Saturday, February 13, 2010


I know: I know: at my age I should know better, despite my many years in the Labour movement and my emersion in politics for approx. 45 years I have walked wide eyed into a malevolent storm. Fundamentally this has happened because I took my eye off the ball: I never expected that the people who are attacking me in such a nasty and deceitful way would actually pay me any attention: I always figured that they had more significant targets to aim at. Because I have not had a great deal of contact with them I also underestimated their malice and their willingness to do and say anything to harm those whom they target: at the moment that is me and it has been absorbing to watch them at their vile trade: I’ve learned a lot. I refer of course to the orchestrated campaign by the right wing bullies who inhabit the world of pro Israeli Zionism at it's most vicious.

If anyone cares to look at the Zionist sites Harry’s Place or C i S you will see what I mean. Once they have made up their minds that you are the enemy: reason, fact and decency fly out of the window. Over the years I have dealt with pro Israel commentators: most of them try to argue with me but it usually doesn’t take long for them to descend into personal abuse and viciousness as they realize A/ that they are not winning and B/ that they can’t intimidate me: the difference this time is that it is now hundreds of them who are learning this lesson rather than dozens.

Since this blew up I have maintained that some people: I guess of course that it’s them have been sending anti Semitic comments in my name to Blog Sites and doing their best to damage me. The perpetrators it would appear are not the smartest conspirators around: they started sending dozens of bogus comments to these sites without realizing that I have been blogging for years and I don’t comment on other sites so: if someone is to believe this c**p they must first figure out why having never commented on other blogs over the years did I out of the blue start firing out dozens of highly provocative anti Semitic messages with my name and picture on them. I know this rather serious clanger won’t deter them but: it makes them look like folk who need both hands to find their own arses.

Notwithstanding the fact that I have a written apology from the Guardian Web who have removed all the grubby lies about me and one of the foremost Zionist sites implicated has written admitting that I was being impersonated and also passing me details which will assist in tracing the culprits, some of these buffoons are still clinging to the fiction that it was me sending the comments: Israel could be in trouble with helpers like this.

I have to say again here that no amount of reasoning or explaining will be adequate for these people: they support a pariah state which is guilty of systematic brutality and crimes against the Palestinians. They are trapped into defending an indefensible position and that makes them very bitter and angry: bitter and angry enough to lie and twist anything that is said or written against Israel: their argument is as fraudulent as it gets: sustained by the fundamental position of screeching anti Semite at every person who dares to condemn Israel and its crimes. I am in no doubt that the majority of people will comfortably see through their sham and see that this is one Palestinian supporter that they will not scare off. People know that being anti Israel is not the same as being anti Jew: they know that being pro Palestine is not being anti Jew. The real enemies of the Jews are still out there and I'm not one of them: I do fear though that the behaviour of Israel is giving succour to those who would persecute them given the chance: the real anti Semites and Jew haters are still with us and vigilance is required not vicious lies and side shows. No matter how loud they scream their lies: no matter how much they try to coerce, bully or smear there are more than enough people who will stand up to them and I’m one of them.


Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone still thinks you did write the pretend comments. I didn't see the Scotsman/ Guardian comments but looking on the HP site I can see why people were fooled.

Having done a quick google search of your name -this seems to have been dying right down -though the Paisley Daily Express might have stirred it up a bit again but having watched umpteen internet stooshies come and go, I think this one is well on it's way out.

I know from experience what it's like to have false allegations made against you and dirty tricks played on you. I'm not revealing my identity here because I don't know who's reading and don't want to re-start a particularly nasty online campaign I was subjected to a few years back. Unlike you I took the decision to close down my blog -something I now regret. I know you might think I'm cowardly for posting anonymously but it's purely to prevent further attacks and I would be happy enough to correspond with you directly under my own name.

What I should have done is what I will now advise you to do. Carry on regardless! Write what you want, say what you want, do what you've always done. That said and this is just my opinion I think you should now refrain from writing about this, unless other false comments appear in your name, until this investigation and any subsequent court action is closed.

I say this not because I want to dictate what you write on your blog but because you are at risk of giving the story "legs". The second point I'd make is that lawyers and the law can be very tricky -a bit of a minefield. It only takes one post by you speculating on the identity of your imposter and the case can be thrown out. I worked as a court clerk in the past and I've seen skilled lawyers utterly destroy quite decent and probably genuine people for some very, very minor slip.

I do know what you're going through and I know the frustration you must be feeling but nows really is the time to move on in public and let the police do their job.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 13/02/10
There are those who will be fooled and those who are quite willing to lie about it. I have already decided to carry on and write what I want: if I were ever to allow such a rabble as this mob intimidate me I would never be able look at myself in the mirror again.

Thank you for the advice: I’ve been receiving good support from various sources: including Jews I might add.

tony said...

>>being pro Palestine<<

No problem with anyone being pro-Palestine. However considering your previously stated views that Scotland is not a country/nation. Why does your emminance accord that priviledge to palestine?

By your reasoning Palestinians are Israeli's and to further quote your level of debating skills;

"End of!"

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it Mr Kelly, this does smell like activities of a certain party who have staff an office in the West End.

I won't mention any names as I don't want you to get into any trouble.

On a lighter note, I know of a Benefit cheat in Paisley who is looking for a reference, do you know of any politicians who could assist!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(tony) 14/02/10

“Scotland is not a country/nation”

This is a statement of fact:
whether you or anyone likes it or not: approx. 60 years ago there was no Israel: it then appeared where Palestine had been and the Palestinians were expelled.

