Friday, November 13, 2009


In the hall where electoral votes are being counted those with long experience of such matters can tell long before the result is announced who has won and who has lost; the communications revolution also makes it possible for studio guests to know as well. The expressions and body language therefore of Alex Neil and Nicola Sturgeon were a right give away in the studio; they are a graceless pair at the best of times and last night they were like a couple of particularly bad tempered night club bouncers. Anyone who wanted to wallow in an SNP victory could have gone to bed hours before the declaration if they had realized they had lost; it was obvious; why? well; someone was missing from the coverage; someone who would have been sitting there strutting and bragging had they won; I refer of course to Alex (the spiv) Salmond.

(The spiv) doesn’t do defeat he’s had enough of that over the years; he holds the record for a leader who received the most gubbings and still kept his leadership; no one brave enough to face him. His absence was an act of cowardice and a dereliction of his duty as a leader; how painful must it have been for the SNP supporters most of whom don’t actually understand politics to have to witness their leader cut and run. No swagger; no boasting; no strutting; no insults; no arrogance; no bottle and no wonder; an empty chair was all there was, like most bullies he is not really so tough when things get difficult he remembers he has to be somewhere else. This is the man who would lead an independent Scotland on the world stage; the man who would represent Scotland in the conference chambers of Moscow, Washington and Berlin; he’s having a bloody laugh right? If he can’t handle last night’s drubbing what chance has he got of facing Putin; Obama and Merkel; they would swat him like a fly.

Single issue politics sometimes spends some time in the sun but in the long term it’s the serious parties who prevail; I believe that that is what is now beginning to happen with the SNP the novelty of independence and the infantile slogans and anti English rhetoric eventually will fade and when they do there is nothing left to sustain a political argument; populist slogans eventually get exposed as empty jargon. This was a very good night for Labour and a serious defeat for the SNP; the Tories just managed to save their deposit and the wretched Lib. Dems. were beaten by the BNP vermin; it was a cracker of a result; “A brammer” of a By Election as Salmond (the spiv) said a wee while ago when his mouth ran out of control again.

Down among the dross of the parties who regularly stand for election we find the Greens; only just breathing because of PR. And also we see the death struggle between the SSP and Solidarity; destined to fight over who will eventually accumulate the larger amount of lost deposits; despite the flamboyant and completely specious intervention of Mr. Galloway who makes Benjamin Disraeli look like a ‘rough sleeper’ Mr. Sheridan provided a ‘no show’ maybe they are not using enough make up. What this result and the Glenrothes result tells us is that the next general election will again be Labour V Tory and the stakes will be high; the Tory Toffs are waiting with the knives to cut deep into the services which people rely on and Labour are committed to protecting them.

Above all it tells us that it aint over not by a long way; that’s what the Tory media have been trying to get you to believe; that all is lost the Tories have it in the bag but they haven’t; Brown incredibly after the worst onslaught of lies character assassination and vilification by the right wing establishment is still standing and he will lead us into the election; what a victory that would be; a 4 th. successive Labour Govt. it can be done; it will be tough but we can still win; we must give it everything; imagine waking on the morning after the election to the realization that Cameron and his cabinet of braying Eton donkeys are the Govt.


Ariel said...

I just knew I'd get to say this...'Fight back my Jim Royle!'

This seat has been Labour since 1935. Most of the voters enjoy claiming benefits and are in no hurry to bite the hand that feeds them. It's the nearest thing we have to the old Rotten Boroughs, an electorate bought and sold for Labour gold.

Even a lying, incompetent PM couldn't lose Labour this seat

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 14/11/09

“This seat has been Labour since 1935”

Have Labour been in power since 19 35? Is the mass unemployment in mining areas the fault of Labour because they were always Labour areas? Was the closure of Steel Mills; Mines; and Ship Building Labour’s fault because they were traditional Labour areas?

Maybe the people whom you have such obvious contempt for are a bit smarter than you or the SNP think; maybe they still remember Thatcher and who put her in power.

Ariel said...

And your point is?

Anonymous said...

What we should all be concerned with is the number of people who didn't vote at all. Labour can be rightly proud of a good candidate and a well fought campaign but the fact remains the majority of those eligable to vote on a ballot sheet with plenty choice couldn't be bothered engaging.

The BNP fought a highly visible campaign on the ground on the basis that all the other parties were liars and out to exploit the community. This time they failed and failed badly. Despite an impressive and expensive campaign, unprecedented publicity and a tanking economy they only gained an extra 93 votes.

Next time they might just get lucky and engage some of those who never vote. There is no room for complacency on this. More so when you consider the way the press are hyping the nazi scum and their chances up.

