Thursday, March 26, 2009


Here is an interesting little statistic for you and; anyone who is interested in the education war which is raging between the SNP and the people of Renfrewshire.

Renfewshire Council now has; under the SNP; the worst teacher/pupil ratio in Scotland.

It's nice to be kept up to date with how the SNP are looking after our children isn't it, I will come back to this later.


Anonymous said...

funny i thought Education was about teaching young people, not "looking after them"

School shut the day you went then?

Allan said...

Another little statistic for you. £8million or more dissapears from Renfrewshire council's budget each year to service the PPP bill for all the nice shiny new schools that New Labour built.

Anonymous said...

Councillor Terry Kelly,

You are bang on the money, the SNP in Scotland are as sincere as Bob Monkhouse, broken promise after broken promise, the Spiv Salmond'd train is going to be de-railed and I am glad that you and I and the people of Scotland will be there to see it.

Just look at the Education Department in Renfrewshire headed by a former "bar maid and Thursday Nite Quiz Hostess". No offence to cleaners in Renfrewshire who do a tremendous job but I have to quickly state that none of them run this Council's Education Dept, other than Ms Cameroon.

Councillor Kelly it must be a joy for you to sit at Council meetings knowing that this Nat Administration is held together not by talent or brotherly love but cold hard currency, wee Jimmy Mitchell would sell his granny’s gold fillings, if this would aid his campaign, I know that Jimmy has suffered over the years with his illness but please Jim spare a thought for the brave men and women all over the U.K who deal with this in a very private professional manner and not like you, who uses this at every election and Terry before you think what!!!! Let me assure you my mother stays not far from wee bold foxy Jimmy and she and her neighbours heard all Jimmy’s comments prior to the 2007 elections, it would bring tears to a glass eye, if they had one.

How in Gods name did the people of this once proud Shire allow themselves to be taken in by a boay who has never done a days work in his life, Hugh Henry and Jim Harkins are elder statesmen compared to this boay, it is just a shame that not one, not one of the turkeys that form this administration has any thoughts or self expression other than what the boay dictates. I really do miss the Labour Administration, I and many others now see that most of the Nats campaign was propaganda, not fit for purpose, like the spiv Salmond and the spiv, the boay McKay.

This town’s prosperity is going down faster that one of Ms Cameroon’s stares at a Save Paisley South School parents meeting.

Well done Terry, more power to your pen.....

J Flood.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 26/03/09

Funny I thought that educating young people was part of looking after them; still; if that’s the best you can come up with I suppose the young people in Renfrewshire can forget about getting any help from you or the SNP.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Allan) 26/03/09

That will be the schools that the SNP are queuing up to get their pictures taken in front of as they cut the opening ribbons, smiling at the cameras and claiming the credit for building them, they are hypocrites and you are no better.

Here’s one you are bound to like; the SNP administration in Stirling have just privatised a new leisure centre by giving it to a private company, can you guess what else this private company own? It’s the Stirling Council PPP schools estate, you and the SNP are welcome to each other.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...



I am not all that interested in what Cllr. Cameron did before; I don’t know or care whether she was a good bad or indifferent bar maid or quiz host, nor do I care if she was a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon, it’s irrelevant . What is more relevant is what I do know and care about her and that is that she is the worst education convener in living memory and she is destroying children’s prospects and the morale of the teaching profession in Renfrewshire.

Wee Jimmy Mitchell in good health or bad will never be anything other than a figure of fun and a laughing stock.

I have no idea if the boay Mackay has ever had a job or not but, like Cllr. Cameron it’s what he is doing now which matters and it’s not pretty. He presides over an administration rendering it rudderless, he bears the imprint of the last council officer to sit on him he is becoming more and more shrill and resembles a child having a hissy fit at council meetings, the looks on the faces of McFee, Nicolson and Mitchell are priceless when he tries to act like a leader, he just looks like a daft boay.

Anonymous said...

We will ignore the bookie who was made labours finance spokesperson and the barmaid put in charge of pub licensing and the taxi driver put in charge of 'Guess what' taxi licensing etc etc etc.

You have all the hallmarks of a politician on the way out with this drivel same as Mack Vassie, Martin, Harkins,Manser etc etc all sank to personal attacks and abuse because they didnt have the wit to sustain a coherent argument.

Macks site is still going do you want the link seeing as you are soulmates

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Have you come to my blog by mistake? there is none of this drivel which is relevant to what I wrote about.

