Saturday, February 06, 2010


I can’t remember a more obviously bogus show of anger and disbelief than that being shown by those who are apparently shocked at the conduct of Alex (the spiv) Salmond and his bag carrier Nicola Sturgeon. These two are hawking themselves to the top bidder by offering dinner in their company at Holyrood: takings (£13,000) to the SNP ‘thank you sirs please come again: booking not necessary in your case’. There has always been something fishy about Salmond and Sturgeon (ouch) Salmond in particular is the epitome of the political snake oil salesman and has been recognised as such for many years. Sturgeon is the political void and sycophant for ever at his side ready to wield the knife on anyone who falls foul of ‘the spiv’ Margo McDonald: Jim Sillars: Dorothy Grace Elder: ex treasurer Blackwood and many more less well known victims have witnessed her cold blooded malice. There is no real shock at their conduct from those in political circles who know only too well what the ethics of such people are: one question and one question matters to them “will we get caught” if the answer is no then do it: no ifs no buts just get it done: refuse and you are toast: that just about sums them up.

The frantic and abject attempt by an ‘SNP spokesperson’ to squirm out of this goes like this: “no dinner has taken place: no cash has changed hands and Salmond has asked for a ruling which he will agree to” He asked for a ruling after being rumbled! and we are to believe that he was going to do this anyway? It’s just a coincidence that he has asked for it after the story broke? Aye right! This is a man who was forced to turn down approx. £40,000 a year in wages from his Westminster salary because of the embarrassment of having two jobs and neglecting one of them: that of MP. In a quite shameful display of trickery he advertises the fact that he gives the money to charities: the charities are in his constituency and what most people outside of the area don’t know is that the money is dispensed under the name of his late mother Mary Salmond! £40,000 per year of charitable giving under the name of Salmond: what a guy eh? So he gets £40,000 of publicity in his own seat! There is no point in doing good without people knowing you are doing it is there Alex.

Who remembers the “Alex Salmond for first minister scam”? calculated to get his name at the top of the voting paper: officially allowed but: come on folks is this really the kind of person you can trust: I remember a local character who always reminded me of him: we used to say once you have shaken his hand, count your fingers and make sure your watch is still there.

The indignation is for effect: the papers are flagging up a tasty story but no one who knows Salmond (the spiv) is genuinely surprised: that would be like complaining that Derek (Del Boy) Trotter sold you a dodgy watch. all three of them: Salmond: Sturgeon and the SNP continue to bring shame and humiliation on Scotland: there are those who will be genuinely aghast at their conduct but not many from Scotland. Folk from further afield will gaze and scratch their heads: some will wonder what kind of country Scotland is with such people in charge: others might ponder the fact that these people want to govern an independent Scotland: I myself look at them and consider with ever increasing incredulity that they genuinely believe that they are capable of treading the world stage: God help us.


Byeck said...

If you saw the abject performance of Devine on Channel 4 News - where he appeared to admit supplying fraudulent invoices to the Fees Office - then clearly Salmond is not the only 'Shame of Scotland.'

If Devine claims Parliamentary Privilege in an attempt to avoid charges, will he enjoy your support, councillor?

Anonymous said...

Even is this was true it has not cost the public a penny. How does this compare with your Labour MP friends like Jim Devine who has robbed us all blind for years, and Jim Sheriden MP and his ivory bed ?

Oakwood said...

I am not au fait with the rules at Holyrood regarding dontaions and cash for access etc. but i do know that if you want to rob a bank and are caught even planning it then you are in serious doo doo.

So for wee Eck to say that it didn't even happen therefore no breach occurred them he is living in cloud cuckoo land

charlatan, no more on less

Anonymous said...

Terry, everyone who jumps to the defence of Mr Salmond and excuses the fact that he doesn't do his job as an MP because he gives the money to charity, always seem to forget the substantial pension contributions he keeps from Westminster.

If he truly is as benevolent as he makes out, he would refuse this cash.

Anonymous said...


You are bang on the money again, are you sure that you were not a member of the SNP in you junior years, you appear to be very knowledgeable about the workings of this party.

I feel that the honeymoon is now over for the SNP, the public have seen through the mask of the separatist’s.

