Monday, March 02, 2009


The (wee spiv) Salmond called the short sellers and bankers “spivs and speculators” but; he appointed one of them to lead his economic advisory team Sir George Mathewson, George thought it unnecessary to tell his fellow (spiv) about his other life; ‘when thieves fall out eh’ but there’s more. The busy Mr. Mathewson it transpires is also avoiding paying tax by using the tax haven of the Cayman Islands to run his hedge fund businesses; wee Alex (the spiv) was left out of that loop as well. He chairs a company called ‘Old Oak Holdings’ their tax avoiding Cayman Islands exploits were described by US president Obama as “the biggest tax scam in the world” I’m not bad at pouring scorn, particularly on the disingenuous Janus faced spiv that is Alex Salmond but; on this occasion I will defer to Andy Kerr Labour MSP describing Mr. Mathewson “Here we have a short-selling, big-bonus-bragging, RBS-super-salaried, tax-avoiding adviser to the first minister” who would have thought that big Andy could be so eloquent.
Places like the Cayman Islands are the most immoral countries there are , no questions asked; they will launder anyone’s money; an irresistible lure for people like Mathewson and his like, I reckon Salmond will regard him as a hero. He (the spiv) continues to sing the praises of Mathewson, they deserve each other. Last week Salmond (the spiv) trying to catch the popular mood stated that capping banker’s bonuses was a good thing while Mathewson called it “grossly simplistic and populist“ no not Alex (the spiv), the capping proposals, do try to keep up.

A cartoon caption the other day showed the (wee spiv) with Hilary Clinton with Hilary saying “I’ve been to Scotland 3 times” and (the spiv) replying “so has Sean Connery” I wonder how much Scotland’s greatest patriot and Royal groveller Connery saves in taxes by living away from his beloved Scotland? Neither Salmond (the spiv) nor Connery the cod actor are all that concerned about paying taxes in Scotland they are quite happy to use each other. It remains a mystery to many people that there is still no one in the SNP prepared to show any dissent, Mathewson, Trump, Souter, Connery, Local Income Tax and the rest of the falsehoods and still the rank and file quiver and hide; what will it take? Even the sidelining of their ‘raison d’être’ independence can’t get them off their knees; it used to be “free by eighty three” then 2,003, its now “freedom the noo cause it’s 3002”

Meanwhile back in SNP Renfrewshire Council a meeting is being held which will decide whether the council is allowed to engage in a 90 day consultation with it’s work force over huge radical plans to change the way they work, bringing in more flexible working and cutting out allowances as well as wages and jobs, the consultations carry a caveat stating that a failure to agree will mean the council sacking those dissenters and re employing those who agree. No this is not a banana republic run by some crazy general this Scotland under the SNP; this is Renfrewshire under the SNP. Some of those hardest hit will be librarians, the service most hated by the philistines of the nationalist movement; wage cuts of the order of approx. £300 / month will be hitting them if this goes through with no compensation and an insistence that they still have to work the same as before, this is the reality of voting SNP this is the party to the right of the Tories who support them.

This is the SNP who if you remember gave annual rises of £11,000 to senior officers while people in their own workforce were not earning that as an annual salary and surviving on benefits, this is the real face of nationalism and as I have said many times before there is more, much more to come.


Anonymous said...


What do you think of the latest moves to stop the sale of cheap alcohol in supermarkets?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Alex) 02/03/09

It’s part of a tissue of lies by the SNP’s motor mouth tough guy McAskill to live up to their empty rhetoric on crime; 1,000 new cops? 2 years later; not done; reduce crime? They scrap prison sentences of fewer than 6 months to massage figures, no alcohol sales to under 21’s from off sales? Already 90% abandoned, stop selling cheap alcohol? Another cheep stunt. T
he SNP have nothing but contempt for the people of Scotland.

It’s the kind of reactionary populist policy you would expect from a retired guards colonel in a London club; either that or a drunken football hooligan but, I don’t want to keep going on about McAskill.

