Saturday, September 26, 2015


The circus rolled back in to town 2 days ago as The full Renfrewshire Council held it’s statutory meeting. The SNP group look dispirited as their numbers at these events continued to dwindle through suspensions and internal strife; they now look like the American Indians who were forced off their land in what became known as The Trail of Tears in the 1830’s, a sorry sight indeed, fractious, and capricious, they are now preoccupied with fighting each other. They even moved a motion to change the name of the new Queen Elizabeth the 2nd Infirmary and one of their own number Cllr. Doig, the one who is not suspended moved that the debate be stopped?. Based on what their new rising star Cllr. Kenny McLaren had to say they wanted the name changed, he rather strangely did not mention the other numerous places which are named for members of the royal family, The Queen Elizabeth the first ship and the 2nd, The Royal and Ancient Golf Club at St. Andrews, there are thousands of examples but he did not seem to have any plans for them. I know that he reads this blog so I invite him to tell us what he proposes for all these other places, buildings, theatres etc. with Royal names.

On this occasion the meeting had to be temporarily stopped until order was restored among the opposition who seemed to be mobbing and rioting among themselves. Mr. Andy Doig who was ‘otherwise detained’ missed the meeting, thus avoiding the embarrassment of having to sit through a discussion and motion condemning hate crimes. He is of course now indisposed because he has been exposed as the sender of an email where he made ‘Misogynistic’ and ‘Homophobic’ remarks, the latter theme was directed at his fellow SNP ‘Ex friend’ Scottish Government Minister Derek Mackay MSP. In my humble opinion the fact that Mr. Mackay declared his sexuality in public makes him twice the man that the nasty email sender could ever be. I wrote at the time and I repeat now that Derek Mackay and I have crossed swords many times and I believe that he has many faults and is wrong on many things but being gay is not one of them and that is as it should be.   Mr. Doig is now referring to himself as an ‘Independent’ which doubles our number of ‘Independent’ councillors and he will now likely be sharing a room with the other ‘Independent’ Cllr. Mack, some Cllrs. are already referring to this room rather unkindly IMO as “The Special Unit”. We also managed to donate money to the Refugee Crisis and reiterate our support as a council for them. We were given an update on the situation and informed that a minimum of 50 refugees would be coming here in the not too distant future, so the meeting wasn’t a complete waste of time. I only hope that the refugees coming to Renfrewshire are not shown any webcast films of this council meeting.          


Anonymous said...

Mr Kelly, I agree with your comments regarding Derek McKay, SNP Minister, his coming out as Gay, should be welcomed. Alas it ends there, we have two New Savours in town.
Cllr's Kenny & Mags McLaren, Both McKay appointees and who are part of Del's inner circle. Kenny and Mags are more right wing, both hate the Royals and both will save us all from Hell and Damnation. Mags couldn't hack her Council job, so left and got a job in a news agent in Partick. Kenny ambitious, self centred, totally devoted to McKay see's their future in the Scottish Parliament.

Both are also rolling in dosh and I mean loads, just ask their House Keeper, Kenny, still works for Unison, has his Councillor salary, he also works for a list Nats MSP. Mags has her Shop salary, Council Salary and now works for Ms M Black MP, this is wealth, beyond even First Team Manchester United Football Players, Story has it, that Ms Black is so busy appearing on "Good Morning" with Lorraine Kelly, she has forgotten about her Paisley South constituents. One pensioner said "I wrote to Ms Black a month ago, not had the decency of a reply.

Back to our Saviours the McLarens, putting a side their near £200,000 pounds combined salary when they become List MSP's. I am reminded of Jesus and the Burning Bush and the McLaren's with the Burning "Smiths Report".

Are these the best Derek can offer the good people of Renfrewshire and the West of Scotland, I hate to say it, start praying and God help us all! Last thought goes to Andy Doig, now he sees how quickly the Nats turn on there own. Will Mrs Doig, come out in support of her "man" or stay with the new generation of Nats being sculpted by Derek.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous said...Tuesday, October 06, 2015 3:01:00 p.m.