The public in Paisley have woken up; the people of Scotland have woken up.

Ms Sturgeon is a Past Master of the Dark Arts, although I have to say she has saved the powder puff industry in the U.K and must have a large bill each month for said power puffs.

She is also known as the Powder Puff Widow" of the SNP, cross her once and you won't cross her again, the Boay McKay crossed her once, he got his hair went prematurely grey and a face full of Powder Puff, he didn't do it again and now looks forward to a "Cabinet Post" in the next SNP Government?

The bold Del Boay can see the Good Ship S.S McKay in Renfrewshire is sinking, he has told us that her will “Save the Renfraw Ferry” but can’t save his own ship.

Del Boay who mirrors himself on Salmonds feminine side and on Sturgeon effeminate side.

Salmond is a Prince among Princes when it comes to double talk, double standards and Political mud wrestling, you simply can’t beat a Salmond, and I honestly can't stand the man, as you have stated "Snake oil peddler" sums up this person.

Do you remember the state visit to St. Mirrens new football ground, the bold Salmond accompanied by the sycophants marched boldly onto the pitch only to be booed
By most of the crowd, “priceless”.

Once and if the Boay McKay leaves Renfraw Hoose, who will take over:

Bold and less Fat McFee
Incompetent and Bully Boay Nicholson.
Allan Noon, Man of ?????????????????????
Bold George Adams, Man of Straw a.ka. “Please Del can I go to the loo”
Ms Audrey Doig (Please Sir, It wisnae me who Voted, I wis tealt to dae it)

Or Lastly
Ms Lorraine Cameroon. (wit time dae a go ta a comiteee meatin at)

Or Lastly Plus 1.

Dame Tracie (I worship the ground, the very essence of Del Boay McKay) McGee.

God Help Scotland, God help Renfrewshire, God help Paisley.

Anonymous said...

It took Salmond some time to follow Labour's example!

Google 'Cash for Access.' The unlovely Derek Draper comes up, circa 1998 and more recently, in 2008, we have the Noble Lord Levy doing the buseness.

Stones and glass houses, Councillor?

Anonymous said...

At most, I suspect the taxpayer may be down about a tenner if the meal at the parliament is subsidised. What is all the fuss about ? Could it be cover for the many millions ripped off by your MP friends ?

Anonymous said...

Could all the fuss be because the auction winner has a brown skin ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 06/02/10
I don’t think that Parliamentary privilege is appropriate but if it is he will be doing no different than many others.

Why should I not support him he has been cleared by the parliamentary enquiry: I didn’t see the TV interview you refer to but: if you describe his performance as abject then I assume it was good: ‘abject’ is not a description that I or anyone else who knows Jim Devine would use.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 06/02/10

The public subsidizes the parliamentary restaurant: the tax payer pays for every mouthful which in Salmond (the spiv’s) case is a lot of money: they (the SNP) are banged to rights it’s delicious: absolutely brilliant: what I have been saying about Salmond (the spiv) for years is looking pretty accurate don’t you think?

If you really believe that about Jim Devine what is stopping you from saying so in public: he could then deal with the accusation: once you reveal you’re identity of course. Is Devine that scary? Yah big fearty! Another typical big Scotch Braveheart!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Oakwood) 07/02/10
He gave full disclosure and called for a ruling only after he got his collar felt: he is a devious two faced spiv.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 07/02/10
Absolutely: he could also choose to donate the money without cynically using it to buy publicity while exploiting his late mother: they don’t come much lower than Salmond.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

This is just such a bad tempered dripping with poison rant that I have just got to print it: hilarious: and it reminds us that there is many a true word spoken in jest: I salute you!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 14:57
You’ve got things a bit mixed up here: the absolutely most delicious part of all this: the priceless joy of revenge on immoral deceivers is that the ‘glass house dwellers’ here are Salmond (the spiv) and the SNP. The holier than thou accusers of everyone and anything not Scottish: what will Scotland watchers be making of all this I wonder.

