Saturday, October 03, 2009


The outrage from Americans about the release of Al Megrahi threw up some interesting examples of how cocooned American society is. Their revulsion at the disaster of Lockerbie is understandable while their craving for revenge is repulsive and for such a God bothering country very unchristian; they continue to cherry pick the bits of the bible which suits them; usually the blood thirsty passages like an eye for an eye and the wrath of God. Their enthusiasm for hanging and gassing people has always struck me as being a sign of instability on a grand scale. Reading conflicting articles and opinions about this took me back to the Vietnam War and a man called Lieutenant William Calley.

In 19 68 Calley overseen an action at a village called My Lai in Vietnam which saw 500 men; women and children massacred; the world was traumatised by this and waited to see what would happen, 3 years we waited before he was found guilty of mass murder; the resulting sentence which Americans found acceptable was 3 years under house arrest. In a show of sickening callousness someone produced a cringing country and western style record praising him and his patriotism; this record sold millions and the whole episode caused America to lose support for the war.

The contrast between their calls for the dying Megrahi to die in jail while accepting the treatment of Calley represents staggering arrogance and hypocrisy on their part; clearly some Americans believe that an American life is more sacred and more valuable than a Vietnamese one and IMO it follows that that goes for the rest of us as well. Calley has resurfaced after all these years as a man who at last realises the enormity of his actions and speaks of his overwhelming regret and sympathy for both the Vietnamese dead and the American troops whose lives were for ever ruined by what took place.

This is what war does; it ruins lives on every side and sympathy is due to them all; even Calley; he will take this to his grave and his beloved country will carry the scar for ever. We should all reflect on the words of the great American singer and peace activist Pete Seeger from his anti war anthem “ Where have all the flowers gone” when he sings “when will they ever learn; oh when will they ever learn” they certainly haven't learned yet.


Sprite said...

Totally agree, Councillor. A three year wait and a sentence of 'House arrest' is disgraceful.

Now, what are your views on the Katyn Forest massacre of the Polish Officer corps.

I know it was some 20 years before Calley, but even so .....

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Sprite) 18:35
Any massacre of captured troops is a war crime and this one remains very controversial to this day; some say it was committed by our saviours The Soviets and some say it was done by our enemies the Nazis. I would tend to believe our comrades from the Soviet Union without whom we would all be speaking German today.

One of the strong reasons for my belief is the strong emphasis that the anti Soviets place on the rather strange to say the least theory that the Soviet Union in 1992 voluntarily handed over secret documents to Polish President Lech Waleska a man they hated which implicated themselves and exonerated the Nazis. I find that difficult to take; the whole thing is bogged down in claim and counter claim; perhaps we will never know and will have to make our own minds up, someone with such an open mind as you should not find that difficult.

Sprite said...

Why would the Russians hate Waleska?

red mist said...

Terry, if you're going to start sounding like a socialist again I'm going to have to start reading you again. ;-}

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

That's a tough one: go and figure it out and if it takes you any longer than 5 mns. you have failed the test.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I always try to sound like a socialist but: people have their own opinions.

Anonymous said...

Senior Labour politicians playing by the rules would also be a good start.

Baroness Scotland employs an illegal immigrant on God knows what dubious terms and now Madam Harman, deciding that laws or for poor people, has a car accident and drives off without leaving details, as required by the Road Traffic Act.

They just dont get it, do they Councillor

Jim said...

I don't see how pointing out American hypocrisy makes you sound like a socialist. The American I chose to make the subject of my own very similar blog to this was Captain William C. Rogers III, the officer responsible (sic) for shooting down an Iranian Airliner in 1988, who seems to be happily enjoying his retirement in San Diego.

Then again I'd be proud to be considered a socialist - I just don't see that being fair minded is a uniquely socialist attribute.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 04/10/09
Harriet Harman leaves the scene of a minor bump after giving her name and Baroness Scotland unknowingly employs an illegal immigrant as a cleaner; MyLai and Lockerbie just pale into insignificance don’t they.

Boris Johnston and David Cameron were both observed running red lights on their bikes Christ; it’s more jails we need isn’t it? or maybe a grasp of perspective.

Anonymous said...

Councillor, Harman had a traffic accident while talking on her mobile. She is required to exchange details with the other driver. She didn't.
Scotland cannot provide evidence that she carried out the checks required by law - a law she introduced - or that NI or income tax was paid.

