Friday, March 20, 2009


The Labour Party was created by the Unions to represent the working class people of this country and it’s gains for working people are incalculable; it has a strong tradition of cooperation with the Unions and other socialist organisations and that continues today. Many trade union members are party members and many others go on to represent the party as elected representatives, the experiences of such people in shipyards, factories and building sites remains as invaluable today as it ever was, it is a tradition which must be maintained and strengthened, I’m delighted to see that that is still happening.

A good example of that tradition is right here on our doorstep in the shape of Jim Sheridan; Labour MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, Jim is a union man to his fingertips and knows the hardships which working people sometimes have to endure; he has got that “T-Shirt” having worked in the shipyards and suffered unemployment as well, he knows the score and can relate to people through his own experience. It comes as no surprise to find that Jim has just recently enjoyed success in bringing improved redundancy laws a step closer; meaning that a better deal for workers in hard times is making progress. A leading supporter of the Statutory Redundancy Pay (Amendment) Bill Jim was present on March 13th for its successful Second Reading in the Commons – a crucial step in the legislative process. If the Bill is enacted into law, it will increase the value of statutory redundancy pay by over £200 for every year that an employee has worked in a comany.

Speaking after the Bills Second Reading a delighted Jim said, “The value of redundancy pay has declined since its introduction in 1965, and is now capped at less than 60% of average earnings, meaning workers are losing out on thousands of pounds at the very moment they need it most. It is estimated that three out of every four workers facing redundancy today would benefit from a change to the redundancy pay level. Last week’s victory in Parliament was critical. We are now one step closer to making sure that hard-hit workers get a fairer deal.”

The Bill is also being backed by a coalition of the country’s leading trade unions and the Chair of the coalition, Tony Woodley (also the joint General Secretary of Britain’s largest trade union, UNITE) thanked Jim Sheridan for his continued support. “Workers take very close note of those who appreciate the difficulties they are going through and are striving to help them. Jim Sheridan MP is a true friend of working people. This campaign is a priority issue for the trade union movement. With the support of MPs like Jim we will win justice and deliver fair play on redundancy pay.” The Bill now awaits its Committee stage in the House of Commons, although trade unions and Labour MPs are urging the government not to delay and to make the changes in the Budget. Mr Sheridan also said, “In my constituency, just as in others up and down the land, workers are worried that they or someone in their family could be out of work. My priority is to do everything in my power to help people stay in work but I will also be fighting hard to make sure that where people do lose their jobs they are compensated appropriately and able to support themselves and their families. With the Budget looming there is a real opportunity before us to bring redundancy pay into line with the real cost of living. It would be tremendous to offer a helping hand to workers faced with tough times before the summer is out.”

This is a bread and butter issue and in the grand scheme of things at the moment with financial ruin and recession going on it might not register very highly with some people but, to many it is crucial; this is exactly why Labour MP’s like Jim Sheridan go into politics and it’s why we elect them, his priority is to the people whom he represents and many of them are vulnerable and in danger of losing their jobs; that is his priority and rightly so. Jim is fighting every inch of the way for people who need the strength of the union and Labour around them.

In the case of Jim Sheridan Labour MP; it does exactly what it says on the tin, “a union man and a Labour man” more power to him.


Anonymous said...


Did he vote to invade Iraq ?

Did he vote for Trident ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 21/03/09

I wrote about redundancy pay increases thanks to Jim Sheridan and others. I think that people who deal in single issue politics do so because they have no political anchor; your ludicrous position seems to be that if Jim Sheridan found a cure for cancer and managed to feed and clothe the whole world he would still be a bad man, not very tenable at all.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say he was a bad or a good man I simply asked couple of questions so that I can judge him for myself.

PS Did he vote to part privitise the Post Office ?

Anonymous said...

I agree with so much of the above which makes it all the more baffling that a Labour council in Glasgow are destroying a community by shutting down St Aloysius Primary, despite the fact that it's still perfectly viable to keep it open and spare children the trauma of being uprooted. Labour has a long and proud history and will, I hope have much to be proud of in future but for the most part recent histotory has been utterly shameful.

I hope Labour learn from this and move on...

Anonymous said...