Shame and disgrace brought on us by Salmond and the SNP nothing less.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 16:24
Whether it’s a tenner or a million is irrelevant: what is at stake is a word which I just know you and the SNP will struggle with: the word is PRINCIPLE! they used tax payers money: facilities which belong to the great Scottish Public: to make money which goes right into their party’s sporrans. It doesn’t get any worse.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 16:26
Elaborate for us please I’m sure readers are fascinated to see where you go with this.

Byeck said...

Kelly @ 1800
'If Devine uses Parliamentary Privilege to escape charges, he will be doing no different to many others.'

Name and shame these 'many others,' Councillor.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

No - I can't be bothered and you can't make me!

Anonymous said...

More power to your elbow Councillor. You've got the secessionists on the run today!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 07/02/10
Donald Trump! - £800 of food ate in London when Parliament was on Hols. – lunch with Salmond to raise party funds - £40,000 per year from a parliament which he does not attend spent on praising himself – £260,000 for Scottish flags etc. etc. Salmond (the spiv) is on a roll.

tony said...

stench of hypocrisy here. On the one hand we have a minor case of a party that may or may not have broke the rules. On the other we have a party proven to be as every bit sleeze ridden as their fellow British Tories.

I am new to this blog and I am sure that you have blogged on this, right? A wee quick look at your blog suggests that we wold agree on plenty Terry, however our loyalties part over allegiances to our respective countries. All this rule Brittania mania is so so so new in labour circles.

Do trade unionists who contribute big bucks to the British labour party ever get to lunch/dine at Holyrood?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(tony) 18:57

Stench of hypocrisy how are ye tony: this is a party (the SNP) who have mercilessly pursued everyone else and tried to portray themselves as clean: they are the hypocrites and no different from the rest: who is it that is guilty of sleaze in the Labour party: name someone as guilty of sleaze and identify yourself and I will print your allegation: well?

“however our loyalties part over allegiances to our respective countries”

This is a strange phrase: what is your country? Mine is Britain: and more to the point what conceivable difference does it make?

Trade Unions give donations to the Labour party because we are part of the same movement: the Labour party is the political wing of the Trade Union Movement a political party created by the Trade Union Movement. It is done voluntarily and any trade unionist who does not want to contribute can stop their donation. There is nothing to stop the SNP or anyone else asking the Trade Unions for political donations. Salmond used public finds which were unsolicited: he stole my money and the tax payers money to fund the SNP: he should resign: he has been caught: he is nothing but a ‘spiv’ he could always get a job caddying for Donald Trump. said...

Mr Kelly,

Salmond must go, the smell of fish paste is giving me a sore head, if it not the moronic Sturgeon, now it's the slimy Salmond.

Please Resign, Resign, Resign, I will keep saying this until that man resigns.

Anonymous said...

How about this then ?

A lot more than a ten quid lunch at the parli with alex.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 08/02/10
It’s not a ten quid lunch with Alex (the spiv) though is it? it’s tax payers money being used to raise thousands of pounds for the SNP. How much did the other parties gain from the events you link to?

He is banged to rights and he should resign.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

( 08/02/10
Resignation would be the honourable thing but: we are talking about Salmond (the spiv) and the SNP here and the word honourable is not something they would recognise.

Anonymous said...

"he stole my money and the tax payers money to fund the SNP: he should resign: he has been caught"

priceless terry absolutely priceless.

On your form of law so should Devine fake invoices and every one else who has been accused and not found guilty. that would clear out half the Labour party. I am all for it except the nazis did it first and offered a gun or poison as wee incentives to go.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 16:53
You seem to be struggling with the truth, Jim Devine is guilty of nothing and if he is found to be guilty he will be expelled by the Labour Party you are lucky you are not in a witness box.

Salmond used parliamentary facilities paid for by me and other tax payers he is guilty: he admits to having done this: even if he does not get charged he should still resign: he auctioned items to make profit for the SNP which depended on the use of facilities paid for by me and the rest of the tax payers.

Can I make this any plainer for you?

Anonymous said...

Thats funny? Devine was on telly admitting he supplied fake invoices to move public cash around. That is a crime for which he has been charged. So nicking a tenner from the public purse is worse than nicking 5 grand in TerryLaw???

Priceless logic.

tony said...

