Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I wonder how many, if any Scottish Nationalists are pausing to think about the financial crisis.

“facts are chiels that winna ding” so said the old second rate Ayrshire plagiarist and he was right. The fact is that Salmond (the spiv) and the lumpen mob who hang on his every lie have been telling us that we should aspire to have economies like Ireland and Iceland, readers of this blog will recall, that I wrote about Ireland on returning from a holiday there in July and one of the things I mentioned, was the state of the economy and the fear which was palpable among the people you spoke to, fear for jobs houses and pensions. Ireland is in recession and Iceland is bankrupt I have been waiting to hear something from the (spiv) to explain why we would want to be like these countries, events have shown us that they are small, independent and vulnerable, exactly what Scotland would be without the union, alas I have heard nothing.

He, (the spiv) did rant about the ’spivs’ and 'con men' in the system while trying to exempt Scottish banks, as he would, but it turns out that some Scots. are (spivs and shysters” with the best of them, arise Sir Fred Goodwin from Feegie Park, I despair at the damage this man has done to the reputation of the Ferguslie Park Estate, I overhead one wag cruelly say about “Fred the Shred” that “you can take the boy out of ‘Feegie’ but you can’t take Feegie out of the boy” a cruel jibe against the decent people of the area.

Some clung to the hope that our own “king of spivs” wee Alex, as an ex bank economist would save the day but, we will never know as he disappeared off the radar after a day or two trying to blame the “Engurlish” for the crisis. It painfully dawned on him that he was not a player, the big boys got on with it and left him out. To add insult to injury for Wee Alex (the spiv) another cornerstone of his economic case for independence (oil) has been behaving in a way that would be devastating for anyone who made the mistake of relying on it’s price. It has been going up and down, mainly down, exactly the danger that his opponents have pointed out many times.

In stark contrast to wee Alex (the spiv) Gordon Brown has been dominating the news all around the world, Government leaders from America to Germany to Italy have sought his council and he has led from the front, people are saying “didn’t he used to be Gordon Brown” this is the statesman, the man of great ability and integrity, if times are going to be tough this is the man to take us through them. “It ain’t over until it’s over” as they say on Wall St. but I certainly feel better as part of Britain with Brown leading.

I want to see an end to Capitalism but not a collapse of Capitalism, I want to see it dismantled in a way that would avoid the depression that would ensue in a collapse which would hit the poor hardest, I want to see a socialist system in it’s place, where people come first, not profits. The past two weeks should have surely shown to the SNP the weakness of a small independent Scotland but my bet is they will slip further into denial.

To round things off for wee Alex, I found this irresistible, think of what the SNP and (the spiv) would be doing and saying if this was being said about (the spiv) Salmond :-
American professor of economics Paul Krugman wrote that Gordon Brown’s actions might have saved the world.
That’s the same Paul Kruger who a couple of hours after making this statement was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics. A congratulatory telegram is no doubt on it’s way to Mr. Krugman from Bute House as we speak.


Macnasty said...

Hi Terry
Just back from Fife and missed you.
Saw a photograph of the unelected Lord Mandelsom and his unelected sponsors, Lord Falconer and Baroness Jay.
Any vies on unelected peers?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


My views on unelected peers are well known, I would gut the lot of them, unlike wee Alex (the spiv) and the SNP who support the British Monarchy.

Govt’s are entitled to enlist who they like to assist them singling out peers is a not very clever distraction.

Have you any views on the SNP support for the British Queen?

Macnasty said...

Stop puffing smoke, son. The only peer I'm singling out is Lord Mandelson of Bradford and Bingley. The other two, Baroness Jay of the Washington Post and Lord Falconer of the Dome just make up the numbers on a picture that turns the stomach of any true Labour man.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Macnasty) 19/10/08
Not everyone has a stomach like you which can tolerate the greatest case of privilege and unelected power there is, the monarchy, you seem to have ignored that.

Macnasty said...

Not ignoring the Monarchy Terry - remember, I support it.

If Brown and Blair had the integrity of HM, Mandelson and most of the PLP, including Speaker Martin would be working shifts as Trainee Lavatory Attendants in Arbroath and counting themselves damn lucky to be in honest employment.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Macnasty) 15:06
Now I’m confused, I thought you were being critical of people in positions of power like Peter Mandelson and Baroness Jay because they were not elected. I don’t remember voting for the spongers in Buck. House, have I missed something ?