Monday, October 06, 2008


The reforming firebrand John Knox remains a controversial figure but no one would argue with his "school in every parish" wish. Well the Renfrewshire SNP seem to have missed this part of his roll in Scottish history.
The Parents and children of South Primary School are fighters.
Their campaign to save their school is gathering momentum and support is growing. People are not daft, despite what the SNP / Lib. Dem. Administration in Renfrewshire obviously think, they are perfectly capable of looking at the situation which exists in Renfrewshire Education and deciding for themselves whether the SNP/Lib. Dems. are guilty of obvious inexperience and incompetence. That decision is a growing yes, they are guilty. Councillors are being emailed by anxious families who are desperate to keep their school open, it is an excellent school and they are happy there but, the administration are deaf to their pleas. They are also deaf to requests to attend meetings to meet the parents, they have insulted these families by avoiding contact, in the council chamber they are a bullish mob but are afraid to meet these parents outside the chamber.

The administration are so afraid and petulant that they had a banner supporting the school removed from the school fence, this is the Braveheart SNP who call themselves Scotland’s Party, such Bravehearts that they can’t face people to back up their own decisions., they are cowards and they have betrayed the people of South Primary. There are places where these pathetic administration councillors however can’t hide, they still have to attend meetings at the council and they still have to do surgeries, I urge the campaigners to seek them out at these locations and then put them on the spot, hold them to account.

I have received a comment from a South School Campaigner who has a theory that the school stands on ground which would be attractive to developers and that is why the school is being targeted despite it’s good reputation, it’s officially recognised high standards, and the fact that it is a relatively new building. One of the questions which the parents rightly seek an answer to is, if it is closing because they say it costs too much compared with other schools to educate children there, why are other schools in Renfrewshire which are more expensive to educate children being kept open ? The silence from the SNP Education Convener Cllr. Cameron and the administration is deafening.

This seems like a glaring contradiction and answers are required, would the ground bring a tidy sum ? could that be part of the equation ? the parents, teachers and children deserve to know the answers. I would like everyone who is concerned by this proposed closure to contact their councillors MP’s and MSP’s and demand its retention, there is nothing more important than the future of our children and that is what’s at stake here, you get one chance at school and the SNP/Lib. Dems. must not be allowed to get away with damaging that chance for these children.


Allan said...

A more pertenant question would be, why does the South have such a low school roll? I am sure that amendments can be made to the catchment area of Lochfield PS, which would enhance both schools. Also why, if this is such a problem, did the previous administration not remedy this problem?

Anonymous said...

Given SNP Councillor Hanif's penchant for target practice with an AK47, it may be wise to put a lid on your anti-SNP vitriol. It could well be that the fatwa is in the post.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Allan) 06/10/08

The pertinent question which you choose to ignore is why this school when others are more expensive to run.

This is being done for financial reasons they admit that so why ?

You could consider why schools are maintained in remote areas when they are clearly very expensive, the answer is that schools are very important, and money is not the first consideration.

Unfortunately the SNP see money as more important than a child’s education.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Daniel Dravot) 06/10/08

Is this guy a suitable subject for humour ? Have you any idea why the SNP didn’t get rid of him ?

Anonymous said...

When you say that other schools are more expensive to run, do you mean cost per head or overall cost?

Do these schools run as inefficiently i.e. as low % occupancy against actual capacity.

This would be interesting to know?

Anonymous said...

I heard Salmond himself wanted rid of Hanif but was persuaded not to.

The AK47 issue aside, the allegations of him being a slum landlord are extremely serious.

Some people might suggest that the SNP tolerate the likes of Hanif and Saeed in order to woo the block vote of some sections of the community.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Alan) 09:23

I’m sure you could find this out but it misses the point, I don’t want to shut schools simply on financial grounds alone that’s what the SNP are doing, they are not putting the children first, we have established and accepted that some schools cost more than others, that should not mean closure.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12:38

I can only say what would happen to Mr. Hanif if he were in the Labour Party and IMO he would be out, there is no doubt that Salmond (the spiv) and the SNP have been wooing the minority community. I hope that the minority community will eventually realize that Salmond (the spiv) would not hesitate to turn on them like a dozen Enoch Powells, if he thought there was more mileage in it for him to do so.

Anonymous said...

I think you have missed the point completely Terry.

It is not the cost. it is the inefficiency and wastage to maintain a school with a ridiculously low occupancy level.

Your previous argument about some schools being nearer to grandparents etc, also shows your lack of understanding of the real world. Or maybe an individual school should be provided for every child's locational needs.

The other school that has higher costs per head (and I can only find one so far in Renfrewshire) has a far higher efficiency i.e occupancy against capacity.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

"(Anonymous) 14:58

I haven’t missed the point but you are avoiding the point.

You and the SNP measure efficiency with finance as the most important part of the equation, I measure it by several things, the first of which is what’s best for the children’s education, I believe the children are better off with me.