Sunday, March 29, 2009


I don’t take a great interest in financial matters in terms of family spending and saving etc. the good lady takes care of that, today that changed and I now intend to sever all links with the Dunfermline Building Society, why you may ask am I piling on the misery for this beleaguered institution particularly when you consider that I have been dealing with them for 20 years. Today I watched the Politics Now show and my interest was taken by an article on the Dunfermline Building Society for rather obvious reasons, are our modest savings safe? etc.
As it turned out all savers and borrowers were being protected by Govt. action as are jobs which was reassuring for those of us involved, cue celebrations from the people at the ‘Dunfermline’? well no actually.

On came the Dunfermline Chairman a Mr. Jim Faulds; the leader of the guilty executives; to tell us why the Govt. had got it wrong, his solution was a better one and would allow the Dunfermline B/S to carry on as before with of course him still at the helm, clearly a man with no shame, it was everybody’s fault bar him, a belligerent arrogant wee barrow boy. It struck me that the people who are responsible for advertising the Dunfermline B/S must be good at their jobs if they can find investors with this guy in charge, they must have kept him well hidden.

When his wretched attempt at blaming others was over he then launched in to an act of revenge on those who disagreed with him, the Labour Govt. he burst in to a paean of praise for the mighty (spiv) Salmond he was ‘a wonderful man and an honest politician; he stood 4 square behind the Dunfermline, he gave them great help’. He went on to say; quite outrageously that he “would remember him and he hoped others would to ” meaning of course , vote SNP not Labour when the time comes. A bitter response based on nothing other than self preservation; an unedifying spectacle, I could only conclude that the business would be better off rid of someone with such a small minded and selfish outlook.

As I said above I will now write to the Dunfermline B/S and sever all links and I urge everyone else who agrees with me to do the same; when I am assured that this malevolent and self interested little man is history, then and only then will I reconsider my decision.


Anonymous said...

" when this malevolent and self interested little man is history"

this could apply to a lot of people eh Terry?

So you don't like him either because he has the temerity to speak his mind which happens to be that the Labour party is riddled with self serving reptiles. Any views on buying porn at public expense?

Anonymous said...

What a disgraceful little man you are Mr Kelly. The fact is the Scottish government was putting up the money to help this company, but it not being a unionist government your party could not let this go ahead. Hope you are proud of your Labour ministers and MP's going around and lying about the state of this company which their own independent auditors said was sound. The guy has every right to be angry as he told them that what they were saying was wrong and they just ignored him, just like the treasury and Chancellor have ignored him for six months not replying to his calls. You are a disgrace Mr Kelly to put your party before this digusting dishonest carry on!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 29/03/09
“So you don't like him either because he has the temerity to speak his mind which happens to be that the Labour party is riddled with self serving reptiles”
I don’t recall him saying anything about reptiles are you sure you heard that? Perhaps if you let me know who you are I could contact Mr. Faulds and let him deny or confirm what you have accused him of saying.
He was however treated the way he deserved as a complete failure and he didn’t like that, he then decided to retaliate by trying to drum up support for another party, I’m so glad it was the SNP he chose, they deserve each other.Did you notice that the (spiv) Salmond having used the Dunfermline for his own ends has backed off, not doing very well are you?

“Any views on buying porn at public expense?” is it the £20 cost that worries you? Or is it outrage at the lack of morality?
Have you any views on MP’s cheating on their pregnant wives by taking young under age girls to a hotel and plying them with drink to have illegal sex with them?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 29/03/09

My My how could you get so angry? is it because the truth is unpalatable; perhaps you are aware but terrified to admit that the spiv Salmond used this situation knowing that it was going down and he could claim it was those big bad boys in England that did it.

The spiv Salmond knows his audience and he knows how gullible they are, you certainly prove that, he was running for cover at the end of this and is now admitting how risky it would have been.

What are you using for brains? the man is taking the p**s out of you. He got the wee incompetent loser of a chairman to give him a big boost on TV knowing that the place was doomed, you are right about one thing though, there are certainly some disgusting, dishonest people involved, one of them is the leader of the SNP. .

Anonymous said...

not talking about a certain ex-labour councillor are we?

the labour party is done for, all the scum is now floating to the top. What was it the right hon Phoney Blair said 'the labour party would put an end to sleaze and greed?

The tories are saints compared to this lot of crooks.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 15:36
Are you a trained debater from the SNP? believe it or not you are not the worst gnat I’ve heard, honestly!

“The tories are saints compared to this lot of crooks”

The Tories are professionals at this stuff, the rest are amateurs, they make even Salmond the spiv look honest.