The SNP would have us believe that harmony reigns in their ranks when the truth is that they are attacking each other like a pack of ‘heilan stoats’ drunk on Buckfast, a passing glance at The Renfrewshire SNP group makes that obvious. Mags and Kenny McLaren or “Posh and Becks” as some people refer to them are by most people’s standards rolling in money, councillors both, MSP employees both and other sinecures as well. This, some would say privileged position, is of course bound to cause resentment and it shows among the group. The McLarens I have no doubt will put it down to their rivals being envious of their intelligence, charisma and chic. Derek Mackay on the other hand has become something of a mystery, he ‘rose without trace’ and was even tipped as a future leader before falling like Icarus back to earth, he is now reduced to hawking himself around the Paisley Daily Express offices like some old discarded retainer begging for exposure. I wonder how many of the new SNP intake are looking at people like Derek and other ministers, Hyslop, Constance, Robison and ‘comical Ali’ himself the ludicrous Alex Neil and saying like Yosser Hughes “I could do that, giss it, giss a job” all led of course by the grossly over promoted “I know nothing” Nicola Sturgeon. Someone has apparently been conning ‘Grannies out of their heilan hames’, welcome to SNP run Scotland. Mr. Doig now has time to ponder his general political behaviour which ensures that he is not getting much sympathy, Mrs. Doig continues to sit as an SNP Cllr. and the rest of us who have to listen to her continue to wear ear plugs.

Anonymous said...

Cllr Kelly.
I note both statements above with interest and have to agree with them.
Derek McKay is now comfortable with his life and is happy in every way. He hopes he may become the first openly Gay First Minister and why not!
Cllr Doigs statements have no place in the 21st Century, what surprised most was the fact that he made them in the first place! Only now does Andy appreciate the scale of the situation and the fact that he may have handed this Scottish Parliament seat to Ms Tracey McGee, who is totally Mad and daft as a brush, Mr Henry, please don't stand down, you would have gotten re-elected!

Cllr Kelly, can I please ask you to comment on former Cllr Tracey McGee's previous five years in Renfrewshire Council, if I may also state that her Husband Stephen is also known as the "Invisible Man" he says nothing, does nothing, adds nothing, contributes to nothing and now we have the prospect of Tracie being elected to the Scottish Parlaiment.Honestly Tracey is as mad as a "Sack Full of Ferrets"

The SNP used to stand for something, meant something, dreamt of something! now its
"Snouts in the Trough" "Second Homes" "Treble salaries" "taking advantage of the weak and the poor". Sacks of cash, need I say more, life is so good, Cllr Lawson has finished his new Wendy House!

The McLarens, (Posh & Becks) both bland, talentless, useless, tiresome, the people of Renfrewshire are being let down by the SNP, Paisley Buddies aspired, now one of the Nats should be behind Bars (Allegedly) Got to add that, in case Cllr Lawson gets a nose bleed.
I won’t be applying for the post of Footman or Butler at the McLaren Mansion, next time they talk about Poverty, the Poor or low paid, please chastise both of them. They have Mouth Watering salaries, wealth which the “Average Joe Public” could only dream of, or win the Lottery or Postcode Lottery. As they sip Champagne, the Scottish People have to endure Food Banks, have a thought about them, would you both!!!

Labour have in several months achieved more than the SNP did in five years in Renfrewshire, I just hope it’s enough to return a Labour Administration in 2017.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Derek Mackay will IMO be lucky to survive as a back bencher, any ambitions that he may have to be First Minister are ludicrous, he is no longer a player. “what surprised most was the fact that he (Doig) made them in the first place!” You obviously don’t know Mr. Doig, it is my opinion that the SNP when dealing with his behaviour over this, his latest humiliation, saw a chance and took it to rid themselves of a hugely embarrassing party member. Recent election results mean that the SNP will be under unprecedented media scrutiny and the SNP hierarchy will sleep sounder at night without worrying about what Mr. Doig’s next indiscretion might be. I would be surprised if Ms. McGee gets the nomination and I think that her husband Stephen is one of the more polite of the SNP group, not a huge accolade I’ll grant you but I do get the feeling that he would be rather relieved if he was no longer an SNP councillor and who can blame him. I am no admirer of the McLarens but I will confine my remarks on them only to wishing them both well in their quest for as much power and publicity as they can get in the SNP.