Wednesday, September 02, 2015


With reference to the flier below about Gaza. Last Sunday saw the event to raise funds for the relief of Gaza take place at the Normandy Hotel. A large crowd attended and the very worthwhile charity benefitted. Food similar to that which the people of Gaza eat was served (small portions) to remind the audience of the reality of life in the Gaza Strip. The hotel lobby was transformed in to a Palestinian Bazaar with Palestinian/Arab goods on sale, ornaments, crockery. clothing, books etc. Rugs, curtains and table cloths hung on walls giving the place a traditional appearance and very exotic it all was, A very high standard of skill and craftsmanship was on display. I half expected to see Claude Rains, Sidney Greenstreet and Humphrey Bogart huddled together at a corner table plotting something.   

The keynote speaker Professor Norman Finklestein gave an impassioned and very informative speech about the Middle East and Palestine and the Palestinian Ambassador to the UK Manual Hassassian also gave a speech full of passion, information and opinion, it was good to hear these people talk about Gaza and explain some of the myths which Israel pedals about it. The MC for the evening was one of Palestine’s best known, loyal and hard working supporters Labour’s Pauline McNeil.

The people of Palestine have to put up with hellish conditions and brutal occupation, living as they do in the case of Gaza in the most overcrowded place on the Earth. The misery for them never ceases as Israel continues to invade and occupy their land and destroy their homes and villages, it is nothing short of genocide and is the longest occupation ever of one country over another, 48 years. This is far from over, public opinion slowly but surely is turning against Israel who are now recognised worldwide as war criminals.

A word of congratulation to those at one of the tables at the dinner, completely overturning the reputation of football fans were a group of young football supporters who are supporters of the Palestine cause and they also support Glasgow Celtic and they are known as the “The Green Brigade”. As Bob Dylan once famously sang “The times they are a changing”. VIVA PALESTINA !!!         

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