Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Regularly referred to as the greatest living Scotsman, Sean Connery would have calculated that his book about who else but himself would make him lots of money. Being who he is he probably thought that people would be lining up to buy it after all he has done the world a favour by writing it, or rather getting a guy called Murray Grigor to write it for him. It turns out that he was wrong, his book is a turkey and is now running the risk of being pulped, it’s price has already been reduced to try to shift copies

To add insult to injury for the oh so serious Connery, he is set to be outsold by the far less serious Roger Moore, a far more urbane friendly and entertaining man, who would you rather meet in the pub ? Connery is said to be quite sanguine about this which is difficult to believe from such a crabbit old whinger. He has so much money and fame that he no longer has a grip on reality he actually believes that he is a great man, he demands respect. An insight can be gained into just how delusional he has become by watching his interview with an American female TV presenter, this can be found by accessing “You Tube”

He is as famous for his vile opinions on violence against women as he is for anything else, when the story broke about assaulting his former wife he famously justified his violence, and predictably he came under heavy criticism and he was persuaded to let the issue drop in the hope that it would go away, it didn’t work of course and we can see him with the interviewer recalling the issue. It is mind boggling to see how arrogant he is about it, he recalls it, admits it and defiantly says he would do it again, he is incapable of admitting to wrong doing he enjoys the position of not having to care what anyone thinks, you have to see it, it is stomach churning.

Roger Moore’s book is apparently a good read about show business with lots of gossip and hilarious anecdotes from a long time in the business, exactly what people want from a famous film star. This kind of thing though is beneath the “greatest living Scot” he has over the years bought his way into SNP political circles and their fawning attitude to him has encouraged him to think of himself as a serious person instead of a film star, not even the same thing as being an actor, he would run a mile from a live stage, he brought the same gravitas to "Derby O' Gill & the Little People" as he did to "James Bond" The subjects covered in his book are Scottish culture, Scottish politics, sport and the “the Gothic aspects of Scots. literature” that’s not a joke, I didn’t make that up, he’s clearly a very serious man indeed.

He also goes into the origins of the “Scottish Cringe” honestly, he’s not being ironic, still he should be able to understand that by looking in the mirror. It makes me happy to think that this arrogant misogynist is such a big hit with the SNP they deserve each other. Are Scots. really proud of this man ?

To paraphrase Dennis Healey talking about David Owen “the good fairy made him tall handsome and rich and the bad fairy came along and made him a s**t.


Anonymous said...

May we look forward to "The Memoirs of Cllr. Terry Kelly"?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(David Duff) 13:58

I wrote some pretty serious stuff about Connery and violence against women which he supports, I assume you do as well ? Is it acceptable in the SNP ? Is it a big hairy macho Scotsman thing, a brave hearty kind of thing ?

Anonymous said...


When I hear the name Sean Connery, why is it I always think of him sitting in Barbados or such places, while we all stay in Scotland, then Sir Sean lectures us about Scotland, come off it!!!! The SNP is a Republican Party and yet Sir Sean accepted the Gold & Silver trinkets & coblets.

This also reminds me of the time Cllr Jim Mitchell was being critical and attacking the Labour Party here and there and then when his daughter Karen got married, the Mitchell’s were tripping over themselves to use the Provost limo, so come off it, less of these double standards both locally and Nationally.

Anonymous said...

I had heard some time ago that Connery had got fed up settling the not insubstantial gambling debts of a leading SNP figure.

Had you heard of this Terry?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(madmitch24) 14:26

Connery loves Scotland, it’s rivers, it’s glens and it’s mountains he loves seeing them from 30,000 feet as he flies over on his way to the Bahamas.

On bended knee, grovelling before the British Queen dressed like Harry lauder in tartan and ruffles, muttering emotionally “your gracious majesty thank you etc.” yes it was that great fighter for independence Sean Connery, being made Sir Sean by the head of the British Empire, pass the sick bag.

Mitchell believes in nothing and stands for nothing, I remember him forming a coalition with the Tories.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 14:50

This is a persistent story, I know that Alex (the spiv) used to moonlight as a racing tipster. You need to be careful when talking about Connery though, he is likely to slap your mother or wife or daughter about a bit. Oh and your grand daughter, oh and your grand mother. He is a real tough guy.

Anonymous said...

I think the position CLLR Terry Kelly takes on this issue is the correct one.
Sir Sean loves Scotland so much, when he lands in Scotland he kisses the ground, but ask him to stay here and he is off like lightening.

Cllr Mitchell is an odd creature, once in bed with the Tories now in bed with the Lib dems, I do remember when Cllr Mitchell had principals, alas that was a long time ago and now he has sold out in most of them. I heard a rumour and Cllr Kelly please don't quote me directly, maybe indirectly if you wish, I heard that Cllr Mitchell has asked certain senior officers how he could Knighted or recognised for his commitment to democracy over the last 30 years.

I know Cllr Kelly, you will be saying, that can't be, not Cllr Mitchell pray tell! Alas it is so, could it be arise Sir Jimmy Mitchell, remember when you heard this, I am honestly not making this up, please I am not! You couldn't write this in a book, could you! Maybe it could be Lord Mitchell of Quicksave!!!!!!!!!!! who knows, How Cllr Kelly can put up with these people I just do not know, more credit to him for that.

Anonymous said...

The Blogger who made comments about the spiv Alec Salmonds bookies debts is bang on the money, why do you think the Nats had to sell their Edinburgh HQ in the heart of the City and move to the back end of a small industrial estate, next to the tyre replacement centre and burger vans?

This reminds me does Cllr Kelly or any other blogger remember that chap who tried to start an independence News paper, the Nat were so behind him is his efforts that out of a membership of under 15 thousand only 13 paid for a years subscription and yes before you ask, none of the 13 stayed in Renfrewshire.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 10/10/08

I think the blogger referred to a well known SNP politician, he/she didn’t mention Alex (the spiv) I did.

I do remember that newspaper it was farcical, they had to wait until they crawled into bed with wee holy Brian Souter before they could get enough money to issue another one, I think the sum of money was 30 pieces of silver.