon Brown responsible for it?

There’s a bit more intellectual rigour required from you I’m afraid.

Anonymous said...

where was councillor mcgurk, was she sleeping or not at the meetings she is supposed to be there to represent the council on the SPT.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


Cllr. McGurk is a genial pleasant enough woman who would not recognise the SPT if one of their busses ran her over.

She is there to do the bidding of the SNP and her boss big chief Eileen. She agrees to this in return for a veneer of power and of course money.

Anonymous said...

With regards to Councillor McKay, you are bang on the money; I wrote on your site many months ago and you where good enough and printed my comments and observations that are now coming true.

Dr Bill Wilson MSP will not been on the SNP's West of Scotland list, his chief advisor and paid by the public purse Employee, one Dave McCartney, who's mouth waters at the mere mention of Derek McKay’s name, has shafted his old Boss, (Dr Bill Wilson) and now purrs between Derek’s legs, pawing to receive some cat nip, don't worry though Terry, Dave is not out of a job, as stated having gotten rid of his old boss, the Boay -the McKay has now offered him a job in his shadow cabinet.

Derek should be careful though, remember "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" Dave the rave as he is know in Nats circles harbours ambitions of his own, he wants a seat in the Edinburgh Parliament, at any cost, to whom, it makes no difference to him. Del Boay you better be careful, inexperienced Politicians like you
soak up compliments, smiles and pats on the back, all the while Dave the rave hold
a knives to you back inching ever closer!

Keep up the good work.

From Renfrewshire Wee House
Cotton Street.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Your observations of the SNP in Renfrewshire are very entertaining: it’s common knowledge that some of them can’t bear to be in the same room with each other, as was obvious when Eileen McCartin forced them to support the Tory/Libdem cuts. Long serving SNP members sat with their faces tripping them and said nothing while young Derek sold the jerseys. “the cuts are about right” (SNP Cllr. Derek Mackay)