I voted SNP this time but if I can't have the SNP win then I'd rather see Labour hold this constituency.

Those of you who think the BNP are just another party may be interested to learn that everyday they came down here their supporters and the very dregs of the place took this as their cue to swagger around verbally abusing and spitting at ethic minorities and folk who disagreed with them.

This included my 78 year old mother who was spat at for taking them to task and tearing up a leaflet they'd forced on her.

Neither she or I were deterred from attending the brilliant and very well attended anti-racist demo at Glasgow Green. In fact if anything we took encouragement from the vile behaviour of these electoral thugs.

Politics is vitally important and more so than anywhere in the poorest communities. There is a non-engaged majority out there up for grabs. The mainstream parties really need to give serious thought about how they can best engage them. Otherwise I'm frightened that the Nazis will and that is a result way worse than any Labour loss.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 15/11/09

It’s becoming tedious having to explain everything to you; I asked you a couple of easy to understand questions and you have again run away from them.

You obviously think that you can persuade the people that Labour is to blame for every problem in Glasgow North East thus exonerating Thatcher and the SNP who put her there.
Are you too young/stupid to remember? The people remember though; of course “the Scots did not mind Thatcher’s economic policies” (Alex the spiv Salmond) right?

Oakwood said...


When are you going to stop blaming Margaret Thatcher for everything. I'm not saying she was a saint, far from it, but she has been out of office for 19 years now and the Labour party have been in government for 12 years.

Also, I was talking to my mum the other day about Springburn / Townhead as both she and my father grew up there, (my dad even served his apprenticeship at the famous "Caley") but she said even in the 40's & 50's life was could be tough. Therefore, even after decades of returning Labour party candidates, what benefit have the people of that area actually achieved by staying loyal to the one political party?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 15/11/09
“The BNP fought a highly visible campaign”

No they didn’t.

“Despite an impressive and expensive campaign”

You are easily impressed.
We are neither complacent about the BNP or the SNP who are also racists.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Oakwood) 14:01

It takes hundreds of years to develop a society and one or two years for someone like Thatcher to destroy it and it will take a long time to rebuild it.

“Therefore, even after decades of returning Labour party candidates, what benefit have the people of that area actually achieved by staying loyal to the one political party”

They stay loyal because they know that Glasgow North East is not a vacuum they are part of a country not just their own street; the suggestion that not voting Labour would have made a difference to areas like this is just about as stupid as it gets.

You really are clueless; “vote Tory; Lib. Dem. or SNP and the ravages of the Thatcher years won’t affect Glasgow North East” get real.

Oakwood said...


"the suggestion that not voting Labour would have made a difference to areas like this is just about as stupid as it gets"

That is exactly what has happened. Time, after time, after time, constituencies have returned a Labour party politician with no real change to their lot. If this was not the case, places like Ferguslie would be positively bustling.

“vote Tory; Lib. Dem. or SNP and the ravages of the Thatcher years won’t affect Glasgow North East”

You have this sentence in inverted commas in your response to my first comment. I didn't say that, I assume it was an error on your part.

you must be very proud that after decades of voting Labour, the people of Ferguslie do not live in the most deprived electoral ward in the country.

Ariel said...

Their last representative was the only Speaker - ever - to be sacked, disgracing his office and Parliament.

'They stay loyal,' Kelly, because like him, and like you, they have no sense of shame.

Crawl back under your stone, Councillor

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 16/11/09
“Their last representative was the only Speaker - ever - to be sacked”

Michael Martin was not sacked and if he had been he would not have been the first; you are trying my patience; if I offer you a prize for a gaff free comment would that help?

They are loyal to the Labour Party because the Labour Party is loyal to them; I wouldn’t expect the likes of you to comprehend something like loyalty.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Oakwood) 16/11/09
“You have this sentence in inverted commas”

This is my interpretation of your argument and it is accurate.

you must be very proud” etc.

You clearly don’t understand this argument; Ferguslie has been transformed under Labour with more and more people returning to live there.

You are saying that if only the people of Glasgow North East had voted for something other than Labour all these years the destruction caused by Thatcherism would have passed them by – you are either an idiot or a liar.

Ariel said...

Wee Speaker Mikey lost the confidence of the house and was asked to stepped down..He was sacked and still had the gall to push for a peerage.

Can you name any other Speaker who left in similar circumstances?

Well done Scottish Labour, a PM, a Chancellor and a Speaker, all unfit for Office and all in the same Parliament. This has to be a record.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dear! So the fightback begins. Funny Labour had to bus people up from all over England to fight this seat, the funds came from England to fight this seat and your party is on the point of bankruptcy.

