Thursday, October 30, 2008


“White Ribbon Day” was named in honour of the 3 Mirabel Sisters, Patria, Maria Teresa and Minerva, who were assassinated by the Fascist Govt. of the Dominican Republic. They became the inspiration for the international day against violence against women which is Nov. 25 Th. 08 this year, this is now known as “White Ribbon Day”

Today at Renfrewshire Council we endorsed the organisation we agreed that hitting women was not OK, violence against women was not acceptable, no matter who you are. Men who were present at todays meeting were invited to have a photograph taken which will form a montage in support of the cause. These sisters became synonymous with the dignity, suffering and courage of women all over the world; they campaigned against fascism and paid with their lives.

This is a cause worth supporting by everyone, violence against women goes on right here in Scotland and often children are involved as mothers try to protect them. Violence in the home is a dreadful thing, in many cases the woman can’t escape because she has young children and nowhere to go, that’s where politics comes in. Politicians can and must address this situation, proper monitoring and adequate safe shelter is essential for the safety of many women, this should be put in place by councils and Govt. As a matter of urgency, It is simply unacceptable that this violence is going on against vulnerable women and children, Nov. 25 Th. 08 should be observed by everyone and every chance should be taken to highlight this terrible crime.
The more light we shine on it the better chance we have of defeating it; I hope everyone does their bit.


Macnasty said...

Good for the Mirabel sisters of Dominica.

However, closer to home, November 11th is Armistice Day when WE remember those who gave for US by buying poppies and observing two minutes silence

Are you planning on doing either, Councillor Kelly?

Anonymous said...

What colour ribbon day should we have for the victims of your beloved communists?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Macnasty) 30/10/08
I have more respect for those “who gave for us” than to perpetuate a system which means they have to rely on charity.

I don’t think it necessary to parade to show respect, if it were, there would be tens of millions in this country who, according to your warped mind were disrespectful of those people.

Your counterfeit respect is such that you are quite happy to use remembrance day as a political football, you are “gubbed” again.

Still I’m sure that you will have a great day, it’s really more about you than “those who gave for us” isn’t it.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Daniel Dravot) 30/10/08
Are you referring to the communists who saved the world from Nazism ? does that still disappoint you after all this time, it clearly wrankles with you to know that you owe your very existence to those Soviet Heroes.

Anonymous said...

If you are so against violence againsist, then why are you a Catholic?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Kokushi Muso) 14:22
I thought everyone was against violence, but I don’t consider myself a pacifist.

I know that some people actually like/enjoy violence but they are mainly behind bars or in secure mental institutions.

I don’t understand your reference to religion, perhaps you could elaborate for me.

Anonymous said...

"Are you referring to the communists who saved the world from Nazism ?"

Would those be the same communists who raped and murdered the residents of "East Germany" during de-nazification? Or the same communists who murdered hundreds of thousands in Eastern Europe? Or the same communists who murdered millions in the Soviet gulags? Or the same communists who murdered millions in China? The same communists who murdered millions in Cambodia and Loas? Those communists?

Anonymous said...

"I have more respect for those “who gave for us” than to perpetuate a system which means they have to rely on charity."

You may wish to take this up with whosoever is the Minister of defence and Minister of health this week. The Labour government refuses to equip our armed forces adequately and has also closed all the military hospitals leaving our troops to the vagaries of the NHS.

Do you have no shame in supporting a party which would rather bail out the capitalist banking system (you so loath) than it would support our expeditionary force doing the will of the government in far flung corners of the globe?

Anonymous said...

"I don’t think it necessary to parade to show respect,"

I suspect, however, that you would be first on the balcony during the Moscow May Day parades alongside your hero Uncle Joe.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Daniel Dravot) 13:38
People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones but, whichever way you cut it the Soviets saved our skins and we should be grateful to them.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Daniel Dravot) 13:41
We have just seen the biggest nationalisation in history and you ought to be ashamed of yourself, as if using injured and dead veterans of wars isn’t bad enough you now want to exploit the serving military, just how low can you get ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Daniel Dravot) 13:42
Don’t let me spoil your big day, you get out there and show what a brave patriot you are, wave the flag and kiss the badge you hypocrite, stop using these people to show what a brave man you are.