Wednesday, February 24, 2010

(Cynical Highlander) The heilan supergrass 2

(Cynical Highlander) The heilan supergrass. 1 (1)

As you are unable to print my last posting I can only assume that you have something to hide and are afraid of the truth.
Publish Reject

I am perfectly able to print your last post; I am however refusing to do so and I'm delighted to explain why once again; it gives readers the opportunity to see what you people are like. Like your previous post you make accusations against people of wrong doing and; once again you display your usual cowardice in refusing to identify yourself; before we had blogs this was known as a "poison pen letter" and it has no place on my blog.

If and when (we won't hold our breath) you find the courage to crawl out from under your hielan stone; you can make all the accusations you like and I will print them.

Until then you will remain "the heilan supergrass feartie"

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