Thursday, October 02, 2014


This poll tax pursuit development is interesting if you want to try to gauge the grasp that the snp members have on reality. We have a group of people who dodged the Poll Tax and a larger group who paid it, most of them reluctantly. Very few of those who opposed it actually did so in the face of the law most disappeared without recourse to the barricades. The snp now in their undignified scramble to appear left wing are posturing and rattling their sabers against the injustice of the tax as we all did back in the day.

I believe 100 % in paying taxes, taxes are a sign of civilisation, fair progressive taxes even more so. That it (the poll tax) was an iniquitous tax IMO is indisputable and that gives it's opponents two clear choices 1/ pay it, and 2/ don't pay and face the sanctions, notwithstanding protest and argument. Refusing to pay and going underground is not an option because others have to pay it, it is like the strike breaker who accepts the pay rise that his work mates fought for, it's simply not on it's about unity and solidarity. How do we maintain any united front if we say to working people I hated the poll tax as well as you and I know we paid it but those who didn't pay and hid are to get an amnesty, that is not a recipe for building unity among people.

I want to see a lot more money collected in taxes but lots of people would object to who I would take it from, you probably seen them on TV from Birmingham over the last couple of days but we must make fairness our watch word and that means everyone pays what the government decides we must pay and to get multi billionaires like Lord Ashcroft and the rest of them in the net we need to be the government. When we get something like the Poll Tax or indeed The Bedroom Tax we get rid of the government we do not run and hide. I would advocate that defaulters should pay but because of the time which has elapsed I would make those payments as manageable as is humanly possible.

The snp have predictably accused others of chasing this money when the truth is that councils are obliged by law to pursue debt, snp councils will do it as well despite salmond pretending again to be ‘Wolfie Smith’. If we write to salmond and say, I don’t like that local council tax so I’m not paying it and I now know that you will support my decision, right?, aye F****n right!. This is beginning to look like another ‘Del boy’ salmond “in terms of the debate” scams. 


Mo said...

Will you never be quiet with your anti-Salmond spouting? My wages were arrested for refusing to pay the poll tax, but that was 25 years ago! As Alex Salmond says, time to draw a line under this collection, which in Glasgow alone, costs more to pursue than is gathered. A fine jesture by the Scottish Government. Maybe you are just too bitter to see that.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Mo said...Friday, October 03, 2014 7:09:00 pm.
If your wages were arrested to get the poll tax money off you then I have no criticism of you, the government got the money and you took your protest as far as you could, so did I but I was the only earner in the family and I had 4 children at school and I could not afford to have my wages arrested. As a Socialist I believe that everyone who is liable should pay their taxes should do so. I also believe that anyone who thinks that salmond is doing this for anything other than reasons of personal gain is either a fool or is not paying attention. What it costs to collect is irrelevant, you are advocating that people should be allowed to dodge paying their taxes and I regard that as an untenable and dishonest position. Here is an obvious question but valid nevertheless. How do you feel about tax dodging millionaires?

MacSkroinkie said...

NO one cares about the poll tax, the stupidity of ignoring the state of labour whilst jumping in with this "right wing press" nonsense (thought you opposed them?ha) about the poll tax is exactly why labour has no talent, something you prove consistently.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

It's no surprise that someone like you fails to see the point. refusing to pay taxes no matter what kind they are is the most right wing stance that anyone can take.