The law makers broke the law. A policeman doing the same would lose job and pension.Bang them up.

Sprite said...

You nailed me Councillor! I think Russians hate Waleska, because as with Casement in Ireland, he went against his rightful masters.

Guess you, on the other hand, have him up there with Mandela, Castro, Mugabe,Gadaffi as a Freedom Fighter

Anonymous said...

Editor, (cc Cllr Kelly)

What is going so badly wrong with the Express’ political coverage? I read and re-read the editions for Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 September in great detail and did not count one single picture of Councillor Derek MacKay. What is going on, and what do I pay my Council tax for? There were literally dozens of photo opportunities such as: cat’s being stuck up trees; public bins being a little on the full side; the leaves starting to turn a shade of brown; it being slightly breezy for the time of year. These all went uncovered by Messer MacKay’s childlike coupon.

Could Councillor MacKay not be on hand to deal with such weighty, pressing and wholly appropriate, for his age and experience, matters? There’s no use having a lovely youthful complexion if it is not splashed all over the paper. The void had to be filled by stories of local interest – of all things.

I would say stop spending – being the operative word – so much ‘time’ in Renfrew and invest more time in Renfrewshire and in particular appearing at every conceivable photo shoot. Those poor cats can spend all week waiting up a tree for the councillor and his digital camera.

Town Shopper.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 05/10/09
Yes we know what they did but no amount of repetition will make it sound as serious as you would like it to sound.

“The law makers broke the law. A policeman doing the same would lose job and pension.Bang them up”

A collectors item; beyond parody; it has to be seen and it will be. You should visit the goods entrance of your local Police Station and see the soap being delivered; the soap that the prisoners slipped on m’lud.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Sprite) 05/10/09

I assume you mean Casement when you say I have him right up there with Mandela; that would not be far wrong; he learned to loathe the British Empire and followed his conscience by fighting them.

He was a historical giant of a man and an Irish Republican Hero; people pick their own heroes.

Waleska was a little first order creep who was driven by religious fundamentalism and if you want to see part of his legacy you can consider the vast amount of Poles who are wandering the world looking for work. You can also look at the right wing religious fundamentalist; homophobic; Anti Semitic goons who are now in power in Poland; friends of the British Tories and Waleska.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

The PDX don’t seem to want to print my letters but; it looks like Derek has shares in the paper.

SNP leader Mackay has been getting an easy ride from the PDX. His starting position on GARL was one of vehement opposition, the SNP even set up an on line petition to stop it which gathered 30 names in 6 months. The SNP Govt. in Holyrood then inherited the project and Derek and the SNP became supporters in fact he was a big supporter and some of his quotes in favour of it have made him look foolish because; he has now of course adopted another position and he is once again against it. At least I think that’s right but; he may have changed again.

I was convinced that he would support it because he wants a ride on the footplate of one of the trains; he wants to be an engine driver.

Anonymous said...

Kelly @ 2.55

A brave man , Councillor, claiming that being nicked by Strathclyde's Finest guarantees a fall down the charge room steps.

Sprite said...

1916 Britain was fighting for it's existence against Germany, millions were being killed.

Casement, ex British diplomat, arranged the shipment of 20,000 rifles from Germany, landed from a German submarine, was captured and deservedly hung for treason.

Russia's record on religion, homosexuals and Jews is a damn sight worse than the current Polish governments - check it out.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Sprite) 06/10/09

In 19 16 Ireland was fighting for its existence against their occupiers; the British Empire and it’s still going on; the Irish don’t share your view.

Casement’s remains were only returned in the mid sixties and he was accorded a state funeral which was attended by 30,000 people, lots of other Irish people were executed by the British at that time and many more before then but it didn’t stop them did it.

Your comments about Russia are completely irrelevant I commented on Waleska and Poland and you are avoiding that.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 06/10/09
I didn’t mention Strathclyde but yes them to; there have been many miscarriages of justice and the Police have been accused of gaining confessions by foul means but; I don’t recall any Police Officers being charged.
You are talking nonsense again.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 16:08

I would tend to agree with the Russian heroes in most disputes about the war but that is not the same as saying ‘the Nazis did it’ I know this must be frustrating for you but you will just have to try again.
Try reading the full comment and you might catch the drift of what is actually being said.