Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Simon Peter famously denied Jesus 3 times and Salmond (the spiv) beat him easily by denying wee Nicola 5 times, that’s the number of times he was invited to give her his unequivocal support in an interview and he failed her 5 times: 6 if you include him sitting on his hands when asked by Ian Grey to raise his hand in her support in parliament. Swagger? oh yes, arrogance? oh yes, bawling? yup, shouting yup, but, support when the chips were down? no way: don’t be silly this is Salmond we are talking about: remember the golden rule of Salmondism: “what’s in it for me” he therefore abandoned her: she may well survive and limp on but he has distanced himself from her as all cowards do in such cases.

What led a clever: devious and utterly ruthless politician like her to make such a mess of things? I believe that the relationship between the SNP and the Asian community which she and the SNP are so obsessed with was largely to blame. She has been getting hammered in Govan for years and the Asian community was her ticket to success. She and the SNP courted them diligently to such an extent that they would have done anything to secure their support, that’s why the candidate teaching his wee girl how to shoot a Kalashnikov assault rifle survived, that’s why inordinate sums of money were given for Asian cultural events from SNP ministers some of which is unaccounted for according to today’s press. Think about the events in the Glasgow Asian Community, none are complete without a heavy SNP presence: that’s why lunches with the first minister and his deputy at the Scottish Parliament were auctioned to raise money for the SNP cause and that’s why she sent the quite unbelievable letter to the court to assist the convicted crook who happened to be Asian. Hubris of course played its part as you would expect with people like Salmond, Sturgeon and the SNP. I believe that most people can see through their cynical attempts to exploit the Asian Community including many Asians and the cracks are beginning to show. I hope that Asian voters will now look more closely at the SNP and strongly scrutinise their behaviour.

As if the above scandals are not trouble enough for the (wee spiv) the man with the hair style which resembles a Van Gogh (at his most loosely wrapped) wheat field is back. Yes folks the circus is back in town, prepare for the coming of the “Trump Bonnie Scotland Golf Club” The Scottish caddies and bar staff will no doubt be kitted out in Trump tartan, they will tug their forelock as ‘the maister’ Trump goes by and Salmond (the spiv) will be given an honorary life membership for services rendered. He might even get the Queen (decreed by the wee spiv to be Scotland’s queen after independence) to open the course. Prince wasisname Andy, the clown prince with the Scottish name will visit regularly to play a round, no doubt dropped off by one of his idiot nephews who will ‘borrow’ a helicopter for the journey. This is Salmond (the spiv’s) vision for Scotland where everything is for sale and we will live happily ever after under the benevolent reign of good Queen Bess before whom the first minister will grovel at every opportunity wearing his wee tartan breeks while the people cringe. Trump to Salmond “how much for Edinboro Castle? It would make a great hotel” “how much for Lock Lomond” “ what about those two neat bridges across the Forth” “how much for the Blarney Stone” “Bobby Burns’s cottage”? come on Alex it’s sell: sell: sell. Meanwhile Scotland bleeds and not one SNP member or supporter has anything to say, in this wild and beautiful place the Eagles in future will be golf shots and the magnificent raptor will go away for ever, Bravehearts anyone?


Anonymous said...

Ms Sturgeon should resign; this chap is an out and out fraudster.
Who in the name of god has done time no less, Ms Sturgeon said in her grovelling letter (In support of Asian Votes) "he wisnae well at the time".
Mr Kelly, I implore you and the Labour Party to take action against this women; she is one fish that should be baked, grilled or filleted.

She and her party have brought nothing but shame on Scotland.

Get them out before we loose our last shred of decency in the eyes of the world.

Anonymous said...

I'm more interested in this than a letter written to support a constituent:-

Alistair Watson resigned earlier this week on health grounds after details of his other expenses were revealed.

Now one of his former colleagues, South Lanarkshire Labour councillor David McLachlan, has come under scrutiny after claiming £17,544 for travelling 35,650 miles in his role as vice-chairman – equivalent to travelling almost one-and-a-half times around the world.

