Sunday, October 05, 2008


Winco Willie and Hooray Harry have done us proud again. They have been awarded honorary RAF titles, they have done us proud by accepting them, not by actually doing anything like fighting or flying airplanes. Ordinary airmen and women do that kind of thing and when they have done something exceptionally brave or served for a long time with distinction they get these awards. So how did the “chuckle brothers” become Honorary Air Commandants ?

The reason given was to mark the monarchy’s strong links with the RAF, not for flying x amount of dangerous sorties, not for bringing back a fighter plane badly damaged in a dog fight with the enemy, none of that stuff, that’s for ordinary people, Willie and Harry get honoured because they are born into a family who have “strong links with the service” that’s the official reason.

The RAF have had many people in their ranks who can justifiably be called heroes, we are all familiar with the phrase “the few” risks and impossible odds have been faced by these people, the ultimate sacrifice was made by many of them, at the height of the Battle of Britain the odds of surviving were not good, it was reckoned that 1 in 3 among fighter pilots would die. People who read this blog know that I am not sycophantic to the military but the people who did these things were brave and selfless, reading some of their stories is humbling.

With unerring repetition the military establishment have again besmirched the memory of past RAF pilots, gunner crews etc. by handing out honours to these two hapless stooges, once again the brothers have my sympathy, they have once again been “fitted up” unfortunately they don’t seem to have the savvy to say “enough is enough, we have done nothing to deserve these honours”

My uncle's brother was one of the pilots who made the ultimate sacrifice in the battle to save the “George Cross Island” Malta. I remember seeing his picture in uniform on the wall of the house. How many families are there with similar old sepia photographs of loved ones who paid with their lives, how must they feel ? Do their families not have strong links with the RAF ? Stronger surely than the Royal Family‘s links. In their position I would regard this is an insult.

This act of arrogance is another example of how the military behave, it’s not just the RAF. Every time there is a big ceremony we witness the Royals dripping in medals and ribbons which they didn’t earn, before Willie and Harry are much older they will have to wheel them out to ceremonies, they will not be able to walk for the weight of their “honours”

What does this sycophantic grovelling do for military morale ? Not to the morale of “Lord Holdmeback of the Dry Retching Under Lime Fusiliers” but, to the morale of those who actually fight ? Shameful.


Anonymous said...

How low can these people go, I ask you, how can you stand looking at these low life at Council meetings.

I have some breaking news for you, my contacts at Renfrewshire House tell me that St Peters primary school in Glenburn look set to close, why and how I hear you ask, firstly it will form a joint campus with Langcraigs primary school, there is plenty of land at Langcraigs, secondly, the area where St Peters sits is prime land for housing, thirdly check the school redevelopment pre-posals , St Peters is near the very end of the program.

Lastly Cllr Cameron is terrified of losing her set (more importantly her income) she has begged Mckay to bring the axe down sooner rather than later, so to minimise any damage prior to the next elections, of course McKay and his merry band of low life will deny this fact, they can deny it all they like, it will happen, just wait and see, they don't call me mad mitch for nothing.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 11:29

St. Peters is my “alma mater “ that would cause a huge row still, they are getting desperate.

I think Cllr. Cameron might already be too late to worry about her seat.

Jackart said...

What would you know about military morale, Terry?

It may surprise you to learn, The British Army is not the petrograd soviet.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Jackart) 09:01
I can’t remember if you are (Jackart) the tough guy, but anyway.

I believe that awarding honours to people who have done nothing is damaging to the morale of people who have done something and received no recognition, a crazy thought eh ?

The Soviet morale must have been good because despite millions of dead they still saved the skins of people like you from fascism.

Still, if I remember right you would prefer fascism.