Friday, October 29, 2010


It is easy to forget that some people are worse off than ourselves sometimes, when all this SNP, Libdem, Tory misery and treachery surrounds us we can easily forget about others; this is the case with the beleaguered people of Palestine. They continue to suffer under the lash of their Israeli occupiers who treat them as sub humans and destroy their homes and steal their land. Here in Renfrewshire we have a chance soon to touch base again with the Middle East catastrophe which the Palestinians suffer daily. The pain never goes away for them as the Israeli Govt. tries to destroy them and their country, it has become one of history's great crimes, racist and fascist in nature and being perpetrated by Israel whose people suffered from similar crimes in massive numbers, are they suffering from collective amnesia? On Wed. November 3rd. 20 10 at Ralston Community Centre Allanton Ave. Paisley PA1 3BL at 6 PM a meeting will take place sponsored by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign. The organisation owes no particular allegiance to any party and all are welcome.

One speaker will be Ali El Awaisi who is a survivor of the Mavi Marmara; the ship which was attacked while carrying medical supplies to the Gaza Strip. Heavily armed and highly trained Israeli Commandos attacked the ship which was carrying peace activists and slaughtered some of them. Here is a chance to hear firsthand what happened and what continues to happen while Governments; our own past and present included wring their hands and do nothing. The image of Palestine which the world sees is that of a teenage boy throwing stones at an Israeli tank, why? What makes a young boy go up against a tank armed with stones? Is it safe to say it must be something serious, come along to this meeting and hear it from them! Ask questions if you want, you will get the chance to hear answers which are not filtered through the Murdoch opaque TV screen or distorted by the sycophantic cowardly British media who tremble before their American masters, see you there.

No one could blame the working people of Renfrewshire for feeling a wee bit sorry for themselves: we face a future of savage cuts by the Tory/Libdem British Government, cuts I would remind you which were described by Renfrewshire Council's SNP leader Derek Mackay as "about right" backed up by his coalition partner and enthusiastic supporter of her Libdem colleagues in the Govt. Eileen McCartin Libdem, a woman who believes in nothing except what is good for her personally. Times will be getting hard and these two and their lumpen SNP/Libdem supporters will continue to swindle voters while Mackay tries to avoid the fact that he is one of the useful idiots along with McCartin who are forced to support the Govt. She because her wretched party are part of it and he because he doesn't have the bottle to go up against big Eileen who has him by the shorts because without her the Renfrewshire cabal breaks up. Remember this lot folks when you next step inside a ballot box, between Westminster and Renfrewshire there exists a coalition of Tory, SNP and Libdem and none of them give a damn about working people and their families. Did you vote SNP? Libdem? even Tory? Well think about it hard, you got stitched up by people who have no idea of honesty or decency: don't let them do it again.

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