Anonymous said...

Going by this it seems that it is the Labour party who treats the country and its people like a banana republic. It would seem that you and the writer of the other blog use the word carnage in different contexts, I am afraid I prefer theirs.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 03/03/09
If I were to admit to reading that site let alone agreeing with it I would remain anonymous too.

Anonymous said...

God your boring and repetitive. Dont you have a dictionary or thesaurus for anything that means the same as Spiv but with more letters in it? or would that be too hard to type without a posable thumb?

Allan said...

Of course New Labour wouldn't surround itself with spiv's from the city, like Paul Myreson, would they.

Then again, they did sell the offices used by the Inland Revenue to a company based in the Bahamas. New Labour are doing a good enough job in turning us into a 3rd world country.

Anonymous said...


May I ask you a question, how many times can Derek McKay flog a dead horse, every time I open up the local papers I see him and some SNP worthy flogging Free Trade, yes Derek we all agree with the idea but stop going on about it, this guy is like a record which is stuck in the middle.

Maybe Terry the SNP could spend a little time looking after their workers who now face an uncertain future.

If I have said it once I have said it twice, last one out of Renfrewshire, switch the light off!


Anonymous said...

Didn't the Labour led administration not introduce a 90 day consultation period with the same caveat of "fire and rehire" in 2006 during the pay and grading negotiations.


Are the current council not under threat of equal pay litigation if they do not make these changes?

I believe that the council have been in negotiations with the unions since last June and agreement still has not been reached?

Librarians salaries to be cut by £300/month. Did you make this up?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 04/03/09
My continuous use of ‘spiv’ for Salmond (the spiv) annoys the hell out of some people; don’t you think.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Allan) 04/03/09
Allan you are not really saying anything relevant; and you are boring and predictable, the blog is about Salmond (the spiv) have another go.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(mad 13:10
He is clutching at straws and his position is becoming more and more uncomfortable.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ryan Connolly) 13:36

I shouldn’t have to lead you everywhere Ryan, If you read the front of the blog you will see that I don’t speak for the Labour Party and two wrongs don’t make a right.

“I believe that the council have been in negotiations with the unions since last June and agreement still has not been reached”
If that’s true you know more than me mystery man, why would that be?
“Librarians salaries to be cut by £300/month. Did you make this up”
Straight from a senior librarian.

Anonymous said...

can I take it that in 2006 you disagreed with Labour inserting the
"fire and rehire" caveat into their agenda.

You seem to think that this is such an abhorrent thing to do.

I assume that you showed your dissent, however, as you are clearly a cowardly weasel I would assume that you just kept quiet and towed the party line.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ryan Connolly) 14:52

“as you are clearly a cowardly weasel”

Brilliantly argued Ryan but; I think that most people would regard someone who says things like this without facing the person they are attacking should not be bandying the word coward about. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

No need to think about it Terry?

Your hypocrisy is clear.

That is why you have avoided answering the question as usual.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

This is rather simple, forget the red herring about my dissent you can take it as read that I have argued against sacking and rehiring it’s a rather silly question. What we have here is someone (you) throwing around personal insults which I challenge you to do to my face, if you don’t then you should not be accusing anyone of cowardice. Think about it again.

Anonymous said...


Is Mr Connolly a youthnism for the SNP?

One suspects that an SNP Member of Councillor could be operating here, pity that they don't have the bottle to use their own names.

This Administration is starved of talent, lacking any real idea's, bereft of ability, lacking any dissension, to focus on Dexy McKay. Now officer lead, spinning out of control, lacking nay moral fortitude.

Labour said "thing can only get better". Dexy McKay said “Oh God Please let things get better.

Keep up the good work Terry.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Your point about dissent hits the nail squarely on the head; there is none in the SNP, they are a flock of sheep, no matter what the policy is or what the shambolic blunder is you will not hear any disagreement from the members or elected members either in Renfrewshire or Holyrood..