Monday, October 17, 2011


Watched a Lovely little cameo which inadvertently described the utter lack of ability of the people in the SNP on the Politics Show at the weekend. My old sparring partner Derek MacKay SNP who has risen without trace sat next to Labour's Ian Davidson on the studio sofa, the matter for discussion? 'Independence' Finding himself going round in circles and quite unable to hazard a description of what they (THE SNP) mean by independence Mackay decided to muddy the waters by complaining about Davidson previously describing the Gnats. as 'Neo Nazis' This was said by Davidson when he described the SNP tactic of interrupting speakers, talking over them and shouting them down as being reminiscent of the Nazis hence the 'Neo Nazi' insult, having been a member of Renfrewshire Council for 12 years I can assure you that that is exactly how they behave.

Mackay however displayed his immaturity and tactless stupidity by speaking over Davidson interrupting him and shouting him down, it was jaw dropping inanity. Davidson, crafty old politician that he is appeared to struggle through MacKay's behaviour with a patient but sad expression on his face. He couldn't believe his luck as Mackay displayed all the attributes which caused Davidson to come up with his previous description of the SNP car crash stuff from the SNP member who by then could be seen trembling and looking longingly at the exit door. He has previous for such stupid blunders, in a debate on the Tory Libdem budget at Renfrewshire Council when his composure was deserting him he blurted out and I quote "the government's budget cuts are about right" he was like a drunk man trying to negotiate steep stairs a complete loss of dignity and a shambles. He has since tried to deny saying this but everyone heard it and it's a sign of his stupidity to try to deny he said it.

We are continually told about all this talent in the SNP so how did this wet behind the ears boy get where he is in such a short time? I personally know lots of SNP people who can talk absolute rubbish in a far more coherent way than this guy, he I believe is one who has less backbone than most and as such fits wee Alex (the spiv's) ideal model of the trembling sycophantic 'yes man'. I predict that Mackay's willingness to prostrate himself at the feet of his leader will ensure a place at Salmond's table. There is always room for another "wee sleekit cowering timorous beastie" in Salmond's world.

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Allan said...

Must have been watching something else. All I saw was someone try and defend their anti democratic stance.

MacKay didn't really have to do much, apart from sit back and watch Davidson attempt to insert his feet into his mouth.