Sunday, October 31, 2010 - sign the petition to help the Palestinians.

Here is an easy to understand statistic from the Israeli invasion of Palestine and the crimes that the Israeli's continue to commit.

No. of illegal Israeli settlers on Palestinian land: -

19 72 - 11, 00 - 20 09 - 571,000

This number continues to grow as Palestinians lose their homes, farms and villages to the brutal Israeli invaders. Use the number in the title block to register your protest!


Mo said...

Oh Terry it is never as simple as it appears. Surely life has taught you that.
My Dad told me stories of people being hanged in Palestine at the end of ww2, and I think maybe he had to watch.
Who you support changes, sometimes in a subtle way, and sometimes in a way that makes you think you were mistaken in the stances that you adopted.
I am wearing a white poppy this time of year, but you need to be a hard bitch to do that, been spat at once so far!
Take care!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Mo. Who you support does indeed change, as a kid learning about WW2my sympathies were firmly with the Jews. It was a difficult journey to arrive at where I am now which is one of complete opposition to the State of Israel. I constantly ask myself how Jewish people can treat anyone the way they treat the Palestinians given their own tragic history.

I never wear a Poppy, wearing a Poppy and the whole Remembrance Day business stopped being in memory of the war dead and turned into a jingoistic military circus a long time ago. I also regard it as hypocrisy on a grand scale for our country to eulogize and honour the war dead and expect them to rely on charity by getting the public to buy Poppies to finance their care.

voiceofourown said...

Re your reply to Mo, Terry.
I don't quite believe I'm saying this but (dry boak) I concur wholeheartedly.