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Ian "Beefy" Botham is what you would call a real character, a great cricketer and a leader on the sports field.
He is also one of those famous guys whom controversy seems to follow around everywhere, that is not so prevalent now though as when he was destroying batsmen and bowlers at the highest level. He was also able to play professional football making him the real all rounder; these achievements are similar to those of the great Denis Compton of Middlesex and England, a stylish cavalier batsman whom the crowds flocked to see. He was also the Great Denis Compton of Arsenal and England on the football field. This kind of sportsman comes along rarely and nowadays is almost unheard of so IMO Botham justifies his reputation as a great cricketer and a pro. footballer.

Years ago Botham visited a children’s hospital where he met some youngsters who were suffering form Leukaemia, the effect on him was profound, he has spoken often of how he had never appreciated how blessed him and his family had been and he resolved to do something to help. He continued to visit these kids and at the same time came up with a plan to raise money for Leukaemia Charities; he reckoned that he was famous enough to make it impossible for anyone to ignore his campaigns, he was right, and then some.

His chosen method of raising money was well publicised marathon walks, his team recruited celebrities to join in parts of the route as well as collecting cash as they went, they also secured sponsorship from large companies and individuals who were delighted to be associated with Botham’s name and charitable giving.

One of the regrets that I have always had is that I was never famous enough to use any celebrity I might have gained to do similar things, what an opportunity famous sportsmen and women as well as famous entertainers have to do some good by helping good causes. What a disappointment it is to see so many who do nothing except take the fame and the wealth and ignore the plight of those less fortunate than themselves.

Botham is back on the road for the fight against Leukaemia and he and the doctors and the scientists are winning, even though it is still the biggest killer disease of children in the UK the survival rates are improving constantly. I urge everyone to contribute and I urge the famous sports and entertainment stars to get involved.

Here is something I would normally avoid saying about someone who is a self declared Tory but, Ian Botham is a big man in the true sense of the word, thanks and best wishes to him and everyone involved.


Anonymous said...

"One of the regrets that I have always had is that I was never famous enough to use any celebrity I might have gained to do similar things,"

You don't need to be famous or a celebrity to do this things Councillor. You merely have to involve yourself in charitible or voluntary work to make a difference to people's lives.

Anonymous said...


You are correct. Ian Botham is a very big man and I have a huge respect for him and what he has acheived.

As you have recently commented about the huge popularity of your blog, why don't you take the lead and organise a Land's End to John O'Groats sponsored walk in aid of a favourite charity. I for one would be willing to sponsor you for say £30/£40 if you would do this.

I have recently been involved in raising over £11000 for Maggies Centres and it brings it home that many people are so willing to say "well done" and then walk away without futher thought or any real intent of contribution.

Word are easy, action isn't.

So how about it Terry? Are you willing to put your self into gear and help.

You may find great benefits such as increased self respect and you may drop several trouser sizes in the process.

If you are willing to help please post here and I will contact you and help out with the organisation.

Peter M

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Bob Flowers) 19/10/08
I agree entirely but, you can do so much more if you are famous and popular.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Peter MacKay) 12:43
I wrote to encourage people to support Leukaemia Charities and this is how you respond you are one nasty piece of work aren’t you.

Just for your information I have never said “well done” and then walked away. I support several charities but, unlike you I don’t feel the need to seek praise for doing it.

On the evidence of your comments I would advise you if you want to help good causes to avoid speaking to anyone on their behalf.

Anonymous said...


In the spirit of charity, I will donate £10 if you and Alex Salmond record a duet together (perhaps 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight?' by Sir Elton John).

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Rumbold) 16:51
Rumbold - Have you been given early release for good behaviour ?

Did you know that the “wee spiv” actually made a record of Scots. songs. If they were played to prisoners, Amnesty would condemn it as torture.

That’s what can happen to you when you exist in a situation where no one is brave enough to tell you that you are c**p at something, true story.

Anonymous said...

Well I suppose when you have lost a child to the disease you must feel as you say.
The thing is, it is life and death Terry, and whether it is this disease or another, or old age or a car driving at high speed, something is going to take your loved ones away.
Yes research into diseases is a good thing, but how about concentrating charitable efforts into trying to alleviate world famine for example?
It is a big world with a lot of problems.

Anonymous said...


"Have you been given early release for good behaviour?"

Heh. Good one.

"Did you know that the “wee spiv” actually made a record of Scots. songs. If they were played to prisoners, Amnesty would condemn it as torture."

Really? Please tell me you have a link for that (or at least the names of some of the songs). I need to send it to my SNP-supporting friend.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 19:10
This world has enough wealth to provide food, education, health and shelter to everyone, the fact that we don’t do it is down to greed. Socialism will solve it but, I won’t live to see it.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

It’s called “ a new sang” but be warned it does not have a translation on the sleeve notes.

I saw it being recorded and I had to watch it from behind the couch. Talk about the "Scottish cringe"

Anonymous said...

Cllr Kelly,
Celebrities are in a brilliant position to raise the profile of certain causes but let's not underestimate all the amazing work done by ordinary people.

Anyone wanting to get involved in charity work should contact their local volunteer centre.

Peter Mac Kay,
Botham has done great work. For me having lost a child and a sister to
Leukaemia I for one am grateful to anyone who draws attention to the charities helping people affected by this horrific illness.

I'm shocked by some of the comments here. I didn't realise Cllr Kelly had lost a child to Leukaemia. I don't think it's for anyone commenting here to tell him or indeed his family how they should respond to what I can tell you is an unbearable tragedy.

I lost my daughter 18 months ago and frankly I can't even walk the length of myself let alone walk the length of Britain to raise funds. That doesn't mean I don't care just that I'm restricted in what I can do to help - I expect Cllr Kelly and every other parent or relative in our situation is the same.

Make no mistake Cllr Kelly and have little in common politically but snide comments do you no favours.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


“let's not underestimate all the amazing work done by ordinary people”

Agreed, I know many of them and have helped them over the years.

I don’t know peter Mackay but he seems to know me, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to write a comment like that, he must be consumed by hatred and bitterness about something, decent people don’t go where he does. He seems to be keen on telling everyone what a wonderful person he is, I don’t trust that.

It’s not often you can sympathise with someone and genuinely say I know what you are going through but we both can.

I wish this guy had not written this as I have never mentioned it in my blog. He must be a pretty nasty character.

Anyway good luck to Botham and any other people who are helping.
(Jenny) 20/10/08

Anonymous said...

For the record and I will leave at this.
I am neither bitter and nor have I have any prior knowledge of Cllr kelly's history or losses.
I have read this blog with interest for over 10 months now without any political bias.
Whilst 90% is farcical, there is the occasional comment that that is of interest.

I think that Cllr Kelly has insulted the efforts of a huge concentration of selfless and devoted people who do not have fame on their side but are willing to put their spare time and more to help others.

This is not a comment to seek praise or to go fishing for compliments but an expression of disgust at the audacity of the comment made.


The big hearted "incognito" benefactor that you are.

If you were to utilise the hours that you spend on this self indulgent piece of political motivation, you could probably raise more money for charity than you could ever dream.

But then, its a question of priorities isn't it?

Quick search of IP addresses tells all Jenny. But thats for others.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

This comment is even worse, you clearly have your own agenda and this subject will not get in the way of it. You are a sad character and very bitter about something.
What does the ref. To IP addresses mean, I don’t get that at all.