What a laugh councillor considering it was the Labour party who opted out of the EU legislation which protects workers rights in the first place and still do. That is why it is easier for firms to get rid of their workers in the UK.

Jim Sherian is just an unemployed Scottish Westminster MP getting paid to do nothing and who does not need to worry about getting the pittance that the ordinary worker will be getting in comparison to him when he is finally kicked out.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 22/03/09
Why are you refusing to address the points made in my post? Do you not want a better deal for people who are made redundant?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Mags) 23/03/09

I’m not aware of the circumstances regarding St. Aloysius but I know it’s very difficult for people who are attached to the school when it is threatened with closure.

I was once in the position of voting with the Labour administration to close the school (ST. Mirins/St. Margarets) that my own children and me attended, in our defence however we built 10 new schools and renovated the rest.

As a Labour councillor I would argue that what’s best for the children should take priority above everything else including money.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12:37

I find it quite revealing that when an MP makes progress in supporting working people and in particular those who are made redundant that you don’t support him, I assume that you are SNP and that that, is why you remain anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Is there no chance of an answer here ???

Did he vote to invade Iraq ?

Did he vote for Trident ?

Did he vote to part privitise the Post Office ?

Anonymous said...

"I find it quite revealing that when an MP makes progress in supporting working people and in particular those who are made redundant that you don’t support him, I assume that you are SNP and that that, is why you remain anonymous."

You assume wrong Mr Kelly, I am not any party I can think for myself.

I actually find it quite revealing when a Councillor or MP stays silent when their party opts out and does nothing when it comes to workers rights, then one of them pats the other on the back for supporting someone elses attempt to right a small part of that and you all still ignore the rest of the opt out and yet you all want the plaudits for that.

Smoke and Mirrors from underemployed politicians with nothing to do for most of the time!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 10:51
“You assume wrong Mr Kelly, I am not any party I can think for myself”

I think you are SNP and I don’t think you can think for yourself.

Your refusal to say anything good about the progress being made on redundancy pay rather gives the game away.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

“ Is there no chance of an answer here ???”

I know how you feel; I share your frustration so, I’m asking you for the
3Rd. time to comment on the post as written.

Anonymous said...


I was just wondering if "Mags" is Mags Mclaren the wife of the flatulent Cllr, Kenneth Florence McLaren.

If so she is the same person who left Renfrewshire Council due to the fact that she couldn't stand the pressure, the very same Mags Mclaren who now wishes the voters of Paisley North to vote for her, me thinks that Jim Sheridan MP, can and will enjoy an increased majority.

I won't be voting for "Mags".

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Typical response Mr Kelly. I have nothing to do wi... Typical response Mr Kelly. I have nothing to do with any party. Your twisting of the facts by claiming that I am one of your rival parties rather gives the game away. is highlighting fraud by some of your fellow councillors, Labour and SNP, funny your silence on your blog regarding this issue rather gives the game away also.
Publish Reject
(Anonymous) 13:26

(Anonymous) 13.26

I haven’t twisted any facts I merely suggested that you were a nationalist, What rather gives the game away is that you read and accept what you read on the site which you mention. You are welcome to each other, if I had a pound for every time I had been accused of something by people like the cretin who writes this site I would be rich.

Anonymous said...

Terry, Terry, Breaking News, my contacts in Renfrewshire House have informed me that the Nats have been following your site and could be working on a compalint to the Standards watchdog.

How I hear you ask, "this is my site, my views, not views of the Council or Labour Party".

Yes, correct, but your blog site states very clearly, Councillor Terry Kelly, not Mr Kelly but Councillor Kelly.

Please be on your gaurd, the Nats are not as thick skinned as you or I.

Don't let them them get to you and please be careful if Mckay asked you to front any new joint campaigns.

Remember where you heard this first.


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I am as always touched by the concern that some readers show for my welfare but; this horse has already bolted; several times.

I have been reported to the Standards Commission on 3/4? occasions relating to my blog and they have decided on each occasion that the blog is a private matter and does not impinge on my duties as an elected councillor.

Still it’s nice to know that they are still reading it and they are still concerned about the light which I shine on them, they are an embarrassment to Scottish people everywhere.