Tuesday, October 14, 2014


The above quote from David Ben Gurion Israel’s first Prime Minister was his response to accusations (which he acknowledged) about Israel’s occupation of Palestine and their atrocities against the indigenous Arab peoples of that beautiful peaceful country. Well, “the old” he referred to are indeed dead as is he, but what of the young? have they forgotten?, I leave you to judge.  Today the beleaguered Palestinians and millions across the world are celebrating a victory for justice and a triumph over evil as the Westminster Parliament voted overwhelmingly last night to recognise the State of Palestine. Israel and its Zionist war criminal leaders will be livid, they will try to undermine the seriousness of this vote but, make no mistake about it this is hugely significant and a huge blow to Israel. Public opinion is changing and has been shifting against Israel for some time now. Israel’s most potent enemy is not Hamas or any other military threat it is publicity. The all seeing eye of the ubiquitous camera and the courage of the people using the cameras, the unforgiving and relentless photographic evidence, the eye witness accounts and detailed stories of indiscriminate atrocities being committed by them against non combatants is what  will finally destroy them, just as it did America in Vietnam. The iconic picture of the tiny naked Vietnamese girl fleeing in terror from the American napalm attack damaged them more than the Viet Cong ever could and Gaza today echoes that situation, how many people are there like me who instead of picturing olive groves and peaceful scenes picture a small boy throwing a stone at a tank when they think of Israel?.  

This is a small but important step forward for Palestine but there is still a long way to go. More and more people are realizing that Israel is running out of friends, more and more people are refusing to visit the country or buy its produce; they are becoming international pariahs who slaughter Palestinians at will as the past 3 conflicts in Gaza have shown. They talk about peace while annexing Palestinian land, building illegal settlements and refusing to obey the UN and the world courts. They refuse to allow the right of return of refugees, they refuse to return land taken by war, they refuse to agree to East Jerusalem belonging to the Arabs and they confine the Arabs behind an apartheid wall. The state of Israel is a match for any brutal and tyrannical country that ever existed. Eventually they will be defeated and justice will prevail. Meanwhile I urge everyone to have no dealings of any kind with them.             


Anonymous said...

This farcical vote will do nothing to produce much needed American debate on Palestinian rights. It highlights what Britain's leaders have become a group who demonise rather than support any real effort at peace through meaningless symbolic gestures IE "The Scottish Referendum" they thought was a "symbolic gesture" but nearly bit them on the arse.
There are two governments operating in the Palestinian Territories. Which one do the UK MPs think should be recognised? "The weak, corrupt and undemocratic Palestinian Authority in the West Bank or the terrorist Hamas state in Gaza? Or both?"
The cream of British leadership in Westminster " rich and thick"
Arthur Kelly Craigneuk/Chicago

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Arthur Kelly Craigneuk/Chicago
Thursday, October 16, 2014 12:09:00 pm

The vote was symbolic and it was hugely symbolic, every little counts, we were told repeatedly that The Anti Apartheid movement would never succeed and the civil rights movement in the USA would never got off the ground had they listened to the rich and powerful, likewise what happened in Ireland over many many years, all 3 are still works in progress but the fight goes on, if not why bother being here, should we give up on mankind?.
A Palestinian Authority “unity” government,backed by Fatah and Hamas, was established in early June; Israel does it's best to destabilise it because it has Hamas support. If Hamas are terrorists then they are enthusiastic amateur terrorists when compared with Israel, they were democratically elected in an election over seen by international observers many of whom declared it more openly democratic than the election of George Bush's second term victory. They will eventually win because Israel is a rogue state and a historical crime against humanity. Why is the USA one of the small group of countries that supports the Israeli invasion and occupation of Palestine? I have never fully understood that, I find the concept of a secular state repellent.