If you try a little harder and read it again or; get someone to help you read it again, you might notice that I said clearly that what a person had or had not been in the past was irrelevant, I stated that it was what they are doing now that matters and in the case of Cllr. Cameron, Cllr.Mackay and Cllr.Mitchell they are not up to the job.

If you concentrate really hard you might find that Cllrs. Manser and Harkins chose to leave while Mack, Martin and Vassie, wellll; best not to open old sores eh?

Anonymous said...

what job are you up to Terry?

give us a clue, how about a spokesperson for something? oh I don't know, Education maybe?

Anonymous said...

I wont stick up for the SNP in Renfrewshire as they are a shower of numpties, on a par with the Lib-Dems, but isn't it yor own wee government in Westminster that is forcing the Scottish parliament to find cuts in the Scottish budget of half a billion pounds a year. So your own party is equally complicit in these cuts. Typical wee wean political drivel from the lot of you.

Anonymous said...

J Flood.
Johnstone = Richard Vassie

Allan said...

I thought i would leave slagging off the SN(i)P's to you, you seem to do it much better than me.

J Flood - "How in Gods name did the people of this once proud Shire allow themselves to be taken in by a boay who has never done a days work in his life". Well, to put it mildly, New Labour let the rot set into Renfrewshire, the end of Paisley town centre started under their watch.

Completely agree with you about Henry and Harkins. They would have blamed anyone but themselves for Renfrewshire going bankrupt, rather then the silence is golden approch adopted by the boy MacKay.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,

Love the site, re comments from Mr Flood from Johnstone, it always amazed me that every time a member of the public fly’s close to the wind with regards to comments about the Nat Administration, they the Nats who appear to see Mack, Vassey and Martin at every turn, I am sure that these gentlemen have better things to do with their time than worry about a bunch of amateurs.

I agree with you Terry, I have wondered why Martin & Vassey have remained silent for what almost two years now, I buy the Express everyday and have yet to see their names, I just wish that the Nats had the courage to put their names to these bloggs, then Martin & Vassey might appear and be tempted to report them to the Standards Watchdog.

Terry, If you will allow me, fingers crossed, I challenge the Nats to publicly blame these gentlemen for these remarks, name and shame, stand by your convictions, Nicolson, Mitchell, Cameron, the boay McKay, name them and shame them, so come on, do it, then lets see if this is taken to the Standards Watchdog.

Jim Quinn

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 27/03/09
The Labour group on the council has all it’s posts filled and I’m involved with several boards, Social Work, Leadership Board, Scrutiny Board, and I’m happy with that but; thank you for taking an interest.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Leaving aside the point that this is a post about Renfrewshire Council; your attitude of a “plague on all your houses” is a cop out, if you want to really make a comment, lets hear what you would do, it’s the easiest thing in the world to come away with the rubbish about all politicians being the same, it usually means that you haven’t got a clue.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

J Flood.

Fascinating; how do you know that? The boay Vassie was a multi talented guy with a burning desire to see independence, that’s why the backsliders done him in with the wee chibs that they hide down their smelly socks. D

Ditto his “small but beautifully marked” pal ‘old Bill Martin’ they now play the part of the “Princes over the water” in this hilarious end of the pier farce’

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Allan) 27/03/09
Rather weak I’m afraid – your comment about the town centre might carry a bit more weight if you could explain the demise of every other town centre over approximately the same time scale, have you ever thought about that? Is it; as I suspect a wee bit too complicated for you?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Re.Mack, the boay Vassie and Old Bill Martin, I am amazed that they have not lifted the lid on their former colleagues, they could do so and still claim the moral high ground considering the way they were treated, some say that their assassins were afraid of their commitment and superior intelligence and that was the reason for the coup.

It is the worst kept secret in local politics that people are writing to this blog who are to afraid to identify themselves, that sounds like the SNP doesn’t it?

Anonymous said...

heres a thought. maybe there is no lid to lift, shock, horror.

I thought in order to have coup the people you were deposing had to be in some sort of power? Am I reading the wrong books again or is Paisley different from the rest of the planet??

All parties have to muck out their stalls now and again. look what happened to the biggest brain in the universe Wendy.

Anonymous said...

Jim Quinn

Saturday, March 28, 2009 1:25:00 AM

You are up late tonight Richard

Anonymous said...

John Flood = Mr John Flood, I have the courage to put my name on this site, why can't the SNP!!!!!!!!!

I think Cllr Kelly is correct, they the SNP have no back bone, spineless, amateurs =

SNP Administration in Renfrewshire.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 29/03/09
“ heres a thought. maybe there is no lid to lift, shock, horror”

Are you from Mars then?

