Sunday, October 09, 2011


There are some people who no matter how hard I try always get the better of me and I have to admit that Dr. Liam Fox MP, Minister for Defence in the "ragtag n bobtail" British Coalition Government is one of them. He and I would not agree about anything I guess and we are political anathema to each other but, that applies to a great many others who don't get the better of me in the way he does because I am not just referring to politics here, this is personal. It might come as a surprise to some of you who read this blog but I have always tried my best to avoid hating anyone no matter how much I abhor their views and their actions, some people however defeat me. There are some obvious examples such as Thatcher and Salmond as well as too many revolting Libdems to count who have always brought out the worst in me and Dr. Fox comes in to that category.

Having watched this strutting little puffed up gauleiter over the years I now find myself enjoying his embarrassment, not something I'm proud of but it is true and I can't apologise for it. This guy given the chance would march us all back to the Thatcher days and then some, he is a hidebound knuckle dragging reactionary and an appalling example of someone who chose the wrong career of medicine in a quite spectacular way, imagine if you will his bed side manner; the mind boggles! "the scary sinister man in the white coat lurking by your bed is the doctor honest he is, just try to ignore that fact that he wears a fixed truculent sneer and can't look anyone in the eye I'm sure he's qualified"

Like others before him he sees himself as above most people and is always ready to lecture us on our behaviour and he now displays repugnant hubris by expecting us to believe his story that there was nothing inappropriate regarding his special relationship with his chum 17 years his junior Adam Werrity who was resident in Dr. Fox's home at no expense: paid for by you and me the taxpayers. He also made a rich living by using his connection to Dr. Fox in the business world handing out cards saying he was a "special advisor to Liam Fox MP" and was allowed to operate a right wing charity from Fox's office in the British Parliament again paid for by us. This charity patronised by among others the war criminal Thatcher was closed down for being too right wing!

As I write it is 18:34 PM and Fox has just apologised in an attempt to save his career and no doubt there will be a campaign to save his mendacious skin, he ought to have been fired by now and both of them facing charges but will it come to that? This young chum of Fox's had the run of the Ministry of Defence estate with access to god knows what and he had no right of any kind to be allowed anywhere near the place, you would think would you not that Dr. Fox can't possibly survive wouldn't you? Watch this space though remember these are the Tories, decency and truth do not apply to them, Cameron's position will be badly weakened if he allows him to survive. First it was Laws then the Murdoch dustbin raker Coulson and now Fox and the odious Libdem Judas Huhne is next in line to have his collar felt. He blamed a speeding charge on his wife then made the mistake of cheating on her and dumping her, "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" as the saying goes and she did the decent thing and grassed the bastard, what did he expect? Meanwhile it's "hubba, hubba, hubba let the show go on" let these pompous hypocrites swing in the wind. To paraphrase Cameron PM "they are all in it together" Personally I blame those draughty private schools they all went to, all that running around bare arsed flicking each other with wet towels I always said no good would come of it.

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Anonymous said...

Another - deniable - homophobic rant from Kelly.

The man was a damn good Minister, whatever his sexuality, unlike the unlamented John Reid, the guy who said British troops would be out of Afghanistan without firing a shot