Sunday, October 19, 2008


Who has gone through the following tortuous political route in the past few days.
First the financial crisis was world wide, all countries were effected by this whether large or small, then it wasn’t world wide anymore, it was Gordon Brown’s fault. This same guy in April 07 said there was too much regulation in the financial sector and he now says that there is not enough?
He was asked on TV this afternoon several times to tell us an occasion over the last year when he complained about not enough regulation or when he warned that there was trouble ahead and couldn’t answer the question, in the same interview he was asked how an independent Scotland could have handled the crisis better as he claimed, when he couldn’t even tell us what currency Scotland would be using under independence? In the same interview he described "Stagecoach" as a world class company, money can buy you anything right. Wee holy Brian Souter thinks Alex (the spiv) is a cert for heaven now.

Who has spent the past couple of years suggesting that we should aspire to be like Iceland, Ireland and Norway and now can’t tolerate a question about them as they are now pawning everything? You’ve got it in one, step forward the shyster in chief, the Arthur Daly of Scottish politics Alex (the spiv) Salmond, he says Scotland would be better under independence in such a crisis, even though he can’t say where the money would come from to bale us out, could it possibly be Ireland, Iceland, Norway or, horror of horrors could it be despised “Engurland” in that situation would the “wee spiv” choose to borrow from a more expensive lender than the hated “Engurlish” just to preserve his reputation among the bearded tartan hordes, I think we should be told.

I think we should also be told if there is anyone in the SNP who dares to disagree with what “the spiv” says, or is this yet another issue where he has got it 100% right? and the rest of the world has got it wrong as the Scotswoman said to her man at the passing out parade of her soldier son, “ just look at that everyone of them is out of step bar our Jock” I wonder how long an SNP meeting lasts, 10 minutes? 15? Do they sing hail to the chief while saluting his portrait and then go back to the pub?

Make no mistake about it Alex (the spiv) Salmond as Scotland’s first minister, has humiliated himself and Scots. everywhere with another embarrassing and risible display of parochialism.


Billy Carlin said...

Showing your ignorance as usual Mr Kelly!

Everyone with a bit of sense knew that the US and UK inspired debt bubble was going to burst but nobody expected that it would bring down the banks in the way that it has.

It is the US and UK that all the other countries quite rightly blame for this shambles, packaging their dodgey debts with the good ones and selling them all over the world which has spread this to other countries banks.

It is your party that has brought shame on Scotland by slagging off the other countries that you are also slagging off.

Fact is Norway has no problems regarding this issue. It is that country along with Finland and Sweden, another two small rich countries, that are giving billions in loans along with Japan to help Iceland get back on its feet.

Ireland also has no problems, it has the second-lowest debt-to-GDP ratio in Europe. It has recapitalised its banks and is still miles ahead of Britain with regard to its economy and wealth.

Icelands problem was it tried to copy the UK and look what happened. With the loans it has received it is known that Iceland will be back on its feet long before the UK.

The UK is effectively bankrupt Mr Kelly, more debt than most of the world put together, encouraged by the Labour party, who also blocked re-regulation of the banks last year by the French and Germans.

In none of these countries will you get any of their people slagging off their country, their people or their government for the sake of political parties funded by another country. In these countries all of the people are nationalists.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Billy) 21/10/08
“Everyone with a bit of sense knew” a great opening sentence, we are back in the pub. That sentence would appear to exclude an awful lot of people wouldn’t it.
Alex (the spiv) Salmond stated that the banks had too much regulation, he would give them more freedom, it’s in all the papers don’t take my word for it, that’s a sore yin Billy, any comment on that ?