“coup” ? ‘an overthrow of a Govt.’ “Coup” ‘ An unexpected success’ the former is more common but the latter is still as valid.

Keep trying; if you ID yourself I’ll bill you.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I’m lost now!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I think they (the SNP) want to dilute the criticisms by claiming that they are from someone who has a grudge against them.
Subtle they aint,

Allan said...

"Rather weak I’m afraid – your comment about the town centre might carry a bit more weight if you could explain the demise of every other town centre over approximately the same time scale"

Which town centre's were you thinking of exactly? Oban when i visited in december looked more vibrant (Woolworth's excepted) than Paisley, as did Ayr when i visited there a couple of years ago. Oh, and Glasgow still seems to be doing rather nicely for itself.

Interesing story about New Labour run Glasgow City Council closing schools in today's papers. Makes the mighty Henry and Harkins look, two faced. Why don't they show their stature and critisise the boy Purcell?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

If you think that Paisley town centre is in some way unique you really are a complete idiot there is no other word to describe you, perhaps it’s laziness, go check it up, get out a bit more.

Are you aware that when you talk about education you always fail to mention that Labour in Renfrewshire over the past 5 years of our administration built 10 new schools and provided for the renovation of all the others?
It makes you look as I’ve said; rather weak

Allan said...

"Are you aware that when you talk about education you always fail to mention that Labour in Renfrewshire over the past 5 years of our administration built 10 new schools and provided for the renovation of all the others?
It makes you look as I’ve said; rather weak"

At the cost of £195 million. Or about £220 million if the boy MacKay is to be believed (Hmmm where did that extra £25 million come from?).

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,

Has anybody seen Cllr Lorraine Cameron, I can't find her surgery details in the press.


George Quinn

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Are you aware of what the parents, teachers and children think of Labours record on education?

Have you asked if they like the new schools? Are you aware that the SNP proposed method of building schools is PPP with a different brand?

Have you actually got any clue as to what you are on about ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

George; you won’t find any councillor’s surgeries in the Press because the SNP/Lib. Dem. administration have stopped councillors from using the press for this purpose. They don’t want people at their surgeries, would you with their record?

Anonymous said...


Do you want a laugh; my contacts in Renfrewshire House tell me that the Del boay McKay is telling his siblings that he hopes to be elected to Hollywood in 2 years time.

Can I ask you, do you think the spiv Salmond will welcome him with open arms?

Look at what damage Del Boay has done so far, destroyed a once prosperous town centre, Education in Renfrewshire is in meltdown, watched over by a former cleaner, we have a Depute Provost who taken to Court and given a years ban by the Standards Watchdog, need I say anymore.

At least Labour MSP have years of training behind them, not like Del Boay McKay how is master at "smoke and mirrors, hand movements and high pitched rants when he knows that Labour have gotten the better of him at Full Council meetings.

Did Cllr Cameron get an allowance for her second home! Just thought I would ask as it appears to be open season on Labour Ministers at the moment, maybe some of the local press should take a closer look at some of the Nats in Renfrewshire.

Cheers Terry.

John Quinn


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

“Can I ask you, do you think the spiv Salmond will welcome him with open arms?”

Absolutely, he’s cannon fodder, “jump Derek” “How high Alex oh mighty one” that kind of thing.

I have no idea about Cllr. Cameron’s alleged property portfolio but it would be silly to say that people are not talking about this.

I accept that MP’s MSP’s etc. break or bend rules or sometimes act out-with the spirit of these rules and I’ve no doubt that councillors do as well.

But I don’t know any facts so It would be wrong of me to comment on anyone.

allancmc said...

labour is now a non entity,and time the die hard dinosaurs realised it.
Fiddling the expenses,free porn for home secretary,can i claim my money back for that from the taxman?
bitching and scratching wont save this party,just let them claw themselves to death,and its working really well.And were all bloody sick of it..
LABOUR CAN GLOAT AT NOTHING bunch of low achievers from top to bottom.
Labour claims that all was good under thier administration is a total lie.
labour bind the hands of the Superior Nationalist party and scottish financial institutions are being manipulated and killed by labour,its not just a coincidence,its pathetic!!!!!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(allancmc) 09:01

As always I am grateful for the chance to print this type of comment; it allows me to remind people of the kind of person who is a member of; or supporter of the SNP and nationalism in general.

“Nationalism, the measles of the planet earth” (Albert Einstein)

allancmc said...

