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On August 30th. 2015 at the Normandy Hotel Inchinnan Road Renfrew an event is taking place which is a must for those who want to learn about the Palestine Israel conflict and hopefully help the beleaguered people of Gaza. Below you will find details of the all day events which culminate in a dinner and speakers from Palestine as well as Professor Norman Finklestein who is an American Political Scientist and an expert on the Middle East. I would urge anyone who might be interested to ‘Google’ or U Tube Mr. Finklestein, this is rare chance to see him and hear him speak.        

Below is a copy of the itinerary provided by the organisers...

For the workshop you can register here...

the website has information on the event.

Below you will find information about the charity...

Al-Khair is a humanitarian aid charity organisation, established in 2003 with branches throughout the UK, East Africa and subcontinent Asia. Primarily our focus is delivering emergency aid and relief in regions suffering the aftermath of natural disasters, conflict zones and communities plagues by abject poverty. The Foundation is constantly engaged in humanitarian project internationally as well as charitable work here in the UK, assisting those who are in need of help and assistance.

Our programmes include food supplies and access to clean and safe water solutions, medical aid, temporary and permanent shelter constructs, educational institutes, and livelihood training facilities. Insha’Allah we are currently sponsoring widows and orphans in Gaza, Insha’Allah will soon build a hospital in Khan Younis (our maternity hospital was destroyed last summer during Ramadan), we are currently supplying hospitals with medicine and medical equipment, we have a food programme to feed families in need, Insha’Allah we will be sponsoring undergraduates in all of Gazas universities and many more programmes.  Al-Khair Foundation is a 100% donation charity.
 The workshops will be live with Gaza so that we may see first hand the problems facing Gazans and hear it directly rather than second or third hand. As a studen tthis is an ideal way to gain experience and use your knowledge to help Gazans via skype 2-3hrs a week and also at the same time helping a humanitarian cause.

Insha’Allah our aim is non political and we will be holding workshops during the day time to find solutions to problems Gazans face on a daily basis.  Our aim is to find mentors and businesses willing to help Gazans via Webcam, as they are unable to leave their open prison and we outsiders are unable to enter. Insha’Allah we are hoping to start a mentoring and apprentice programme to help them and the day will culiminate in an auction dinner.

Morning Workshops – 10am to 1pm
Education – currently a student in gaza who has done an online course with a Scottish university but unable to attend her exams in Alexandria as crossing for raffah is closed – find solutions ie exam in Gaza with agreement with universities?
Emergency services – invite fire brigade & rescue services

Afternoon Workshops – 2pm to 5pm
Business and Construction – businesses together can they offer solutions for apprenticeships via webcam etc Apprenticeships for Gaza Students and solutions for problems/ difficulties facing Gazans on an every day level alternative methods of building without using cement
Health / Medical – natural health remedies / medical personnel to work closely via webcam etc with hospitals in Gaza giving advise etc
Exhbition – Palestine and Gaza
Stalls – Palestinian goods / services stalls only £40
Palestinian theatre group during the day – if they manage to leave gaza

Auction dinner £20 per person – for our orphans programme (many lost of limbs in last war) and education (we have just signed an MoU with UNWRA last week to build schools in Gaza and educate children) and food programmes in Gaza.

Our keynote speaker will be Norman Finkelstein, son of holocaust survivors
Imam Qasim – Chairman of Al-Khair Foundation
Aamer Anwar – Human Rights Lawyer
Manual Hassassian – Palestinian Ambassador

Further information can be found on our event website and tickets for the evening can be bought at our shop or online.

Al-Khair Foundation Glasgow Office 441 Victoria Road Glasgow G42 8R
Tel. 0141 423 5747
Registered in England and Wales Charity Registration No: 1126808
Al-Khair Foundation109-119 Cherry Orchard Road, Croydon, CR0 6BE, United Kingdom Registered Charity No. 1126808 - AL-KHAIR FOUNDATION. 


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Hello, Good evening, welcome to nothing much.Saturday, August 22, 2015 7:37:00 p.m.

I'm not quite sure why this is appearing on this subject.

As far as Mr. Robinson's spat with Salmond and the SNP is concerned he is 100% correct. The behaviour of the SNP mobs on the streets, their appalling social media antics and their vile intimidation of anyone who disagrees with them are completely reminiscent of Moseley's Blackshirts and the Nazi gangs who grew like a contagious disease in Germany Circa 19 30's.

The situation has been cultivated by Salmond and his toadies over years and they have no idea how to control it now. My guess is that Salmond and his clique will go in a metaphorical sense the same way as Maximilian Robespierre, Georges Danton, Michael Collins and Leon Trotsky, all great revolutionaries who were sacrificed for failing to fulfill their promises to their supporters. The process has already started.