I can’t find anything remotely similar in the case of Scotland. You and me are British do you seriously deny that? If you do you should try to explain it and stick to facts,

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 11:37
I don’t know about individual names as they remain anonymous but I am certain that the famous low life cowards known as ‘cybernats’ will be joining in.

With reference to the benefit cheat: what is really embarrassing and I think damaging for them is that there does not appear to one single Nat. with the courage to criticise Sturgeon or Salmond (the spiv) in public: that’s not a political party it’s a fan club: a fan club for cowards.

tony said...

>>“Scotland is not a country/nation”

This is a statement of fact:<<

Terry I only hope the saps who elected you get to hear this shite. I think that you will find that Scotland is probably the oldest nation in Christendom, even older than the England you obviously hold so dear and that we are in temporary unon with. And again by your reasoning we should inform the English that according to Councilor Terry Kelly there is no England.

>>it then appeared where Palestine had been and the Palestinians were expelled.<<

Don't remember Palestine ever being a state Terry, whereas Scotland........... basic stuff! Oh and I'm sure the Arabs who live in Israel would consider themselves Palestinian.

>>You and me are British do you seriously deny that?<<

As British as Martin McGuinness and the poet hero Bobby Sands or wee Alex Salmond himself. As British as I will be after the dissolution of the temporary polity that is the UK. As British as Yasser Arafat was Israeli, or as Hamas is an Israeli political party.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(tony) 15:59
“even older than the England you obviously hold so dear”

I don’t hold England dear or any other country for that matter: it clearly gets you going to think that someone would hold the hated Engurlish dear doesn’t it. You are clearly an English hating racist.

Do you have a passport? Do you know any Scots. who have a passport? that’s a clue: try thinking instead of wishing.

Anonymous said...

Methinks you protest too much Mr Kelly. It is all the fault of the zionists, the cybernats, the SNP, the Tories etc that you are so hated on the net - no Mr Kelly it is all your own fault.

Anonymous 13/02/10 above seems to completely ignore the fact that you have previous with regard to your stupid comments. You are the one at fault on the Harry's Place site not the other people.

I agree with the comments made against you there and I am not Jewish. I do not comment on the Israeli/Palestine situation at Paisley Expressions because it is not all black and white. There are people on both sides quite happy for this situation to go on as it is. The same as there are people on both sides who just want peace.

You slag off people all the time as zionists if they do not agree with your views on the Palestinians and stick up for Israel the same as you slag off Scottish Nationalism as Nazism even though nationalism is the most natural element of every country in the world.

Nationalism is about standing on your own two feet and running our own affairs not hating anyone. Most nationalists like myself have English relatives. Coming from a unionist political party that is funded from England I can see why you have an aversion to Scotland standing on its own two feet.

Like I said in your previous post Mr Kelly you have only reported this to the police as you know it is not in the public interest for them to investigate this and thus you think that the public will be gullible enough to think that it was nothing to do with you - why would someone impersonate you to say the exact same things you say in your blog?

Paisley Expressions

tony said...

>>You are clearly an English hating racist.<<

England is a great place, the people I have found to be warm and friendly. I just don't want them ruling my country. You do and so does the party you belong to and fundamentaly this is where we differ.

I have yet to read any points from you that rise above the playground. My passport says UKNI, ergo I am british. Again I am astounded that anyone would elect someone as one dimensional as you. The Palestinians who live in Haifa or Samaria also have passports that declare them to be of Israel, (ergo Tery speak Israeli's), is this correct also? Are Irish people from the bog or Andytown or the glens British because they live inside the realms of the British state.

I have put umpteen points to you Terry, your inability to answer even one satisfactorily tells all. Apart from sticking your tongue out and declaring "end of" which doesn't really pass as debate. You have declared Scotland is not a nation. Please elaborate and regale us with your withering philosophical paradigms.

Anonymous said...

Just a wee thought regarding impersonation on newspaper sites. In order to protect yourself from future attacks of this kind, it might be sensible to set up a genuine profile in your name with some online papers.

The Guardian, for example allows you to say a bit about yourself so you could explain that you have been impersonated on the site, that this is a genuine profile and that any comments that don't come from that exact profile are false.

If you do go down this route I'd advise you not to use your publicly available council photos but either an old passport photo/private pic or similar to make copying less likely. That way it'll flag up immediately if another profile is created in your name.

Obviously this won't work for most blogs and you couldn't possibly second guess which blog a fake comment might turn up on but it might go someway to protecting your ID.

It is possible for people to create multiple IDs on sites but it's usually done in a different name with the purpose of making someone look like more people agree with them than in reality. However it would be immediately suspicious if two people were posting under the same name. Of course this can happen legitimately
I'm pretty sure all the Gordon Browns out there aren't the PM but just have quite a common name!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 15/02/10
What can I say Billy? You don’t seem to like me: come to think of it you don’t seem to like anybody do you? I suppose I’ll just have to live with it.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(tony) 15/02/10
You are British like me and this was your last post on the subject: you have repeated yourself too often.

Read the name of the post and think on.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 16/02/10
Thank you for the advice I’ll speak to my daughter who knows about such things and possibly do this.

Anonymous said...

So, you agree Darling was quoted accurately with his 'Hell unleashed' comment. There's a good Councillor, that wasn't too difficult was it?

Now, moving on, will you accept that your man has other imperfections? That he is a lying, bullying, incompetent, indecisive excuse for a Prime Minister, presiding over a divided, disloyal Cabinet?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 13:35
The PM has stated that he knew nothing of this “hell let loose “ business and Darling accepts that.
I have examined your other comments about the PM closely and I can’t agree with them it would appear that the Tory lead over Labour is now 5% so it seems that many others disagree with you as well, always pleased to help.