"nationalism the measles of planet earth"Albert Einstein.genius or fool??How can you expect to be taken seriously quoting such a man??
Nationalism is wanted in Scotland regardless of your thoughts.
Although Einstien did alert Roosevelt to the Germans having the capabillity of creating the ATOMIC BOMB and its devastional powers,he went on to create it along side Robert Oppenheimer.
Well heres a quote for you Terry
Do you really want to be taken seriously quoting a member of creating such devastation.
Or is it the TYRANNY part which appeals to you.
nationalism is wanted in this country those disgusting creations are not!!!!!!!
And under Nationalism they will be gone.....

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

“Nationalism is wanted in Scotland regardless of your thoughts”

Garbage, support for nationalism in this country hovers around the 25 – 30 % mark. You are making things up which don’t exist.

“And under Nationalism they will be gone”

Your willingness to believe what the nationalists say is touching, particularly after the last 23 months. I suppose there’s one born every minute.

“Albert Einstein.genius or fool?? How can you expect to be taken seriously quoting such a man??

This is an interesting take on Einstein;

“he went on to create it (Atomic Bomb) along side Robert Oppenheimer”

No he didn’t he wrote to FDR saying that America should create one to oppose the Germans who were creating one, he had no other part in creating it.

He later expressed regret at writing that letter and is quoted as follows,

“The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking… if only I had known; I should have become a watchmaker”

"I do not know how the third World War will be fought, but I can tell you what they will use in the Fourth—rocks!

Einstein, one of history’s greatest ever giants, a true genius and a great man, he even managed to overcome the disadvantage of not being Scottish right?

Pauline said...

I personally think it does matter what 'professional' background Lorraine Cameron has, or doesn't have. Would you employ a pilot who'd only ever driven a mini? Would you employ a teacher who hadn't completed high school? Of course you wouldn't. So why promote an individual to the position of Education Convener when she cannot demonstrate a commitment to, and a passion for education?
On the subject of surgeries, one could assume that the reason for the administration wthdrawing the advertising of surgeries in the press is two-fold. There is, of course, the glaringly obvious fact that our bold SNP and Lib-Dem councillors do not wish to be held to account for their actios, nor to face those who will suffer the consequences of those actions. However, let's also consider the support given by the local press to issues such as the Save South School campaign. What better way to send a newspaper to the proverbial naughty corner than to withdraw lucrative advertising? Not only are our administration incapable and floundering; they are also petty and vindictive.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Pauline, politics is different from the professions and the fact that Cllr. Cameron is the worst Education Convener in living memory is not down to her past occupation, politicians come from varied backgrounds and rely on officers to provide recommendations, that is where their own political philosophy comes in and that is where we see the difference in the parties.

In this case; quite simply the SNP’s commitment to education is severely lacking, I would obviously agree that a councillor who was a teacher or a social worker would be better suited to convene these committees but that can’t always be provided; that however does not justify Cllr. Cameron being Education Convener, every day that passes painfully proves that.

Your comments about the withdrawal of lucrative advertising from a paper that has damaged them is interesting, that never occurred me; it may well be the case, and rather typical of the SNP if it is.

Pauline said...

Call me naive, but I still stand by my comment that an Education Convener should demonstrate a commitment to, and a passion for, education and learning. It is evident to all those who have had dealings with this individual in her 'professional' capacity, that she has neither.
She also has neither the sense or good grace to realise that patronising and insulting the intelligence of those who do care about education (particularly parents) is perhaps rather unwise. Such overtly rude behaviour towards members of the public is a sign that Councillor Cameron has forgotten that she relied upon the public vote to put her in office in the first place. The contempt for the public demonstrated by this councillor is not an attractive trait in an elected member of the council.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Pauline I did not mean to imply that you were in any way naive; you clearly formed your opinions on this subject from your close observations and I know from previous conversations with others that you are not alone in these opinions.

“Call me naive, but I still stand by my comment that an Education Convener should demonstrate a commitment to, and a passion for, education and learning. It is evident to all those who have had dealings with this individual in her 'professional' capacity, that she has neither”

The passion and commitment required is indeed lacking from the convener and the SNP, they and she in a most deceitful way colluded to have the special meeting on music tuition cuts abandoned without debate, that is typical and decidedly not the way a convener should behave. The general consensus of opinion of those who were involved in the South School campaign was that she conducted herself in a way which came across as aggressive and contemptuous, a very bad episode which done her and her party no credit whatsoever.