Monday, October 03, 2011


New Zealand 83 V Japan 7 – Canada 34 V Romania 3 – Australia 42 V Romania 3 - Cote D'Ivore 0 V Scotland 89.

The above are some of the scores in the Rugby World Cup which is being played in New Zealand at the moment, you can tell that the tension in games like this can be unbearable can't you? What possesses people to watch this c**p and how do they persuade themselves that there is some merit / competition / entertainment in it? I can only hope that the tax payer did not contribute anything to the costs of paying for the Scottish team to go there and take part in such a farce. I found my two daughters watching the England V Scotland game on TV and I asked why they were watching it and they said it was exciting. What they were really saying was that the scores looked exciting on paper in that Scotland needed to win by 9 points to qualify; I confidently said they have no chance, why! they protested to which I replied because they are useless.

As is so often the case I was right, near the end there was a huge pile of bodies writhing around in a big mob which looked like the County Square taxi rank at 2 am when some Scottish clown in full view of everyone stamped on some guy in the crowd, a blind man passing on a galloping horse would not have missed it and the resulting award to England resulted in a try and conversion. The real story though was the fact that the game itself was mind numbingly boring, these guys are as bad as our Football team and that is saying something. They treated the ball like a huge bar of hot soap and their coordination reminds one of a drunken shire horse on a slippery road, would a moratorium on Scottish international sport for a couple of years not be a good way of restoring some dignity? As long as Scottish Rugby remains an elitist sport we are destined to watch these privileged oafs embarrassing all of us it's time for a rethink, they were going to fight to the bitter end the risible Scottish sports press told us, it turned out they couldn't fight sleep. surely this lot could make a stab at Tug of War, Mud Wrestling, Blind Man's Buff perhaps, Musical Chairs?


Anonymous said...

I wonder that if you met the Scottish Rugby team you would be so brave with your comments.

There are several sports that I don't particularly enjoy watching, however, I do understand that other people might have an interest and enjoy them. I also would never undermine the hard work, dedication and determination that these people put in to their sports. Unlike yourself who would be puffed out after a game of tiddlywinks.

In earlier stages of many competitions, there can be a large gulf in scorelines but I think you will see that change as the tournament progresses. In Rugby the difference can look like a far larger gulf due to the scoring system.

How many times have you seen Tennis players in major competitions beaten in straight sets.

Try thinking of this as you wolf down your next batch of pies

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

“I wonder that if you met the Scottish Rugby team you would be so brave with your comments”
Having watched and indeed listened to these clowns I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that they would relish beating up an unfit overweight 63 year old man, their opponents however that’s a different matter, that’s when they become a bunch of big girls blouses, take the guy who stamped on the English player I would reckon he is afraid of his own shadow and the rest of them play like guys who need both hands to find their own arses.
Rugby is right up there with Polo, Dressage and Dingy Sailing. You will get more enjoyment watching the fire go out.

Anonymous said...

Guess you wouldnt agree with this?? have you ever taken part in sport Cllr Kelly, I think not or you would see the benefits!
Cash from crime is being turned into sporting excellence at Paisley Grammar School, one of Scotland's first Schools of Rugby.
The initiative is a joint venture between Scottish Rugby and the Scottish Government. Under the scheme, 18 state secondary schools across Scotland give their pupils the chance to benefit from an extended rugby programme.

The Schools of Rugby initiative is funded using CashBack, a scheme where money seized from the proceeds of crime is used for the benefit of the community.

The aim of the Schools of Rugby is to create an environment where sport plays a central part in the life of the school and so makes a significant contribution to delivering A Curriculum for Excellence.

Each School of Rugby will be supported through a package of resources to enable more staff to deliver a rugby across the school including a focused programme for a number of S1 pupils. The broader rugby programme consists of rugby in the curriculum, extra curricular rugby teams at all ages and opportunities for the development of girls’ teams.

Scottish Rugby also aims to work with the schools to provide non-playing opportunities across the wider learning community, especially for senior pupils, in rugby coaching, refereeing, volunteering and running sport in local primary schools and rugby clubs.

Scottish Rugby's Head of Community Rugby, Colin Thomson said, "Scottish Rugby believes that school sport plays an important role in the education of youngsters.

"Through the Schools of Rugby initiative we aim to develop youngsters into confident and competent individuals, showing the positive impact sport has on them and on the school communities they come from.

"We have established partnerships with 18 schools in Scotland so far, all of varying playing levels, which have committed to establishing and developing this initiative in their school community.

"Sport when delivered with the full support of education is truly beneficial in the lives of high school pupils."

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


“have you ever taken part in sport Cllr Kelly” from I was able to walk until my late 30’s I played the greatest game in the world at every opportunity – Football.
I agree that getting children involved in sport is a good thing but I also believe that getting them to play rugby is more likely to put them off sport than attract them to it, I further believe that the greater degree of skill there is in game the more enjoyment there is and that puts rugby at the bottom of the pile. All the rest of the stuff you wrote was already known to me and directing the project at football would make far more sense.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fat Boy, You must be very disappointed that your blatant attention seeking only produced one correspondent on this post. I suggest screaming and screaming til you're sick may get you more of the limelight than this illiterate pish does. In the meantime, I'm willing to be of help and double the number of correspondents on this post.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


Anyone who talks like you and remains anonymous has got some serious problems, why are you so afraid? I don’t get many comments now because my opponents got fed up with me wiping the floor with them, most of them were anonymous cowards as well.

If only those big lassies in the Scotland Rugby Team were as tough as you eh?