>>this is a party (the SNP) who have mercilessly pursued everyone else and tried to portray themselves as clean: they are the hypocrites and no different from the rest:<<

Similar argument that orange bigots use Terry whenever they are exposed. And with as much veracity. In the name ae the wee man how you can compare the shenanigans of Labour and the SNP is beyond me.

>>name someone as guilty of sleaze and identify yourself and I will print your allegation: well?<<

Terry there is allegations and there is veritas. From Blair interfering with justice to allow BAE and Saudi citizens to escape prosecution in their murky dealings to Lord Derry's shenanigans right upto the present day fraudulant activities in Westminster. Are you saying this publicly held information is new to you? You have a brass neck trying to compare apples and oranges ma man.

>>what is your country? Mine is Britain: and more to the point what conceivable difference does it make?<<

My country is Scotland. Has the proclamation of your Britishness been a recent phenomenon like the rest of your colleagues? And when the temporary political entity that is Britain is no more. What's the plan?

Oh and the silly stuff regarding the labour party and trade unions. Neither are what they once were. In the words of my favourite chairman and war criminal

"They urnae fit fur purpis!"

Byeck said...

Kelly 9'45

To paraphrase someone else, 'When Kelly bangs on about principle and honour, a wise man keeps his hand on his wallet.'

If Salmond raffling a lunch is a resigning matter, then Blair, Brown and the Cabinet lying us into war,then sending the troops in ill eqipped to fight it and with no clear plan what to afterwards calls for tar and feathers, followed by a lynching.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 09/02/10
Devine has been found guilty of nothing. Salmond (the spiv) used facilities which belong to me and other tax payers to put money in SNP pockets: I think enough people can see that and enough people know what he is.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(tony) 13:04

It’s rather fortunate that you don’t have the power to make the rules tony we would have people hanging from every lamp post for no other reason than the fact that you declared it. Try dealing in facts not wishful thinking because you say someone is guilty of whatever does not make it so.

“My country is Scotland”

I had a fair idea you would walk into that: more wishful thinking: the simple truth is that you country is Britain: your insistence in denying this just makes you look silly.

“Oh and the silly stuff regarding the labour party and trade unions”

Time for another dose of reality:

1/ no one is stopping you or any other party from asking the Trade Unions for support.

2/ No Trade Union member is forced to give money to Labour. Try sticking to what is real not what you wish it to be.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Repetitive C**p.

tony said...

>>Try dealing in facts not wishful thinking because you say someone is guilty of whatever does not make it so.<<

Poor response Terry! You may well take advantage of your own advice. Your ridiculous attempts to compare the SNP with Labour sleaze is I suspect beneath you, or are you just another party hack aw mooth'n'nae knickers.

>>I had a fair idea you would walk into that: more wishful thinking: the simple truth is that you country is Britain: your insistence in denying this just makes you look silly.<<

Pardon me! The British state sucks the life out of my country, your party especially is responsible for keeping generations of us in poverty. We are a stinking rich country who needs not the patronisation of our southern neighbour by getting yearly handouts when their coffers flow with our money. Shame on you!

I notice you ignored the question on the new found Britishness of your fellow hirelings. Disgraceful!

Byeck said...

Kelly @ 506
'Repetetive C**p!' Terry, how could you! It's the first time I've suggested tar, feathers and a lynching!

Still, good to see the reasoned rebuttal of my comments is up to your usual standard! Bless!!

Byeck said...

Kelly @ 4.51

On reflection, you do have a point, Terry, dear.

Salmond did want to use our money to benefit the SNP.

Devine, on the other hand, used our money to benefit himself.

You're right...there is a difference, Salmond, almost altruistic, Devine just plain selfish.

Anonymous said...

"Devine has been found guilty of nothing"

So flung out the Labour party and stopped from standing, for nothing?
what are you doing about it? You brought an evil apartheid regime crashing to its knees but no action for a clear injustice on your own doorstep?
You are a disgrace to the Peoples Liberation Front Woolfie.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Your country is not Scotland – fact!
Your childish and ludicrous perseverance on denying that fact makes your position untenable and plain silly.

