Friday, October 22, 2010


The above two comedians are insulting our intelligence. Until the SNP candidate for Holyrood Derek Mackay and his advisors decided that picking a fight against SPT might be spun and manipulated into something which might reflect well on him no one knew much about it. Except that most people had a vague idea that it was made up of many councils and provided transport services to Strathclyde, in many cases they were cheap services because of the economies of scale which SPT enjoy. Evidence of this can be found by anyone who cares to check the attendance and involvement of Renfrewshire Council’s representative on the SPT Libdem Cllr. Marie McGurk. Prior to them coming up with this spurious dispute she was mainly conspicuous by her absence and no one at the SPT knew her. She is now referred to by Derek Mackay as an excellent representative for the council, what kind of standards are they Derek? Or for that matter Marie?

Cllr. McGurk may well have been at some meetings and may well have slept through them which might explain her lack of any impact but; more often than not she would be absent; I wouldn’t be surprised now though to find her attendance has improved since she was publicly humiliated for her terrible attendance record by the Labour Group and the fact that Cllr. Mackay wants to use this for publicity. You cannot avoid the point that what the SNP and Cllr. Mackay are now regarding as some kind of disaster inflicted on Renfrewshire by the SPT was never referred to or mentioned by Renfrewshire Council’s delegate to the STP Cllr. McGurk until her SNP paymasters told her to start singing their song.

Cllr. McGurk is a pleasant enough woman who wouldn’t recognise the SPT if one of their busses ran her over. She is there as part of the coalition jobs hand out, she enjoys the benefits of being part of the SNP/Libdem cabal on Renfrewshire which provides her with funds and a delusion of power. Like her colleagues in the Libdems she is a political nonentity but they; like her enjoy that feeling of power and of course the money. She will now have to say what she is told to say at SPT meetings, write letters written for her by the SNP describing herself as the “outraged Cllr. McGurk” and generally jump up and down attacking SPT when told to by Derek Mackay. She has no choice! her and the other Libdem Cllrs. took the 30 pieces of silver and now they have to earn it that’s why they now support removing busses from school children, closing swimming pools, having the worst teacher pupil ratios in Scotland and of course supporting the Tory / Libdem cuts by the Government as demonstrated by the SNP candidate Derek Mackay who said at a full council meeting recently “the cuts are about right”

This farce will run and run as long as they think they can profit from it, if they decide it’s a busted flush at some point they will pull the rug from under Cllr. McGurk and leave her swinging in the wind. By then she will have made herself the No.1. enemy of the SPT and her only comfort will be that chimera of power and of course the money, don’t forget the money. Does anyone believe anything anymore that is said by the SNP or Libdems?

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