Mr Watson claimed £10,756 for 21,818 miles over the same 2006-09 period.

Their mileage expenses compare to just £1,355 for 2,749 miles claimed by SPT’s other vice-chairman, North Lanarkshire Labour councillor David Fagan.

The organisation, which co-ordinates public transport in the Strathclyde area, has been under pressure since officials were called to account for £117,573 of claims. Almost £50,000 was used to fund foreign fact-finding trips over the past three years, while chief executive Ron Culley, who earns £129,000 a year, spent £6,500 dining in restaurants.

Questions have also been raised over a trip to Manchester made by three senior officials in May 2008 that coincided with Rangers’ appearance in the Uefa Cup final.

Mr McLachlan, who lives in Hamilton, earns about £16,000 as a councillor in addition to an SPT salary of more than £11,000. Mr Watson, of Cardonald, Glasgow, was earning £20,295 as SPT chairman and is also paid almost £16,000 for being a Glasgow city councillor.

An SPT spokesman said the men had, on average, three or four meetings a week on SPT business at its headquarters in central Glasgow as well as frequent other meetings with member councils and stakeholders in Scotland and England.

He added: “Any travel by car for councillors has to be approved by SPT’s chief executive. Exemptions to allow car travel are usually granted when time commitments with council business limit travel options or when car sharing can be more cost-effective.”

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

It's a question of priorities I suppose and on this blog I get to choose the priorities so would you like to comment on the article?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 17/02/10
The more Ms. Sturgeon speaks of her honour the faster we count the spoons.

Anonymous said...

For someone who whines and beats his breast over being attacked personally, why do you insist in being personal by continuing with the puerile and childish labelling of Salmond as 'The SPIV'?

Or are you just a hypocrite?

Efrafan Days said...

Cllr. Kelly, someone claiming to be you is on my blog.

Can you confirm if this is you or not?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Efrafan Days) 09:42
Yes this is me; I assume you are really Efrafan Days? Can I look forward to you answering my question?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 21/02/10
I call him (the spiv) because it’s the most appropriate and truthful insult that I can find.

I don’t mind being attacked at all in a similar way, call me what you like and as long as it’s printable it will go in.

I do object however to anonymous writers saying nasty things about others, things which they would not say in public, that I will not print. You can however say anything you like about anyone and I will print it if you identify yourself properly, over to you, is that fair enough?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Terry. I will address your question on a new missive at my blog over the course of the afternoon.

No, my name is not Efrafan Days. My identity could be found out on whole minutes - I don't post by it in order to hide from Google, that's all. Plus, as I'm not an elected councillor or being paid for this, I don't have the same obligation to publicly identify myself.

Anonymous said...

"Benefit Thieves, we're closing In"

Oh sorry just had a letter from Ms Nicola Sturgeon asking that the Court take Ms Sturgeons reference into account.

So lets not worry about a small issue like fraud.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12:35
Can you please rewrite this and try giving us a clue what you are trying to say.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Alec) 12:19
“My identity could be found out on whole minutes - I don't post by it in order to hide from Google, that's all”

I don’t understand this.

My blog is personal, nothing to do with the council or the Labour Party, Are you suggesting that I get paid for writing it?

No one is under any obligation to identify themselves, it has never occurred to me not to, I was afraid you would remain anonymous, I have yet to find anyone who has attacked me over this matter who identified themselves, I don’t understand that either.

Maybe they don’t feel as strongly about it as they would like people to believe.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Benefit Thieves, we're closing in"

Oh sorry just had a letter from Ms Nicola Sturgeon asking that the Court take Ms Sturgeons reference into account.

So let’s not worry about a small issue like fraud.

Why do the public or anyone else worry about committing fraud, when the Nat's Ms Sturgeon gives a reference to a Scottish Court and states that this is a mistake, Fraud no-less, the Labour Party should be eating the Nats by now.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 22/02/10
I believe that Ms. Sturgeon; Salmond (the spiv) and the SNP have brought shame on themselves; their party and the Scottish people because of this deceit.