Your party is having to abandon seats that are vulnerable to their fate with regard to the next election. You are one of the unionit parties that would rather waste £30 million per year on sending Scottish MPs to Westminster to do absolutely nothing but interfere in English matters instead of spending that money on patients or pensioners.

Of course being an English-funded and controlled party you do not want to cut off the hand that feeds you.

Wait till these facts go round the doors soon and we will soon see what the people think.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Do some homework clown boy you are a laughing stock you have just got to be a Gnat.

Anonymous said...

I have been doing my homework Mr Kelly so how can be a laughing stock.

For one thing I notice on Google that your blog has hardly reached 24000 hits, half of what your daughters has, so all that work al that time for not much eh!

I haven't even included the millions being wasted on the Scottish Office etc in my post above.

Plus the fact your party is having to borrow £18 million to fight the next election doubling what you owe with all your donors disappearing like snow off a dyke and the banks squeezing your chuckies for their money back.

Yes I am a nationalist, just like every normal person is in every other country in the world, but nothing to do with the SNP.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 17/11/09
“I have been doing my homework Mr Kelly so how can be a laughing stock”

If you have indeed been doing your homework then you are even more of a laughing stock.

“Yes I am a nationalist, just like every normal person is in every other country in the world”

I’m not a nationalist; neither was Albert Einstein (look him up) he described nationalism as “an infantile disease; the measles of the planet earth” but what would he know he wasn’t even Scottish.

Ariel said...

For those of us without a degree in garbage, why, exactly, is 'anon' a laughing stock?

Are his facts wrong? Isn't Scottish Labour funded from England? Isn't the party nearly bankrupt? Isn't it planning to ditch vulnerable seats?

It may well be 'Pearls before Swine,' but share your reasoning with us Plebs, Terry

Anonymous said...

Terry why do you waste your time on this/these fools clearly the have something against the ENGLISH but they are too cowardly to say it. One presumes BIG SEAN banks his cash overseas and sends it back to the bravehearts.

Ariel said...

Oh dear, Terry. Remember this summer, when Arrogant Harman left the scene of a traffic accident?

Remember giving a light laugh and kicking any suggestion that she deserved to, or would be charged, into the long grass?

If you've seen the news, then listen hard and you'll hear the sound of the Little Unimportant People laughing.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

“Remember giving a light laugh and kicking any suggestion that she deserved to, or would be charged, into the long grass?”

Would you like to give details of this?

This must be however a moment of triumph for you; as an “unimportant little person” you can celebrate; Harriet Harman is to be charged with a minor motoring offence; I can only try to imagine the sad life you lead.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 19/11/09

They the SNP are racists but they have dropped the words English or England for a pathetic and crude code which sees them use; ‘London Parties’ Southern Rule’ ‘Westminster orders’ Etc.

Connery craves being seen as a serious person and his paltry hand outs to the SNP allow him to carry on the pretence.

He loves Scotland’s mountains; Glens and rivers he loves to see them from 30,000 feet as he flies “home” to count his money in the Bahamas.

Ariel said...

Harman, a minor motoring offence, Mandelson and Jowell ,minor mortgage offences, Straw, minor expenses mistakes. At this rate we'll soon have 'a minor murderer' on the Front Bench.

Re Harman - look it up, I'm not doing your work for you.

And do explain why 'Anon' is a laughing stock

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 20/11/09
What “offences” have Mandelson and Jowell committed; which court did they appear in? Is there anyone else except Straw who has made minor expenses mistakes?

You are also a bit of a laughing stock are you not?

Ariel said...

'Bulldung' is a lovely word and entirely appropriate when set against your comments.

You well know what Mandelson and Jowell did, so we'll skip that and move to La Belle Harman and her 'minor' offences.

She was using her mobile while driving. Over Christmas last year,Lord Ahmed (Labour) killed a man on the M1 while reading/composing texts. Still a 'minor' offence according to Labour, Councillor? Care to discuss it with the victim's family?

And do explain why 'Anon' is a laughing stock...

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 21/11/09

Where are the answers to the questions I asked you about Straw, Mandelson and Jowell ?

Try this question then; it really is simple; can you direct me to the evidence which backs up your accusation that “Labour regarded the death of a man in a road traffic accident as a minor offence”

I think the dead man’s family would be far more hostile to you than me; you can’t get much lower can you?

Ariel said...

Dear Terry, you called driving while using a mobile a 'minor offence.'

Trying to wriggle out of it, you coward?

Now...about 'Anon' being 'a laughing stock..Any chance of an answer?