I take it you missed the news last night?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

more of the same.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 10/02/10
“Salmond, almost altruistic”

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 10/02/10
I am too caught up at the moment gawping at the rotting head of the SNP. You can’t fool all the people all of the time: it was inevitable that they would over reach themselves. This is what happens when you are the top honchos in a political party completely made up of sycophants: you start to believe that you can get away with anything.

tony said...

>>Your country is not Scotland – fact!
Your childish and ludicrous perseverance on denying that fact makes your position untenable and plain silly.<<

Dear me Terry! I am childish for knowing I am of the Scottish nation? Bizzare in the extreme Do you deny that Scotland exists? Or are we all Germanic manifestations of this polity that is Britain? Explain yirsel man!

I take it this petulant shallow stand is intertwined with your repeated refusal to answer the questions regarding the epiphany of Britishness that perhaps you, but so clearly many of your colleagues clearly have had. So many Sauls on the road to damascus, so little integrity.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

When did you adjust to ‘nation’? there is no such country as Scotland – “facts are chiels that winna ding” and you are a dupe: nationalists are never more silly than when they make claims to things that don’t exist.

Possibly that big blue and white cross will appear in the sky again beaming down on the “compassionate” Scots. maybe William Wallace will rematerialize and prove not to be a figment of your fevered imagination: You lot really are pitiable.

Thank God we've got 'oor Wullie' at least he's real.

Anonymous said...

Dare you to go to Dublin and tell them they are all British Woolfie. Thats right, they shot and killed their way to independence instead of the ballot box which is OK in Citizen Kelly's book.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 17:23
“Dare you to go to Dublin and tell them they are all British”

I wouldn’t do that because it’s not true but: there are plenty of examples of people who have fought for their freedom against the British: why pick on the Irish? Oops!

tony said...


I have mentioned the word bizzare a few times now in relation to your increasingly desperate outburts.

Scotland as a country/nation to you does not exist?

The Irish are a good example, do you contend that Ireland only became a nation/country in 1922?

What a bizzare hole you have dug yourself. By your name I can only assume we have similar Scottish/Irish backgrounds Terry. Why is it that you gravitate towards a political entity that done so much to keep the Irish on the second tier of a two-tier society? I could understand if it was a generational thing regarding historical anti-Catholicism in Scotland. Those conditions no longer exist, thus the reasons for not supporting Scotland no longer exist.

I note again your failure to answer my question(s) regarding you and your fellow London Labour slaves allegiance to Rule Brittania. All a bit sudden isn't it, next you will be doing a Michael McMahon and welcoming the OO bigots into the labour umbrella.

Anonymous said...

'Plenty of people have fought for their freedom against the British.'

Bang on the money again, Terry! Just one teeny weeny bit of gravel in your oyster- how many of them wish they were still under British rule?

Even the many voters who love you, would not claim thinking as one of your strengths, so let me give you a start, certainly not the US, but perhaps Zimbabwe?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(tony) 12/02/10
You are floundering badly: you can write all the guff you like and make all the stupid claims you like about what you would like things to be like but: the fact remains: you and I are British Citizens: end of.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12/02/10
This is SFA about the post I am pointing out to tony that he is British whether he wants to believe it or not: what are you on about?

tony said...

>>you and I are British Citizens: end of.<<

And I had so much hope for you to *shakes heid* Now I am going to call a spade a spade here now as I am a wee bit pissed off with your pitiful replies, and the fact the tic drew up at Pittodrie in eh the north-east of eh, north Britain.

It is now painfully obvious that I am taking advantage of a poor soul who has entered an intellectual sword fight unarmed. Your inability to even address any of the pertinent points put to you expose the poverty of your thought processes on the matter. I would be happy to contribute to a new "10 pound POM" programme for all those who wish to live in England as per their alliegances on the dissolution of this temporary political entity which is UK inc. Up for it Terry?

My final point. I am sure that the good buddies that you represent will not be too impressed by your denial of their Scottishness.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(tony) 18:59
“Your inability to even address any of the pertinent points”

Being called pertinent by you does not make it so.

I’ll ignore the rest of the drivel and assume you are in a pub somewhere.