Anonymous said...

Just shows what being in a cult can do to a person when all they can see is what they want to see. I don't happen to be a member of any party so the man is not taking anything out of me. The fact is that it is your party that is lying through its teeth with regard to this company, completely opposite of the independent report of their own auditors.

For you to slag off anyone for being disgusting and dishonest, coming from a member of the most corrupt and dishonest party in this country, from your fellow councillors in Renfrewshire right up to the ministers in your Labour government is a bit rich, especially considering your party now likes to involve murdering their own citizens to get their way. Says a lot about you, happy to be a member of this filth, as long as you get to keep your snout in the trough.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 16:34

Just when people will be saying wow! This guy is really angry, he’s seething, they start to think why is he hiding his identity, perhaps he’s a member of a cult or some kind of secret society.
I t would be fair to assume that you have not been watching and listening to Salmond the spiv here, as I said he knows his audience and he knows how gullible they are.
I probably shouldn’t ask but you are priceless, OK who did we murder?

Anonymous said...

Methinks you are telling porkies Councillor Kelly. How can you claim that your family saves going by the amount of pies you all eat. Your message bill must be quite horrendous every week so where do you get the extra money to save?

Anonymous said...


Overall I agree with your comments, I think that Soap Sud Salmond would have made aright mess if the Labour Government had not stepped in, the Dunfermline Management were guilty of not running the Society correctly, how can they have a profit of some 28 Million but have loaned out over 100 Million in just part of their operations.

Next we will be hearing from the local Soap Sud, McKay saying that he is running a competent Administration, with some of the Characters who inhabit Renfrewshire House, every time Soap Sud Nicolson hears the word "Tax man" he phones Ken Dodd for advice.

Scotland is safe under Labour; the U.K is safe under Labour.


Donny said...

The Labour party murdered tens of thousands of innocent people in Iraq including all the British soldiers sent to their death for no cause.

This shame will live with the UK for a very long time.

People like you who support this party have blood dripping from their hands and will live in shame for the rest of their lives

Anonymous said...

Why should we vote for Labour they are funded from England. The people of Eire would not vote for a party funded from England so why should we?

Allan said...

"Have you any views on MP’s cheating on their pregnant wives by taking young under age girls to a hotel and plying them with drink to have illegal sex with them?"

Who are you talking about?

Anonymous said...


I was never great at Maths, so I was wondering if you could assist in my Arithmetic question.

The Nats in Renfrewshire have four unelected list MSP's.

They Are;

Stuart Maxwell House
Stuart McMillan
Dr Bill Wilson (Who)
Gil Patterson.

The problem is, if Del Boay McKay stands in two years time, he will receive a good position on the list, as he will not beat Labour First Past the Post.

If Dr Bill Wilson’s (Who) researcher, wee Dave tartan terror McCartney ( same size as wee Brian, stick on some tartan music and wee daves three hips starting dancing )stands as we are all hearing.

Six into four, leave two, my question Terry is what two are staying and what two are going.

Look forward to hearing your guidance on this matter.


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I am always prepared to print this kind of comment; it gives me a boost and shows readers what the kind of absolute cretins who attack me are like.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

The SNP leader Mackay has already claimed to have supervised he rescue of a “bankrupt and in the red council” in the time he has been there, he makes us all feel humble before he leaps his next tall building with his underpants over his trousers.

He can’t go to the toilet without a council officer telling him it’s OK to do so.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I’m sorry to upset you even further but; I have it on good authority that we (the Labour Party) also shot Bambi’s mother.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

“The Scottish Labour Party” is part of the British Labour Party and is funded by people from all over Britain as well as by the trade unions.

The SNP is funded by absentee ham actors and far right religious fundamentalists, I’m happy with that.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

You didn’t answer my question about whether you were concerned at the price of the films or the lax morals involved.

The SNP MP who started the cash for honours fiasco which went nowhere is the slimy little pious hypocrite I’m referring to, go check it up.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Having dealt with the SNP over the years I would no more try to figure out their minds than I would the Marx Brothers.

Let’s face it they sent Bill Wilson, Sandra White and even Bruce McFee to Holyrood, yes you read that right.

Despite no one having seen or heard from him for 4 years I am reliably informed that he was indeed at Holyrood or as Bruce now calls it “the Bermuda Triangle”

Clearly when you have a whole party where not one member dare say that they were opposed to Trump or abandoning LIT or running away from independence, you have a situation where Salmond (the spiv) can; and will; choose the most obsequious characters, that means IMO; Mackay, Patterson, Maxwell and McMillan.