Friday, October 17, 2014


The snp are on the run again from a perfectly straight forward question which I have been asking them. It could hardly be more simple yet no one wants to address it from the nationalists who have gone uncharacteristically quiet.

When Gordon Brown was appointed Prime Minister a huge, no doubt orchestrated snp cacophony of abuse was directed at him and Labour based on the fact that he was appointed without a vote. They have since then continued to accuse him and Labour of being undemocratic, totalitarian, dictatorial and much more since that day, insisting that he should never have been recognised as PM because he was not voted in to that position. 3 days ago those accusations ceased. 3 days ago the snp appointed Nicola sturgeon without a vote and not one snp member, elected official, councillor, MSP, EU MP or even supporter has raised a voice in protest, not one.

What has happened to their democratic outrage? Their wrath? Their righteousness?. Is this an unprecedented outbreak of amnesia?, a massive collective head injury?. Or Is it in fact an embarrassing example of synthetic rage and hypocrisy, will anyone answer me, sturgeon must be ‘de facto’ undemocratic, totalitarian, dictatorial, right?, surely we are entitled to have this anomaly cleared up by the snp. What a way to begin a career as first minister and leader of her party, how can we the people of Scotland take seriously someone who runs away from such an obvious position of cowardice and mendacity.     


Anonymous said...

I'd get back to being a cooncillor if I was you as you're certainly not much use as a writer.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous said...Monday, October 20, 2014 8:32:00 pm

I am upset that you do not like my style of writing but I'm sure that it is not so off putting that you are unable to understand the question posed. Would you like to try answering?.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown was subject to a vote; at the General Election....and he lost. He was rejected by the electorate because he was useless.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous said...
Tuesday, October 21, 2014 12:19:00 pm

This does not address the salient point about sturgeon's legitimacy as first leader. It is also inaccurate to say that Gordon Brown was subject to a vote as PM at the General Election he was subjected to a vote as am MP which he won. General Elections do not decide who will be PM the winning party does that.

The level of political illiteracy which exists in the snp is quite incredible.

Robert said...

Terry, Nicola was the ONLY nomination to become leader, therefore she was elected unopposed. Any member of the SNP was eligible for election as leader so long as they had the basic requirement of support from 100 other members of the SNP. That seems fairly democratic to me, and certainly no less democratic than Gordon Brown's anointment to the Premiership, really not all that different from the GB scenario. Although, I think Ms Sturgeon probably has a greater chance of being re-elected as First Minister than GB DID.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

You are of course factually correct about the route to the top job which both leaders followed, I have already Robert said... Saturday, October 25, 2014 8:03:00 pm

Your comparison of how both candidates reached the to p job is of course correct but I have already pointed that out so your comparison is irrelevant, it is not in dispute.
What is relevant however is the fact that the snp relentlessly attacked Brown and Labour for doing this and they have now done the same, I am looking for an apology for Brown and an admission of hypocricy from Sturgeon and the snp. As for getting re elected, Westminster is a different kettle of fish from Holyrood, there is no comparison.

MacSkroinkie said...

"Labour" attacked Labour for electing Gordon Brown as unlike Nicola Sturgeon he was not a popular choice from within the party.

Gordon brown was in the main attacked by labour, it is a matter of record that his own party, with your crown of thorns blairite Jim Murphy were right in their with the knife to Brown.........they were supposed to be on his side.

If this sounds familiar you just need to look at the newspapers or tv news to hear all about the car crash of Johan lamont and the state of Westminster and Holyrood as far as your dinosaur party is concerned

The person you claimed was some 'big victor and Labour champion" post Referendum is five weeks later resigned and labour are deservedly in severe turmoil within their own party and electorally with a great number of Glaswegians queuing up to punish them at the ballot box.

Labour are going to show Lamont that in Holyrood they are not "a London branch" (as lamont said) by electing Jim Murphy MWP, or not, we have to wait for his big announcement with bated breath.

Labour imploding before the westminster elections in 2015 is great news as we wait in excitement for them to elect some humpty numpty and proclaim they will "learn lessons' and "listen" and "become left wing" problem is nobody believes them and rightly so as you are all a bunch of charlatans.


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 2:36:00 pm

The wee spiv salmond devoted his whole wretched political career to gaining independence and failed, he then resigned, he can not be described as anything other than a complete loser. The snp including sturgeon criticised Brown and Labour for taking the PM job unopposed and she has done the same thing, these are facts and you are either a liar or too dumb to grasp that.

Anonymous said...

"snp cacophony of abuse" can you provide a link to this?

Gordon Brown was quite rightly abused by his own party. the man (like you) is only interested in self preservation he is a disgrace to politicians everywhere.

The snp didn't elect Nicola Sturgeon as first minister the scottish parliament did.
Was westminster given a vote on whether brown should be prime minister ? the answer is no, because if they had been he wouldnt have won it. His own party would have substantially voted against him.
does that answer your infantile and puerile question.
Do try to grow up intellectually and realise that hating the snp is not a legitimate political platform.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

It is clear from this that you are quite incapable of making any kind of intelligent contribution to political debate, you sound like a typical snp knuckle dragger.

Anonymous said...

"It is clear from this that you are quite incapable of making any kind of intelligent contribution to political debate, you sound like a typical snp knuckle dragger"

you were given an answer to your infantile question you buffoon. When will you get it? Hating the SNP and aliksammon is not a legitimate platform. Trying thinking up some policies or manifesto promises something you know you want to.
Start with ' we will never get into bed with the tories again' because we now realise that this amounted to suicide in Scotland.

you never know it might not be too late. maybe something can be salvaged from this debacle.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous said...Sunday, November 23, 2014 7:12:00 am

When will you 'get it' you moron?. Sycophantic devotion to the snp and salmond is not a legitimate political platform, it's what brought people like Mussolini and Hitler to power. Your accusation of us being 'in bed with the Tories' simply means that you are following Goebbels's dictum of telling a big lie. Before 2011 the snp were in bed with the tories and it was political, we were on the same side as the tories in the constitutional matter of the referendum. Do you know the difference or are you lying to yourself. Can you remember who brought Thatcher to power? the snp that's who.

Anonymous said...

and yet another pathetic labour deception, the labour party through typical incompetence and personal greed allowed margaret thatcher into power, not only that but they now espouse her ideaology.

Check out rachel reeves at the weekend saying to get something out of the welfare state you first need to put something in.

maybe you can cast your mind back and tell her what socialism is, "from each according to their ability to each according to their need.

you should hang your head in abject shame that you continue to be a member of tory lite. grow a bloody backbone man.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

The snp had a decision to make and they chose to bring down the Labour government and give power to Thatcher and the tories, the Scottish electorate showed them what they thought of their treachery by reducing their MP'S from 11 to 2, these are facts, no matter how often you spout your lies these are the facts. We have your diatribe non stop now for over 2 years in the referendum debate and you still got thrashed. You are a liar and an anonymous coward.